Get ready for some messed up stuff!

Junta Matsushima is bored with a high school life, being in an all boys school means there’s no excitement of having girls around and having a love life. His friend, Anri Seisen, recommends him to play otome games (something Anri been obssessed with lately). After playing a game, he finds out his classmate, Wataru Katsuragi, is the spitting image of one of the romanceable characters and decides to try to romance him IRL as a way to kill time. Eventually the moment he had been waiting for came when Wataru confesses his love for him, wanting to end the joke/prank Junta tries to turn him down by saying “We’re both dudes” and to his surprise Wataru responds with “When it comes to love, gender doesn’t matter”. Junta realizes he has done something that can’t be taken back and he is, in turn, tormented by Wataru’s love…


One Night Love (Ichiya’ai)
Tetsuto Furukawa
Makoto Kannazuki

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credits: yankeebanchou