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Tomato Growing Blog. Day 21(?)


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Hello and welcome to my Tomato Growing Blog!

Today it's quite nice out after getting hit by a storm the other day the tomatoes are growing so fast it's really amazing! I have a few photos of my tomato growing experience and this is actually my very first time successfully growing tomatoes and my first time actually planting them and I'm so proud of myself! I've taken care of these babies since Day 1 I think we are on day 21(?) I literally lost count but it's been over a month now haha. I've been giving them the right amount of water, Sevin Dust to keep those pesky bugs away, and tomato food like directed these babies are going to be so delicious I just hope that they are ready before we hit fall and the colder weather hits us, I think it was timed right. 




This was taken the other day look at that baby tomatoes! They're growing so strongly.




This is the tomatoes now (today) and it appears that we have more tomatoes coming! Last time it was 10 / 5 so 10 flowers and 5 tomatoes and now I can't even keep up how many flowers and tomatoes we have growing all together they're growing at a very fast rate right now. 



Pretty darn excited I must say so myself! Thanks for visiting my random blog. I will try to keep the tomato blog ongoing for more exciting news about my green thumb.

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