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Does anyone want to learn Romanian?

Faithful Banana

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Romanian. The often forgotten member of the Romance languages. It has enough Latin to seem familiar to speakers of the other Romance languages, but also enough Slavic to trip them up in everyday conversations.

Why would you want to learn Romanian? Um, normally there aren't many reasons really. It's not spoken in a lot of places, just in Romania, Republic of Moldova and some other tiny bits of land. Even our foreign immigrants can get by just fine for years without learning the language. It's also not an easy language to learn. We have conjugations, declensions, diacritics, the works.

But if you do have a reason (or a language fetish), I'd be glad to help. Anyone interested, let me know. If the stars and timezones align, we can practise in the chat.

I'm a pretty good tutor but I'm also incredibly shy. So why am I making this offer? Well, I'm also learning foreign languages myself and sometimes I feel the need to bug a friend with questions. Maybe there are other people out there like me.

Ok, that was all my social bravery for today.


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Hey there! So I snipped this post right away because I saw the word Romanian. I'm also Romanian btw and I find this coincidence rather funny.

Anyway I hope you find some people that are interested. :)


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Oh, a fellow Romanian! ^^ Such a small world, huh?

Thanks for the encouragement and the fox!


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