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Searching for a One Piece Roleplay


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I started to feel in the mood for some roleplay again and i only know this forum that allows some more explicit stuff tbh. I am feeling an itch to roleplay in the One Piece world. I didn't really think that hard of a plot yet but i am free for a lot of stuff.

Maybe we are gonna have a Marine/Pirate relationship or join the same crew or marine base? Maybe captain and first mate or just members of a crew and we go on adventures together? Maybe even get some rivalry going trying to impress the captain? We playing in the timeline with Ruffy and the others? Maybe get a little friendly banter going with them? Or are you maybe even one of the original chars and i just "join" you?

Like i said, i haven't thought TOO much of the plot yet. But if anyone is interested, i will of course sit down with you to hash it out more. :D


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I am still searching. Since i forgot to add it, i am more of a submissive writer so i rather write Uke but i can also try Seke if you wanted. :)

I also prefer more story driven RP's, so slow burn would work for me.

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