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News {25/07/2013 - 03/08/2013}

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Gaming News from 25/07/2013 to 03/08/2013


Bioshock Infinite for Mac going to launch on August 29


NextofWeb : Mac gamers haven't yet been able to visit the airborne utopia of Columbia depicted in Bioshock Infinite, but that all changes August 29th when the critically acclaimed title sees release on OS X. The port is being handled by Aspyr, the company responsible for bringing numerous franchises including Call of Duty, Civilization, and Borderlands to the Mac.


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Elder Scrolls Online Preview: The Bosmer | Exilic


Upcoming MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online will feature a total of 9 playable races. This series is an examination of the lore behind these races. First up: The Bosmer, commonly known as the Wood Elves of Valenwood.



Grand Theft Auto 5 New Trailer


GTA 4 has had a new trailer released recently. It shows of the 3 main characters that you'll be playing as, as well as showing of a very short clip of the multiplayer. It shows off some of it news features and functions as well as some of the customisation available in the game.





Battlefield 4: Chinese vehicles, shoot-while-swimming confirmed


Battlefield 4 developer DICE has answered some burning questions regarding Battlefield 4's vehicles and marine combat.


The studio has confirmed that the game will feature a whole new selection of Chinese vehicles thanks to the addition of that faction.


It revealed one new vehicle - the Chinese Z-10W Attack Heli - in a new screenshot pictured above. Some of the other Chinese vehicles in the game include:


Type 99 MBT

ZFB-05 Armored Car

Z-9 Haitun Transport Heli

DV15 Interceptor Attack Boat

The studio also discussed one of the game's biggest new gameplay mechanics - naval combat.


"Amphibious Assault will play a big role in Battlefield 4 as we've added attack boats like the RCB-90 (U.S.) and jet-skis. Controlling the sea in addition to the land and air will play a crucial role in victory," it explained.


DICE confirmed that, for the first time in the BF series, infantry will be able to use one-handed weapons and gadgets while swimming - useful in the case of a pre-explosion bail-out.


The PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 Battlefield 4 release date is set for October 29 in the US and November 1 in the UK . Next-gen versions will be out "this holiday" alongside the new consoles.



Tomb Raider Next-Gen Sequel Confirmed


Square Enix has confirmed it is working on a Tomb Raider sequel for the next generation of consoles.


In an open letter, the company's Western CEO Phil Rogers confirmed that a sequel has been in development for some time.


"I am also excited to reveal that we are well into development on a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel – something you may have heard about recently," he wrote.


A sequel was pretty much guaranteed considering the game's success. We heard at Comic-Con this year that Dark Horse comics were producing a series set after the conclusion of the first game and designed to lead into the eventual follow-up.


Still, it's good to know for certain that the game is in development, that it's making good progress, and that it'll be on next-gen consoles everywhere.



Sources of Information: IGN, CVG, N4G, EscapistMagazine

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I'm waiting for Tomb Raider sequel and for Battlefield 4.

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