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Cinema Bizarre: Love Letter (Strify X Kiro)

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Grey eyes brimmed with tears as the words began to sink in, the tear covered eyes trailed over the scratchy black inked writing that belonged to a certain blonde. A small smile graced his pale lips as he re-read the words, the letter had been sent with a valentines card the male couldn’t help but keep reading it.



Uhh I dunno why I am writing this I could just tell you, but then where would the romance in that be? I guess I should tell you why I am writing this and why I am giving it to you inside a Valentines Day card right?

Strify chuckled softly as the ink went into small scratches where the other blonde had started writing then stopped probably deciding to change his mind mid letter, something that Strify had found unbelievably cute.

Well the valentines day card is because I care and I wanted you to have at least one to open today…I just didn’t think about what I would write in it but anyway you get the point so the card is to say happy Valentines day. So what about the letter you ask, well that is because I wasn’t sure if I would get to see you before I leave…And well I have so much to say to you before I go.

Strify shook his head as he read the words, how could the blonde think he wouldn’t wait to see him one last time before he went? He had to see him one last time before the boy was gone from his life, everything about the boy made Strify love him and he had to tell him that.

So here it goes I guess I should start at the beginning right? When we first started talking I knew that we would have a connection more than I would have with the others, you were just so like me in so many ways. From our ability to know when the other was upset just by the words we typed or how long it took us to finally say what we had to say, or the way the simplest words from either of us could make the other smile. Then comes the day we met, you were the first one there punctual as ever and when I first saw you I instantly knew I wanted to always be in your life, you stood with your black hair straightened and your make-up glistening as you read through a manga. Your make-up made your eyes pop and when you looked up and saw me you gave the brightest smile I had ever seen. You instantly threw your arms around me and hugged me tight like we had known each other all of our lives, your scent enveloped me there and then intoxicating me in a way I had never felt before and I knew that I would someday love you.

Strify smiled as he thought about the first time they had met, the other blonde had look adorable with his non blonde hair, of course this was before they had decided they should make a band. He sighed softly and returned his eyes to the paper, he had to read it all before the other male left.

Everything we have been through in my opinion has brought us closer, now you are my little ray of sunshine on those rainy days where I don’t want to get out of bed. You are always there for me including when I am sick even though you find it disgusting you still make me feel better and make me chicken soup (even if it is the only thing you can cook.) You make me laugh all the time and make me forget about my troubles with Yu, you even make me cry when you think about Romeo because I can see the hurt in your eyes and it causes me pain every time. After we decided to take a break from the band I felt like my life was going to be over, I wasn’t sure how much I would see of you or if you would even want to see me after everything that had happened. Even though I know I wasn’t to blame for Yu and Romeo falling for each other I guess I just felt like I should have stopped Yu more than I did, but then you told me that we would always be friends because I was apart of you and I always would be no matter what.

Strify shook his head slightly as he sighed, the blonde could be so stubborn at times and him blaming himself for Romeo leaving for Yu was one of those times. He sighed softly as he looked at the clock he had 40 minutes left before he would lose the man he loved for good.

So that brings me to the end of this letter or almost, this is where I explain why I decided to leave Berlin and all my friends and you behind. Well to put it simply the pain is just too much now Strify, I can’t live with knowing I am completely and madly in love with you but you just see me as just your best friend and nothing more. Being reminded of the fact that I want you so badly but can’t have you is torture for me so I decided that leaving would be best for me and for you. This way I don’t have to see you and wish I was yours and you don’t have to deal with me being so clingy to you all the time everybody wins, I will miss you though and whilst I write this I find it rather amusing how I am only leaving still because you haven’t asked me to stay. Because if you said that you wanted me to stay even if we couldn’t be together I would have because I would do anything to make you happy Strify anything at all.

Strify wiped his now extremely wet eyes to try and stop anymore tears falling on the page in his hand, he had already gotten several small tear marks on the otherwise perfect page. He shook his head and looked at the time, ‘shit I have to hurry’ he spoke to himself as he stuffed the letter in his pocket and raced out the door. He had to get to the train striation in 10 minutes or he would lose the one person he loved more than anything and he couldn’t let that happen, his heart raced as he drove as quickly as he could to the right station and raced through the sea of people to get to the right train.

That is when he saw him the blonde sat beside the window his head down and tears streaming down his face, his beautiful face being tainted by the steady flow of black eyeliner as the other boy sobbed in his seat. Strify could feel his heart break as tried to get the boys attention only succeeding because the train began to pull of his, his eyes widened as the realization set in he had been too late. He fell to the his knees and closed his eyes to stop the tears from fall his eyes rose to meet the vanishing boy whose hand was placed firmly against the glass window of the train.

As the train vanished from view Strify rose from the place he stood and returned to his car, he had planned for this to go better. He had planned to return home with the blonde boy he loved so much, he had planned to be able to spend forever with him to love him completely but now the car was empty much like his heart. He pulled out the crumpled piece of paper and read the last line of the letter.

I love you Strify and I always will, Kiki.

Strify closed his eyes taking in a deep breath before he spoke, “I will always love you too, Kiro.”

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I like a lot Cinema Bizarre! It was great to read a fanfic about them! My favorites are Strify, Kiro and Shin. :D

Does the fic have a continuation? yoyo7

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