The blond man looked at the screen on his phone and as he read what the other male had written he realised that the guy who called himself ‘Ember’ had apparently just worded what he had wanted to say badly since he now explained that he thought if his parents were heterosexual he’d say the same thing about it being difficult to court him.

Reading that he was his dads precious prince made his lips curl up into a stupid smile that looked rather cute and charming, too bad the other couldn’t see it. However soon there was some bitterness that crept onto his features as well. Yes, it was true, to his dads he was precious but to his biological mother he had been a curse, a demon, something she had blamed the death of his biological father on. To the woman he had been dirt and she had treated him as such. Not to mention that none of his former foster parents had held him at high regards either.

Cole shook that thought off though and it wasn’t all too difficult since reading further a wide, cocky, flirtatious smirk was forming on his face when he was called handsome by this guy. If they’d sit opposite to one another in a caf? or a bar now he’d shove his leg forward and let it touch the other’s while taking his hand and staring into his eyes. Sure, it wasn’t the most original advance and compliment Ember gave him by telling him that he was handsome but seeing that guy’s picture it, although it lacked creativity, was quite one regardless.

>> Wow, I’m truly flattered that someone as hot as yourself would find me that handsome! <<

He typed.

>> I’m sure you can have every guy you want with that face and body by merely clicking your fingers ;) <<

The man added and he was certain that this was true. Ember, or whatever his real name was, was extraordinarily hot. He could be a model or actor or a pornstar. Cole had definitely fapped to blokes who didn’t even come close.

>> I know I’m decent, that I look quite alright but you, you play in another league entirely. <<

>> You could be a pornstar or a model. You haven’t been one though have you? A pornstar, I mean? x’D <<

The law student asked jokingly.

When the next message arrived and Stoneworth read about how the attractive fellow was glad that he wasn’t the only romantic dork around and told him about how he had always dreamed of getting married on the beach during sunset the nerdy teenager in the stupid high-school movie that was on TV finally realised the science girl and her feelings and that he liked her as well but it seemed rather late and now he had to forget and dump the cheerleader he finally after all the struggles got the opportunity to convince and hurry to get her.

>> I always imagined my wedding to be a paintball match. One group of the guests capture my man and I have to free him with the other group of my guests and when I bravely fought myself through to him I’ll get to marry him amongst all the colourfully paint smeared guests in combat attire firing paintballs into the air during our kiss. <<

Cole told him.

>> But yours is romantic too. Not quite as romantic as mine but it’s okay :P <<

The blond laughed.

>> To talk about the subject more seriously, I respect marriage! I understand it as a promise and bond where two people decide to take responsibility for one another, to form an alliance. Through good and bad times! If I ever get married, I want it to mean something! I don’t want it to be a means to get into a different tax category. <<

The man explained.

>> Although I am not a fan of taxes. Are you? <<

Cole then realised that the other had solely focussed on the marriage part but had not answered his question in regards to the travels and that one had actually interested him a lot. So he was asking again.

>> You haven’t told me which place would be the first one you’d go to while travelling the world and I am curious. I am also curious if there was somewhere you wouldn’t go. It’s an interesting topic and interesting to know about someone. What places and cultures fascinate them and why! <<

After he had apologised for scrutinising the guy and coming off that strongly the man was quite understanding although he misinterpreted the reasons as to why Cole was like he was. Then again, it was only natural that he would think that because he didn’t know the man’s past which was the actual reason. The blond would have acted exactly the same in real life as he had now done on that app. Just as mistrusting of a stranger at first. Analysing everything people said to him.

>> Thank you for being that understanding. <<

>> As far as the app goes, I don’t take it seriously. Hence I was surprised that you do and were actually looking for a relationship on here. I don’t even know why I still have this app, I just check it because it’s entertaining from time to time. However, I am positively surprised to have found you on here ;) <<