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    Recruting Roleplayers to cure my messed up brain 👑


    ~Hey I'm looking for someone to take on a journey with me. Lets enjoy the road of story that takes us through joy, sorrow, danger, hardships and the beautiful love between men~
    Hehe I'm just messing around, but it could be nice >v0

    If anyone would like to play one of these rps with me, fell free to pm me. And just so you guys know I don't mind if you'll like some changes or details, we can work it out. Also if you got some other great ideas for a rp I would love to hear it.
    Are a bit into elevs right now (okay no kidding am ALL IN!).
    I'm a total fantasy sucker, but I'd be into doing something more dark as well. But dont have a plot in mind as of now. Might come up later..There are very few things I turn down so again please pm me because I am bored >?<


    As long as MC can remember, he has been looked down upon by others of he's kind. Just because he is more to the lean and handsome side that others (whom looks like freaking huge bodybuilders stuffed with steroids.) Of course, part to blame would be for the fact that he is a half-breed between a human and a blue dragon. His father is the king of the Long island. The Island is high and far enough away from any human to reach on their own without a set of strong wings (or a jet-plane.)
    MC is the next in line after his father, which means that he must keep proving himself for the herd and keep a cold head at all times, since half of the dragons on the island gladly would see him dead.

    But then one day while a group of dragons patrols the lands beneath their home, their eyes are caught by another freak of nature. YC is a new type of dragon no one has ever seen before. Normally he would had been able to battle those noisy dragons off, but since his last battle left him badly wounded, meant for him to die a slow and painful death. He really can't do much as one of them swoops down to grab him in it's claws and drag his hurtful ass along with them to be presented to the most M*****F***ing dangerous looking dragon king YC in his life had ever seen...
    Thinking this very much might be the end of him, since he is on unknown territory, YC is already accepting his upcoming death.

    Well that is just until MC steps in, ruining his father's spectacular performance. No one, but MC and his last human mother know that the Blue fearful dragon king underneath his roughness really is just a big softy, especially forwards his only offspring.
    He is a die hard cuddle bear in heart, hidden underneath he's front-walls. And aside from a small handfull of dragons there isn't anyone Mc trust more.
    But there is something about the way prince MC carries himself that sends hormones flying around YC. He is no stranger to sex, between either male nor female, but is the other even interested? What happens when he has to tell the king whom he really is?
    YC Is the fourth son of an land herd below the clouds. To where MC's herd is all about tradition. YC's is more modern and develops strong capable dragons by playing with genes and multiple breeding partners.
    (No male pregnancy!!)

    But the klan doesn't own much and there is constantly struggle for the throne. So when the change to form an alliance with the dragons of the skyland offers itself, YC's father strikes and sacrifices what ever needed to be, aside from he's position.

    MC doesn't have time to babysit some stranger, but with his status he is the only on capable of keeping the herd's strongest dragons from using YC as their own little chewing toy. Of course, this means that MC must keep one eye out for both himself and the wounded hottie, who seems to test even he's own sexual desires at every corner. and how the the f**k are they suddenly getting engaged!?

    ~The Assassin (princexprince)~

    My Character (MC) is a prince from the distinct kingdom to the north. In the east lays nothing but ruins of a the old neighboring kingdom, the Phoenix order. Generations back, the kingdoms had been at war with each other. That was hundreds of years ago, though the time haven't eased the old lines bitterness towards each other. After MC's father heard from an unknown source that some of those in the Phoenix kingdom suvived and lives in a hidden colony and training assassins. The king sends out a force of men to do with those that survived. At the time YC, the prince from the old kingdom's bloodline is not present during the attack. But upon returning home he findes the colony burned to the ground. A group of refugees finds him and his people, they bring them to safty, to his father, the ruler and leader. Many people lost their lives including YC's mother who died from her injuries shortly after his return. YC's father is in a rage along with YC, and with malice still churning inside of him, he sends his son on a task, a mission of revenge.

    He had one task, and is told to do it without mercy. A life for a life, knowing that the queen MC's mother perished a while back. He told YC to take the life of the King's son MC, by any means possible. At the time YC had no qaulms with this, and finds a way to work among those in the castle, with the other guards. Under a fals name, with no one how knows where he hails from, or much of anything else for that matter. Eventually he will end becomes close to MC. Perhaps by saving him, and becoming his own personal guard, which will present him with the opportunity he needs to complete his task.

    However when the opportunity presents itself YC finds himself fighting with feelings, and emotions that he has always been trained to ignore. Emotions that to him are quite strange, as he has never experienced these feelings before, and never felt a connection to anyone. He wad taught that: 'Emotions get in the way of their purpose'. So from a young age he had been taught how to block them out.. Though now they will cause him to hesitate when he finds him presented with the opportunities he needs to finish the task he has been send to fulfill.

    Character (wating to be used)

    Prison setting.

    Name: He adopted the name Luke, but his real name is Kinshi (Translated: Taboo) Father's choice. His mother just liked the name, but didn't know it's meaning.

    Short redblondish hair, green eyes, slim body with sunkissed skin.

    Age: 22

    His father didn't want children, but his mother got him anyway. Kinshi knew the man he called father hated him from the moment he was born. He saw it every time the man looked at him. His mother was the only one who showered him with love, making the huge cold mansion feel so much warmer. But the small bits of happiness was shortly lived. On his 8 year birthday, Kinski's mother wanted to take him somewhere special. But something was off with the driver, and he didn't see the green light changing.

    Last thing Kinshi remembered was a very loud horn from a truck before he felt his mother's arms around him pulling him close to her chest. Kinshi was the only one in that car that didn't die and the father blamed him for his mother's death. Claiming it was Kinshi's fault she even wanted to go out that day. Around the age of 10, his father started to become physically abusive and beated Kinshi up on regular basis. Eventually Kinshi's father dropped him off by a nasty uncle who after a short while soled him off to prostitution. Around the age of 15, he had been thrown back and forth all different whorehouses through human trafficking.

    One day he gets away by strangling one of his customer and goes underground for a year. Gathering his strength and info on every man who abused him, and starts hunting them down one by one.
    At the age of 17, Kinshi returns to his childhood home.

    He catches his father naked in the act with some unknown woman, and stabbed him in the abdomen with a fire poker. The woman runs out screaming and shortly after the police arrives. Findinyg Kinshi drenched in a pool of his own father's blood, laughing hysterically.
    He immediately sent to youth prison. The doctors and the judge don't think there is any turning back from his sick and broken mind. By their professional opinion Kinshi is too dangerous for other normal people. But because in this case with anything that had happened to him, he is still a victim and a minor. So even after killing 29 people, Kinshe couldn't be sentenced to death. Instead it was decided he would be moved when he turned 18 to live the rest of his life in prison.
    Kinshi didn't care where he ended up, he just promised himself that never again would he allowe someone to hurt him.

    Lots of shit went down after that, he used his body and brain to get close with the prison shot caller. Turning others against the man from inside the man's own gang, was like childsplay. while Luke slowly build up his own. When the shutcaller was killed Luke was the only person inside with the power and money to keep hell from pouring over.

    The person: Luke is a very smart young man. It doesn't matter if he look like a twink, the more people to underestimate him, the better. He always carries a knife on him but rarely uses it. He can defend himself but aren't very strong. And he might also have the warden as well as most of the prison staff wrapped around his finger.
    His head is always clear and on high alert even though he acts calm and friendly.
    Luke doesn't like violence and are usually protecting new inmates or a few other's whom he consider close to friend.

    In all Luke is very content with his life now, and don't believe he needs anything not even love. If he wants connection there are lots of free men to choose from. But Luke has never actually been in love and if it so should happen it would mess him up.

    Others: Got a scar on his eye from the car accident.

    Likesin this order)
    -Meat (not red)
    -Being outside.

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