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Boys Love 1 and 2 BL movie review

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Boys Love


Themes: Drama,Romance,Yaoi,School,Bishonen,Tragedy,Double suicide

Country: Japan (2006)



Story of a journalist (Taishin) who goes to interview high school male model (Noeru). Noeru is arrogant and aloof but when Taishin comments on one of Noerus' paintings Noeru becomes interested in him. So much so that he sexually accosts him in the toilet during dinner. Taishin feels so guilty yest intrigued by Noeru. Noeru makes an excise to meet him again and Taishin discovers Noeru has personal demons and works as a hustler. Eventually the two fall in love. Can their relationship last? What about the age gap? What about Noerus roommate?



Boys Love the Movie (2) School boy Crush




Themes: Drama,Romance,Yaoi,School,Teacher,Tragedy,Suicide,Violence

Country: Japan(2007)



Sora works as a male prostitute. He gets a straight client who just broke up with his girlfriend- he has his first m2m experience with Sora.


Sora transfers to a new strict rich boys only boarding school. His homeroom teacher turns out to be the virgin he de-flowered Kairo. Sora doesn't want to let go of Kairo. Whereas, Kairo is afraid to lose his job and to face his feelings for Sora. Sora is popular at school (all the boys are in love with him) bullied friend Ichiyō

admires him and Riku (who is in love with Ichiyō) gets jealous of Sora. Will they get caught? What about Riku?




Again I'm reviewing them together >


Anyway, First film. The leads have some really good chemistry. Theres a scene where Taishin thinks about Noeru sexually assaulting him and feels a real confusion and sexual frustration. The dynamics are quite good. Noeru's roommate is psychotic. (Beware of nerdy guys in Asian BL films). Noeru is hot and sensual and Taishin is shy.This is a tragedy and has suicide in it. However, even though its sad theres something really beautiful in this film.


The second film is different. Sora is kind of this androgynous beauty who every guy wants. It's a little ridiculous that every guy at school is gay for him. Kairo on the other hand is also really shy but his curiosity about Sora's whereabouts is endearing. The side characters are annoying especially Riku who's what you would term a jerk. Ichiyō is cute but the naive type and doesn't even realize Riku likes him.

Things get pretty complicated in this film- it also ends in tragedy but its less tragic than the first film.


Overall, i preferred the first film- i felt there was more chemistry and sass in it. However, the end of the second film contains one of my favorite BL scenes. Both good films but very sad- you have been warned. :D


Also some awkwardness and psycho side characters in both films.






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Love^^ Perfect movies^^ :hamtaro-005 (12):

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