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Super Street fighter 4 Update and Pikmin Trailer {14/07/2013}

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Super Street Fighter 4 Gets a new update!!



Capcom has announced that a major new update for Super Street Fighter 4 will bring not just balance tweaks but five new characters and six new stages to the game.



Four of the five new characters have been confirmed as: Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Elena




The fifth character remains unannounced.


The firm also revealed a few details on gameplay updates to a number of characters:





HP increase to 950

EX Kikoken knockdown on hit

EX Hazanshu armor break




Dirty Bull now has longer range

Buffalo head has reduced recovery

Lower charge time for higher levels of Turn Around Punch




Short Swing Blow completely throw invincible

Increased damage on all target combos

Larger hitbox on attacks (e.g. Kidney Blow)




Crouching middle kick now special cancelable

Faster walk speed

Improvements to Ultra 2


Existing Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition owners will be able to download the update for $14.99. Alternatively, a physical disc version of SSFIV will be released with the new update included, along with "all DLC costumes for all characters released until now" and "future content" to be confirmed later for $39.99.



It's set for release in 'early 2014'.



A new Trailer for Pikmin 3!!


Here's a new Pikmin 3 trailer, introducing the game's three new travelers.



Captain Charlie, Alph and Brittany join Olimar in the anticipated Wii U sequel, and switching between them during play opens up new strategies, puzzles and multitasking capabilities.



Nintendo has also announced this weekend that Pikmin 3 will be playable at a number of GameStop stores across North America on July 20.


As NOA boss Reggie Fils-Aime explains in the video below, anyone who pre-orders a digital eShop version of the game through the retail on that day will be allowed to download the game on August 3 - one day ahead of the US launch.


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Sources of information: IGN,CVG

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