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Guest Full_Moon_Rising

A mouth to feed

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Guest Full_Moon_Rising

Hello all. Recently I've found myself developing an itch I would love to scratch. I'm searching for a handful of roleplays that'll keep me entertained for some time. I am relatively picky with the partners I choose to work with but I'm not too obtuse about it. I'm looking for around 5ish roleplay partners at the moment. Below I'll post some Rules/Requirements and some Idea pitches I have available.






-While I am a fairly active person, I can't promise to be able to post every single day on the dot. I have college courses, a Full-time job, and personal life to attend to as well. That being said, since I mostly post from my phone, I will be able to post, at the very minimum, once a day.....sometimes more often. I'm looking for fairly active people to write with as well, so please keep this in mind.



-A paragraph or two is a solid requirement to write with me. Many might be intimidated by this.....but come on, it's not hard at all. I'm usually a novela type writer but I'm not opposed to shifting things up a bit. That said, I do prefer quality over quantity. Please give me something to work with so I might return the favor.



-Anime or illustrated pictures only please! I don't frequently provide real face claims so I try to stay away from them if I can.



-Dominant? Submissive? Switch? First and foremost, most of my characters always lean towards a Dominant hinted Switch. I am absolutely terribly at playing the meek, submissive types and I hate having those in the stories I write. I vastly prefer to have Switch Characters and for my writing partners to do the same. It just gives us more leg room to try different things with them than just the same old.



-Please, if you're interested in joining me, DM me. Do not post in the thread. I want to keep this as clean as possible.







"Ride or die"


Topic: Action, Drama, Love, MxM, Getting together, Family Ties, Friendship, Street races, Hazy lines between good and bad, Illegal Activities, Fast and the Furious worldscape.



Idea Pitch: YC has always had a very controlled, rough sort of life. As loving as they were, his parents tended to be overbearing and controlling.....insisting that they wanted the best from their children and wouldn't take anything less. So YC always pushed himself to be the best. No matter how many times he suffered, how many times he fell down, how many times he was stabbed in the back by those that claimed to be friends. Eventually he landed a career his parents could be proud of. He became a detective/cop and a damn good one....good enough to be sent to a town out on the East Coast to check out several illegal activities that had popped into police radar.



The moment he arrives in this tucked away town, he realizes that not all is what it seems. Street racing is a very real thing here and outsiders are not looked kindly upon. The town operates on illegal racing and while many are involved in it, a select group stands at the top of their Kingdom. A group of tightly knit racers that call eachother family and are willing to protect what is theirs no matter the cost. And at the head of this group is MC. A charming yet intimidating Alpha male that tolerates no disrespect towards his family.



When a powerful assassin comes to town and begins to cause waves in this energetic town, the group are quick to rise to the defense. This is their town and this assassin is intent on hunting down one of their own....no mercies will be given. Caught between the beginnings of a war, YC opts to help MC's group despite his loyalties to the federal law. However the more time he spends with them, the more he finds himself falling for this group. For their charisma, the way they work perfectly together, their loyalties to one another, their love for one another, and the man that leads them with more confidence than is natural.





"A Pirate Captain After My Own Heart"


Topic: Piracy, Bad decisions, Adventure, Action, Romance, Unlikely truces, Betrayal, Character Growth, Drama, Angst, Life altering choices.



Idea Pitch: YC is a Noble, one with a opinion far louder and stronger than those of his town. He loathes pirates. Where others might think it exciting to meet a pirate or spend some time in the presence of one of them...YC scoffs at the mere thought. He thinks of them as nothing but a plague that should be gotten rid of for the sake of the people.



When YC is played a joke on by a few friends and is convinced to go to a town tavern not far from his luxurious manor with the promise that the women/and men there would be more than worth his attention, YC goes though he is not sure what awaits him.....However, out of all he had imagined, running into a devilishly handsome man was not one of those things. Quickly becoming addicted to this stranger's charm and knee weakening grin, YC quickly becomes a regular at the tavern.



However, when the truth comes out that MC is actually a notoriously elusive Pirate Captain that was being hunted down by the Royal Navy, how will YC react? Will this betrayal to his trust cause him to join the hunt for the head of this Pirate....or will he decide to disappear with him and try his hand at piracy?




"The Summoning"


Topic: Romance, Action, Drama, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural, Powers/Gifts, Demons, Summonings, Magic



Idea Pitch: YC is a young wizard....one constantly being teased and made fun of over his failure to amount to the graces of others in his family. He is seen as a lost cause, a disgrace.....someone not worth the trouble to get to know. Despite his family's fame, YC is essentially the black sheep of the bloodline.


Desperate to prove himself to his family, envious of the affection he sees his other siblings getting, YC throws himself into finding the strongest spell in existence. One he can train himself to cast. One he can impress everyone with....One that will make his family realize that he is worth more than just a passing glance.


However, little does he know the consequences of such a spell when he finds it and casts it. Little does he know of the impossibly powerful demon that is summoned by such a spell....a spell sealed away in hopes of keeping the demon locked away in the underworld. When YC casts this forbidden spell, he finds himself embarking on a journey with an unusual, unruly ally to bring back the balance of his world when the spell awakens more than just said demon.


With dark forces threatening to destroy everything he has ever longed for and loved, can YC convince MC that humanity is something worth fighting for?




"Not who I imagined"


Topics: Humor, Comedy, Friendship, Romance, Relationships, Work Relationships, Drama.



Idea Pitch: MC is a world renown Mangaka. He is idealized by many, admired by younger colleagues and praised by many media outlets. His manga sell by the millions and he is constantly receiving award after award. Many think he's the man to be, the person many aspire to become like, the Mangaka many hope to one day hear praises and words of encouragement from.



YC is just starting out as an editor in the company MC works in. He's is young, wet behind the ears and eager to learn everything he can. Not only that, he is truly excited to be able to work for the same man that created so many of the mangas he had idolized throughout the years. While his open devotion of MC has earned him many an exasperated glance and amusement from his friends and family...he knows his dreams have come true when he finally scores his dream job.



That is until he meets the man behind the name many people jump at the sheer mention of.....MC is the epitome of a procrastinator. While easy going and calm mannered, MC has a notorious lazy streak and does nothing to hide it from those he works with. It is often that people have to remind him time and time again of the deadline for a manga before he actually goes as far as working to finish it. His previous main Editor had been able to keep MC on track with work and having him meet all the deadlines when they were due but since she has been forced to take maternity leave, YC was brought in as her replacement.



How will he manage to handle the character that was once a Manga God to him? Will he manage to bear the expectations placed on him? Or will his dream job end up becoming a nightmare in the flesh?





"Dance of Blades"


Topic: Ninjas, Adventures, Action, Romance, Violence, Drama, Soulbonds, Angst.




Idea Pitch: Loosely based on Naruto Series but no mentioning of Original Cast.



YC character is an Anbu, one of the elite of the elite. He is renown in his village for being one of their best ninja. There is no mission he can not complete, no task that is to hard and no enemy he can not defeat. He is constantly given the toughest of tasks that no one else would consider trying and he is notorious for being merciless in those he is sent to hunt down. His record in unblemished and he is a source of jealousy from other ninja villages all around.



That is until a new, younger ninja rises to challenge him. MC finds competition quite amusing and freely takes on any mission handed to him. He is a genius, a top predator in their world and he has no quarrels running through anything to get his job done. For some time he had admired YC until he realized that he could do more than just admire him. He could beat his records and forge his own. Something thought impossible but made possible by him. A ninja who bears the grin a Cheshire cast half the time and who has mischievous intent coursing through his veins when he's not on assignment.



When their two villages are forced to unite forces to track down an enemy hell bent on destroying their nations, our characters are forced to work together. How will YC put up with this ninja that seems to have to make little effort in beating his best efforts? Who's playful energy hides the true deadliness that lies within? And who bears a soul mark identical to the one he bears. One that should not even exist...One that makes him question things he has never questioned before.





"The heart never forgets"


They had been lovers throughout their high school years and early college years. They had promised each other forever, one was never far from the other. But when one is offered a life changing deal, a deal they have always been hoping to get....how can they possibly say no. It is once in a life time after all. Unfortunately for their partner, it is not a change in life style they can easily dive into.



So they separate, try to remain amicable but time and petty conflicts soon erase any Hope's of that.



Years later, Muse A as an impossibly famous Actor/Musician/Model. They have reached the top of their industry and they have comfortably claimed a spot as one of the greats. Muse B, however, isn't so lucky. A car accident robbed him of his memories of most things before college. He only remembers brief flashes of memories and a face that is vaguely familiar in his dreams, a face and voice shrouded by shadows.



Cue the premier of a highly anticipated movie's release. Muse B's friend and co-worker has urged them to come with them to the premier. There Muse B sees a glimpse of Muse A amongst the actors present and the sense of nostalgic familiarity rises inside him. And when he finds his eyes locking with that of the Muse A's, it would seem like fate isn't done weaving their tale just yet.





"We could be Heroes"


Idea Pitch: MC is an assassin, but not just any assassin though. In a world of Heroes, he is at the top of his class. Rumored to be a ghost, the Angel of Death, the boogeyman even amongst those granted powers. He is feared, respected, admired and in some cases, seen as the person to be by those in his field. He has never failed a mission yet. Anyone he targets often disappears the moment his eyes land on them. He is lawless....he answers to no one and he does as he pleases.


YC is a Hero, one just getting the hang of being a Superhero. He is young, reckless, slightly gullible and has much to learn. However, his heart is set in the right place and he fights for those who can't fight for themselves. Amongst the young crowd, he is a beacon of hope, a friendly Hero who isn't against helping people with even the silliest of tasks. He is seen as a fresh air in the Superhero world and he ie loved by many.


When YC finds MC injured one night after having completed one of his assassinations, he decides to take him home while refusing to leave him alone. Once there, YC tends to the numerous amount of injuries MC has managed to acquire on this last mission and calls it a night. He fully expects MC to be gone by the next morning but is surprised to find the man still there, albeit less than completely pleased and more suspicious than anything else.


Over the next few nights the two continue to encounter one another, MC saving YC on several occasions and YC trying to get MC to open up to him. They make an unlikely pair but when a threat appears on the horizon, will MC be willing to save the people he normally cared nothing for until he met YC?

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Guest The Orphan

Hello there!


I read your pitches and I'm interested in "Not who I imagined" and "The Summoning", although I'm more inclined towards the latter, haha. Are any of these plots available?



The Orphan


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Guest Yukonwolfspirit

Hey I'mm down to rp anything you have in mind if you have something you want to do hit me up!

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