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Couple of nameless poems by Mina(aka Fmkitty)


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Alright, it seems that when I was doing some cleaning, I found an old text book in which along with drawings between important notes, a couple of poems, which written years ago. Well, to be honest, this how I used to kill time on breaks.

Anyhoo, made a translation from Lithuanian(my native language) to English.

Hopefully, if anyone find these decent, I would be more than glad ^^. So, enjoy!


1st poem

''Where are you?

Oh, where are you?

I was calling you

And listened

To rustling trees.

Maybe it will tell

Where my heart will go.

And searched

Where my heart will lead.

Maybe not a single time

I wandered,



Where are you?

I listened to the wind.

Why my heart is aching?

Why when it rains

The sadness torments my heart?

And once again

That question.

Where are you?

I listened to the silence of stars.

Maybe they tell

Where to find you...

This lonely night.''


Poem 2

''The golden leaves

Are falling.

And I'm alone

Standing against the wind.

I listen what they will tell.

Maybe they tell

Where the heart will lead.

I listened to the rustling pines.

Maybe they will tell

Why my heart is so restless.


But why me?

Why I have to be so uncalm?

I watched through

The leaves to sun.

Maybe I'll understand.

I watched the leaves

Caught by wind.

Maybe I'll find the meaning.

But why?

Why my heart is so restless?

Maybe tonight only

The silence of stars will tell.'''

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You're so talented! My fave verses were

"Why my heart is aching?

Why when it rains

The sadness torments my heart?"

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