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Versailles: Fanfic Part 2 (Kamijo x Yuki)

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Summary: Kamijo returns to his apartment to find Yuki dead drunk. What will happen?

Status: Complete

This is the continuation of: http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/5952-versailles-fanfic-part-1-teru-x-hizaki


Author note:

Ooh, yeah >:3 it is sooo good to be back ♥

Here ish the continuing of the Versailles Fanfic chu were waiting for such a loong time! ^ . ^




Kamijo x Yuki


After all that trouble Kamijo went by he went straight home where he was going to lock in his room and dive deeply in his sorrow.

As he was entering his apartment, he saw Yuki half collapsed on the floor near many of beer, wiskey, tequila and other alcoholic bottles.

-You got drunk again, didn’t you? He sighed and poked Yuki with his left foot.

-Ngghh~~. Kamijo…? Yuki whispered in his almost sleeping voice.

-Who else? Kamijo half smiled and gave Yuki a help so he could raise up from the cold floor.

Yuki tried to rise but slipped and fell on top of Kamijo on the floor.

-Ughh~ Get a hold of yourself, Yuki. Kamijo said.

Yuki didn’t reply.

-Come on, Yuki-kun. You’re heavy. Kamijo tried to push Yuki but he couldn’t.

Moreover he felt something on his shoulders.

-Yuki let go? Kamijo said.

-I don’t wanna. Yuki protested.

-I said to let go, Yuki. Kamijo said again.

-I will never let you go, Kamijo-kun. Yuki squeezed on Kamijo’s shoulders.

-Yuki, you smell of alcohol. Rise up, now. Kamijo told Yuki, but the dyed haired man didn’t listened to him as he was already snoring.

Kamijo sighed and managed to rise himself up and them took Yuki in his arms, princess-style, and went to their room. He throw Yuki in his bed hoping for him to wake up, but no result. Yuki was laying snoring in his bed with Kamijo near him on the floor staring at his sleeping face.

-What am I going to do with you? Kamijo sighed and took some of the sleeping man’s hair off his face beside his ear.

He was staring at him several minutes. As he tried to rise up from the floor he realized there was something that gripped his right hand. When he turned he saw Yuki woke up and keeping Kamijo’s right hand tightly in a hug.

-Don’t go, please. Yuki begged with his face down.

Kamijo sighed and sat down as he was before. He cupped Yuki’s cheek with his hand and looked deep in his eyes.

-I was not serious, Yuki. I was just nervous. I didn’t intend to say such things to you. I’m sorry. Kamijo apologized to Yuki.

-It’s okay. I knew it was nothing. Yuki smiled.

-How can you be such calm with an asshole as me? Kamijo said.

-Because you’re the asshole that I love. Yuki answered and smiled sweetly.

Kamijo stared at Yuki as he came closer to him and gave him a soft kiss on his lips. After they parted Yuki looked at Kamijo with wide eyes.

-Don’t look like that at me. How can I resist you when you are that adorable? Kamijo said and softly blushed then hugged Yuki tight.

-I’m happy. Yuki hugged back.

Kamijo smiled and kissed the dyed haired’s lips. The kiss went deeper as the honey blonde parted his brother’s lips and put his tongue in his mouth. The pink muscles of the two men were playing inside the dyed haired’s mouth.

Kamijo’s hand was slowly moving on Yuki’s back. As they parted to take a breath Kamijo climbed up the bed and parted Yuki’s legs as he was on him hugging him tight in his arms.

-I won’t run anymore. Kamijo whispered in Yuki’s ear then licked on his earlobe.

Yuki moaned and hold Kamijo more tight. The honey blonde man continued to lick and suck that spot of Yuki’s ear then he slowly went a little low on Yuki’s neck. He started to kiss the right side of his neck making Yuki moan. On the right side of Yuki’s neck is a special spot Kamijo knew very well.

-I can read your body as a book. Kamijo grinned wide and continued to lick while teasing his brother’s nipples through the cloth.

-Ahh~ ngh~. Yuki moaned and petted Kamijo’s hair.

-Your moans are so cute, Yuki-kun. Kamijo said and slowly unbuttoned Yuki’s white blouse.

He took it off and kissed Yuki’s white skin while teasing his uncovered nipples. Kamijo came with the kisses a bit lower to Yuki’s left nipple and started to suck it hard. The other nipple was caressed by Kamijo’s hand.

-So good, Kamijo-kun~ Yuki whispered and move his hips closer to his brother’s arousal.

As their cocks met Kamijo started to move his hips and rubbed them together.

-Hmm, a bit slutty, aren’t we? Kamijo grinned as the moved his hips faster.

Yuki moaned and shut his eyes as he enjoyed the pleasure the honey blonde was giving to his entire body.

Kamijo’s free hand began to caress Yuki’s soft tummy as he went a bit lower, under his pants, teasing something very hard in his underwear. Yuki’s body answered to Kamijo’s desires, he arched his back and hold Kamijo tight in his arms.

-Ngghh~. Yuki let a moan escape from his mouth the bit his down lip to keep the other more moans inside.

-Don’t refrain yourself. If you wanna moan or purr just do it…or if you wanna scream your voice out because of the pleasure just do it. Kamijo said and began to touch Yuki’s hard cock more.

-I…won’t ever…scream…Yuki said slowly.

-Uhm, we’ll see then. Kamijo evil grinned and moved his hand harder on Yuki’s cock.

Kamijo gripped Yuki’s pants and unbuttoned them taking them off and throwing them on the floor. He also took his skull blouse off and unzipped his pants, throwing them on the floor too.

-Oii, I just did some cleaning up this morning. Don’t make everything a mess again. Yuki said.

-There won’t be a problem. I’ll pick them up as soon as we finish here first. Kamijo said and slowly massaged Yuki’s cock.

He got his mouth closer to it and started to lick through the underwear. He moved his tongue everywhere on that material. Yuki petted Kamijo’s hair and arched his back as the honey blonde slowly pulled the underwear off. A soft moan came from Yuki as Kamijo began to rub his hard arousal with his hand. Soon the honey blonde’s lips began to softly touch the head of Yuki’s arousal sucking it gently.

-Agghh~~…m-more… Yuki said slowly.

Kamijo took more of his brother cock in his mouth. His tongue was dancing around the top making Yuki beg for more.

-F-f-faster, agghh~…Yuki said and petted Kamijo’s soft hair.

-What’s the magic word? Kamijo giggled and began to rub harder on Yuki’s cock as he massaged his balls.

-Agghh~..nghh~…p-p-please~. Yuki begged with his cute big eyes.

-Kay, if you beg me like that. Kamijo evil grinned and took Yuki’s arousal back in his mouth and sucking it harder and faster.

Yuki’s arched his back and shut his eyes as he felt his member going down Kamijo’s throat.

-M-more…nghh~ Yuki begged.

Kamijo let go of Yuki’s member and stretched to the drawer near the bed and got a tube from it and put it near him for using later. He went down with his tongue to Yuki’s tight hole and began to tickle the entrance with his tongue. Yuki purred and Kamijo began to pull his tongue in moving it faster and faster. As all that place was full wet the honey blonde got the lube and put some drops on his middle finger and slide it slowly in. Yuki strongly moaned as he felt something inside him moving. He bit his lower lip and enjoyed the feeling. His ass muscles contracted even more when a second finger has been pulled inside him.

-You are so needy, my little slut. Kamijo giggled and moved the two fingers inside his brother more and harder.

-Hnnnn~ K-Kamijo, not there…aahhh~~ Yuki said with a shivering voice as Kamijo found his prostate.

-Hmmm, where? Here? Kamijo grinned and hit harder on the discovered spot.

Yuki groaned loud as an another finger began to hit that special spot inside his ass.

-Ngghh~~ K-Kamijo~…I-I… want yours…deep inside me…fuck me hard…Yuki begged with his power almost lost.

-Magic word~ Kamijo said in a melodic way.

-P-p-pl…F-FOR GOD’S SAKE…Ngghh~~ FUCK ME HARD, NOW!! Yuki screamed as he was already at his limit.

-Well, I think this works too…Kamijo wide grinned very satisfied by Yuki’s answer.

He made some few more thrusts then he pulled his fingers out as Yuki breathed heavily. Kamijo squeezed the lube and dropped some on his cock the rubbed it all over. Yuki got his knees at his chest for Kamijo to have more access at his hole. Kamijo teasingly touched his brother’s hole with his cock then slowly slide it in.

-Nghh~~ Yuki moaned and pulled his knees closer to his chest as half of the honey blonde’s arousal was buried inside him.

Finally the blonde’s member was fully slide in his brother’s body. Kamijo began to move his hips slowly back and front.

-G-GOD, you so tight, so hot, Yuki. It’s so good. Kamijo said as he began to move more and faster in Yuki’s body.

He scratched his nails in Yuki’s hips and began to move faster and harder hitting all good spots in Yuki’s ass.

-Ahhnn~~ s-so good…Only yours…Nghh~~ Harder, K-Kamijo~~. Yuki begged for more.

-You’re begging as a horny little slut. Kamijo giggled and got closer to Yuki’s neck biting it slowly and licking all over the bitten place.

-Ahhh~ I am~…Nghh~ I am only Kamijo’s slut. Argghh~~~Yuki moaned as he could hardly breath between such good feelings flowing throw his body.

Kamijo moved faster as he hit harder on Yuki’s special spots.

-K-Kamijo~ argghh~…I-I’m coming…Arrgh~~ Yuki breathed heavy.

-M-me too…Ugghh~ FUCK…This is soo good…Annghh~ Kamijo hardly said with his nails deeply buried in Yuki’s hips.

-L-Let’s come thogether, then…Argghh~ Fill that slutty ass of mine with all of your sperm..Ngghh~ AHHHH~~~~~KAMIJOOO~~~. Yuki creamed almost reaching his climax.

-Argghh~~ T-TERRUUU~!! Kamijo screamed and after two more thrusts came together with Yuki at the same time.

Yuki’s essence was spread all over his abdomen as he felt the liquid of Kamijo’s streaming down his ass. They both breathed hard after it was all done. Yuki purred as Kamijo pulled his member outta his ass then he grabbed a pack of tissues from the drawer and cleaned up Yuki’s abdomen and ass of their sperm.

-Ahh~…It felt really good. Yuki said and hugged Kamijo.

-Yes. Kamijo smiled and put a blanket on them then hugged Yuki back.

They lay on their back and put their heads on the soft pillow as they were still hugging each other tight.

-I love you, Kamijo. Yuki said and closed his eyes ,falling asleep.

Kamijo didn’t say anything because his thoughts and his heart were still at Teru. Yuki already knew this thing because when Kamijo climaxed he screamed Teru’s name, not his. But for him it was fine. He even didn’t wait for an answer from Kamijo. Yuki just wanted to stay in his arms just for a little long.

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Uhuuuuuuuuuuuuu im waiting for the next chapter because this one was so goodddd

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