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Blue Gate Crossing LGBT movie review

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Blue Gate Crossing


Themes: Drama,Romance,Young Love,coming of age

Country: Taiwan (2002)



The story of three 17 year olds discovering love and different types of love. Meng and Lin are best friends and spend their time doing things other teenagers do. Lin is in love with Zhang- shes too shy so she asks Meng to help her approach him. Things get complicated and it ends with Zhang liking Meng- Lin liking Zhang and well who does Meng like? Meng explores her love for both Lin and Zhang as she tries to figure out who she is.





This film is kind of a slow and has this overly naive and romantic feel to it. Although it may not be true of teenagers now- the innocent feel it gives is reminiscent of youth. That invincible feeling, yet the curiosity of the unknown and the simplicity yet complexity of the relationships you have at that age- are artistically portrayed here.


That was my complicated way of saying its a good film lol..not that realistic but its really cute.





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