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    The Overdramatic Aominecchi

    Disclaimer: Okay, maybe I am not THAT overdramatic.
    I just love to extragerate things.

    Well, a few things about me first:

    Roleplayer OOC Drama
    Writer Rude People
    100% Free Spirit IDK? I am a pretty chill person.

    So ummm, I suppose I am a very random at times too. Also very shy, but once we get closer, I am sure I will annoy you. Anyway, I love writing. I have been practising since I was 10 (I was a kid with lot's of free it OK?) and I've written a few KPOP and Dragon Age fanfics. My roleplay experience accounts for eight years and I always love to try new things, either in RP or in my life in general. My motto actually is: Everything in life is an experience.

    Anyway (x2), here I'll be posting - mostly - random stuff, such as weird encounters that I have had, poems, ideas for RP or fics, plots and the such. I mean, don't have your expectations high of me because I am the Master of Disappointment. Yeah.

    - - - Updated - - -

    001. PLOT IDEA

    The Red String of Fate .


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