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    Hate Me.... But I Love You (closed to MasterSeme) 18+

    Name: Cody Roberts
    Age: 24
    Eye Color: Purple
    Hair Color: Black
    Bio/Personality: Cody is a college student that enjoys being with his friends. He has had a lot of painful relationships and had promise himself he would never get into another one until he was finally ready. Cody has a lot of crushes among his male friends. When he was 18, just starting his adult hood, Cody suffered with a coma after being violently raped by a foreign exchange student at his high school. It lasted for about 5 months and has major trust issues.


    It had been a few years since he had been rape. He could still remember everything... piece by piece.

    ~Flash Back~

    Cody Roberts, Age 18, was at his class, looking at the clock, waiting for class to end. Finally when the class ended what seemed like hours. He starts to pick up his belongings and watches everyone leave but one, the foreign exchange student that just transferred. As much as he wanted to make him feel welcomed, he didn't really like meeting someone new for the first time. Just as he was about to leave, he blinks as he watches the student go to the door and all he can hear is a clicking sound. ~H...Huh what is he doing?~ Cody walks over to the student, "uh... excuse me? What are you doing? Did the teachers make you have cleaning duty or something?"
    The student stares at Cody and then simply pins him down on the desk as he adjusts his tie. He takes off his tie, tying up Cody's arms, "...I been watching you all day and I don't like how you been simply ignoring me so I will teach you a thing or two," he smiles as he pulls off Cody's pants and ripped his shirt, "you have... such a sexy body."
    "N-No wait a minute! You can't please stop," Cody shivers and bites his bottom, looking at the other male.
    The student shakes his head, "no.... I can't stop. Now that I seen your body," he smiles as he unzips his pants, taking his cock out of his pants, "hm... to prep or not to prep," he glances down at Cody as he spreads Cody's legs roughly and spreads Cody's entrance, "mmm... so your a virgin huh? Look at this nice tight ass. I am going to have fun making you my bitch," he shoves his fingers deep inside of Cody's ass and smiles.
    Cody jolts, "n-no... please not in there," he shakes his head slowly as he moans.
    The male smiles and takes his fingers out, rubbing the pre-cum he had on his cock, getting excited from violating this weaker male. He pins Cody with his body and pushes the tip of his cock inside of Cody, slamming it inside of Cody.
    Cody gasps and arches his back, feeling the sudden pain, "!! Stop that hurts," he tries to get away but the other male was much heavier than he was.
    The male looks at Cody as he continues thrusting and moans, looking down and smiles, "looks like I made you into a complete man," he watches the blood as it continues thrusting, "looks like now your prepped... with your blood," he smirks and thrusts faster inside of Cody as he moans, cuming inside of Cody.
    Cody looks at the male, crying as his vision was getting completely blinded with his tears and stares at the man on top of him, turning his head to the side.
    The male continues thrusting, stroking Cody's cock and arches his back, starting to cum inside of Cody.
    "N...No... not inside...," Cody was too weak to even talk so he passes out.
    The male smiles, "mm you were a good fuck," he starts getting dressed and unlocks the door, simply leaving Cody bleeding out from the desk with a mix of blood and cum dripping out of him.
    Cody's childhood friend, Cory, walks into the room," ugh... I forgot my book at my desk," he walks inside, seeing Cody and gasps, "C-Cody! What happen," he shakes Cody and notices he wasn't responding. "Hold on Cody... I will help you."

    Cody wakes up and looks at Cory was still sleeping and rubs his head, coughing a little. He never enjoyed having that nightmare as he shakes his head slowly as he gets up from his bed and walks to the bathroom to take his shower.

    Cory wakes up and watches Cody head to the bathroom, falling back asleep.
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