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Looking for a book


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This might be 1 or more books, I don't know. But what I am looking for:

Mc, have contract w this demon. Mc has been living for a long time now. He kinda have a crush on ml, demon. The ml is a demon, high ranking, that has been w mc since the beginning.

I think mc was abused and raised by his father so he, the father, could use his son's, mc, power for himself. 

I'm sorry, I might be missing 2 books.

Anyway, mc and ml r in this safe haven, protected by a witch(?) Who turns out to be working for his, mc, father revival. And I think this is a society where the supernatural deals with themselves and the human government have no parts, or only higher ups knows about them. I think.

There was a plant, a wolf, and at the end mc was voted to be the new leader but he went to the appointment with no clothes on( he can do magic so he let's everyone thinks he has clothes on). This one person in this appointment, i think this person is the new leader instead of mc, when the person pointed out that mc is naked to this holy meeting....I think.


Ps. The plot is mc and ml fighting 4 their lives while this other supernatural groups try to resurrect mc father. 

And mc went back to his childhood house, where the butler was already defected(?). Anyway, the main point is, the resurrection almost succeeded or succeeded and then mc destroy his father's corspe for eternity...ish.


Anyway, if this section is still active. Help me please. Thank you

And if I do find it before new notification, I will be coming back here.

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