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BLCD Request: 敗北したら即AV撮影!~雑魚ヴィラン(元・最凶)の淫靡たる日常~


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敗北したら即AV撮影!~雑魚ヴィラン(元・最凶)の淫靡たる日常~ [Honey-boo-boo]

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Love Kappagari's work, would be grateful if someone could share this one please

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Synopsis (DeepL)

The "Avaleskick aliens" are aliens who are after Earth's uniforms.
When they first appeared, they caused fear and chaos on Earth, but it was only a dream of temporary prosperity.

The aliens' position is reversed when a "hero" is born out of the earthlings' fearful obsession with the aliens.
The aliens have become the guinea pigs that make the heroes shine and provide entertainment for the people!

The hero, Aldor Puipui Evanescu M. Schmidt 99th, a.k.a. "M the Mightiest," was one of the most feared villains when he was in uniform on Earth, but...

Now, he is in the misfortune of being beaten up by the heroes, getting naughty, and returning to his planet in tears to be punished by the king with a punishment that did not yield any results. ......

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