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Salaryman x Bartender 2-Panel Corruption Part 1(Voice Drama Ver.)


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The popular 2-panel corruption comic series makes its audio drama debut!
And that's not all! There's also an-all new side story included, plus a popular mini-story that got a lot of attention on our social media account! That's so much content! How luxurious!

Includes collections 1 and 2 + bonuses!
Collection 3 and the the side story are voiced and available with all the bonuses in Part 2!

[Track List[
Collection 1: Approximately 25 minutes
Collection 2: Approximately 50 minutes
Total playback: Approximately 75 minutes



Salaryman (CV: Manaka Sawa)
A 26 year-old employee at a construction company.
In his schooldays he was supposedly quite the playboy, and at he was unmatched in bed at night.
He's actually a little awkward and prone to jealousy, though.

Salaryman x Bartender 2-Panel Corruption Part 1 (Voice Drama Ver.) [Amorous Record]


Bartender (CV: Ii-Kinniku)
A 27 year-old head bartender.
Though he has plenty of experience, his attitude toward love is a little sour and he has trouble being honest about it.

Salaryman x Bartender 2-Panel Corruption Part 1 (Voice Drama Ver.) [Amorous Record]




[Collection 1]
One day a bartender meets a customer who interests him a lot.
But what he didn't know was that that seemingly nice office worker was a real demon in bed...
Where will their love take them...?

Features bathing, solo play, toys, squirting, and more!
(Includes new blowjob art)

[Collection 2]
A set of original 2-panel BL manga featuring a bartender and an office worker.
Part 2 in the series. How will their romance turn out?
Contains an aquarium date story, sumata, aphrodisiac, stalker story, etc.



Release date:Aug/27/2021



Voice Actor: 佐和真中 Manaka Sawa(中沢まさとも Masatomo Nakazawa) x 井伊筋肉 Ii-Kinniku(石谷春貴 Haruki Ishiya) 



I also bought part 2 but it is uploading to MEGA now.  

Enjoy it~

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