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EarthBound , Wonderful 101 {18/09/2013}

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EarthBound is officially released on the Wii U !!


The SNES game classic, EarthBound has been officially released on the Nintendo Wii U today. The Wii U version of the game is basically identical to the one on the SNES. This is defiantly a game you should look at if you like playing retro games.



Nintendo will also make the EarthBound player’s guide -- which was included in the box when EarthBound was released on Super Nintendo in 1995 -- available on its site, including optimization for viewing from the Wii U GamePad. - IGN


EarthBound follows the story of Ness and his friends Paula, Jeff and Poo as they attempt to save the world from the evil Giygas.



EarthBound has been released Wii U Virtual Console today in North America and Europe. EarthBound is available for $9.99 on the eShop and ends year of waiting from eager fans.


Wonderful 101 gets a new trailer for the Wii U !!


Nintendo has released a new trailer for Platinum Games' upcoming Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101.The trailer shows footage from the game's intro and explains exactly who the titular Wonderful 101 are.



The Wonderful 101 won't need any DLC post-launch because Platinum is putting so much into the main game.





Nintendo has confirmed a Wonderful 101 release date of August 23 in Europe and August 24 in America.

Nintendo announced today that European consumers who buy Pikmin 3 from the eShop between July 26 and September 21 will get 30 per cent off the price of a digital copy of The Wonderful 101.


sources of information: IGN, CVG

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