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    Ki ni Naru Kuchibiru [JP] by

    ※ 気になるくちびる ※
    ※Title: Ki ni Naru Kuchibiru
    ※Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
    ※Release: 2012
    ※Demographic: School Life, Yaoi
    ※Language: Japanese
    ※Authors included:
    • Hyuuga Seiryou

    | --- Freshman college student Kanta is living alone for the first time and finally able to get that pet hamster he's always wanted. Who should he encounter at his new elite college but scary Tetsu from the neighboring delinquent high school who even struck fear in the hearts of the other punks and continues to give Kanta that intimidating stare...

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    Re: Ki ni Naru Kuchibiru [JP] by

    This is just so awesome, @[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] ... thanks soo much for getting me this!!!

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