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Reflection Of You


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Reflection Of You


The way that we walked

together back then is lost

Yet always we were walking,

someday shall I meet with you?

Atop the gently sloping hill,

the snow falls I understand

I cannot reach you yet in your room,

a single flower is now gone

The last december a promise firmly

exchanged in the palm of my hand

All alone by the window,

Just staring at the snow,

while I remember you

Through the glass, I recall you,

and give you a final kiss,

all memories are..

I hear you whisper my name,

"Hey smile, don't cry anymore.

From here on, I'll always be watching you."

But that's not the last good bye, right?

The seasons of colours to soon will

disappear like the tears final good bye

You saw the "hues" softly dissolving,

December's final kiss.

The four seasons and your

colours too soon will disappear.

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