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    Cool S H o T S | F I R E D

    - - -





    KEYWORD ' ONCE ' .


    - - -

    p r o l o g u e

    The acrid smell of gun powder wafted at his mask as he watched the scenic gory of Los Muertos thugs laying wounded at the ground, some dead some barely alive. His red receptors gleamed into hues of orange as it deflected the sunset, perching like a hawk at the highest standpoint from the warm town of Dorado. 76 remained vigilant as he watched the little girl narrated her experience to her mother. The young mom sighed as she listened at her child’s story, disbelief written all over her face but she was patient enough to hear the side of her daughter’s story, truth or lies.

    “You're one of those heroes, aren't you?”

    “Not anymore.”

    There were days when he’d played hero, protecting lives of the innocent no matter how hard it was shouldering the whole world. Leadership was honed within him despite his doubts of accepting the position, those were the glory days, he thought. Hell, there was even a huge statue built just for him that was embarrassing he surmised.

    Humans were never content, they always find fault at everything, and even Overwatch wasn’t spared. They were blamed at the attacks that happened around the globe for they failed to protect everyone. He stood his ground and tried to explain, calm the people that everything was just alright and they could certainly handle it. Soon the praises they’d receive slowly turned into curses and hate. It was like Jesus all over again, if Jack was to laugh at the situation, he could’ve done it with misery.

    The people got their wish, Overwatch was destroyed---from inside and out.

    The once dignified statue of the Strike Commander was wrecked into a mess, two limbs forgotten, the huge rifle gone shattered by explosions, the marbled face deformed. Just like how he looks right now as he caught his reflection at the store glass, hideous. His once corn blonde hair turned ash as the years passed by, a huge slash of mangy scar across his face that was covered by his mask. What once portrayed as the golden boy dwindled down into nothing of a vengeful old man with a receding hair.


    Petras Act was then evoke and then Overwatch was disbanded together with the death of two high ranking officials that lead them, Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Few people mourned, most of them Overwatch agents, as he heard people spoke eulogies after eulogies that was directed at him, Jack felt nothing. If he’d a decency of emotion it would be laughable as he stared at the people grieving at an empty coffin.

    Unknown from everybody, Jack Morrison didn’t die beneath the shambles of that explosion, amidst the wrecked walls of their station at Switzerland. It was outlandish how their simple quarrel at a sunny afternoon turned into a mess that ended their career.
    What was once left, alive, was an empty man that held no promise of heroism. He existed at the borders of life and death, alive but not living. He held a grudge that could put Pandora’s Box into shame.

    As Jack was mourned by many, Gabriel was hated by the rest. His betrayal held a huge stigma in every people who knew what really happened inside that base. Bitterness were etched within the hearts of the Agents, but it held nothing to comparison as what Jack felt. His lover, betrayed and tried to kill him.
    No, he killed him.

    Pain was the price worth the pay as Jack Morrison struggled to process how his lover can easily point his huge shotguns at him, callous cold eyes met his pained blues. The usual Spanish sweet nothings when Gabriel talks to him affectionately turned into curses filled with hate and disenchantment.

    And what do vengeful super soldiers do when they’d gone resurrection from a not survivable bomb explosion?

    Go rogue.

    And that Jack Morrison did with no hesitation.


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    Re: S H o T S | F I R E D

    I love this one! <3

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    Re: S H o T S | F I R E D

    E p I l o g u e

    Six months passed since the secret recall Winston did to all of Overwatch’s active agents was evoked. Ostensibly, Soldier 76 wasn’t one of them since he was not included at Overwatch’s master list of agents. He’d only knew the recall when he ransacked the organization’s former base at Numbani. There were lots of things he needed to cover, in case he’d wanted to destroy everyone who was involve at Overwatch’s destruction.

    Talon operatives, 76 knew they were the people behind it, the individuals whom Gabriel were cahoots with upon destroying the ever powerful Overwatch. It was disgusting how Reyes had stoop low and aid their enemy inside their Swiss base despite being a commander of the said organization. Past is always past but 76’s bitterness wasn’t tame enough, he wasn’t insane to forgive what Commander Gabriel Reyes did. Even if the man was sixth feet below the ground, he’d held his grudge to the deepest pits of hell.

    Funny, how love can easily turn to hatred in just a blink of an eye.

    Hilarious, how once husband turned into some murdering criminal.

    “Soldier 76, always snooping around like a Raccoon,”

    A dark chuckle erupted behind him as a swirl of black soot that came from the vents solidified into a 6'1 feet tall being clad in black coat. An owl-like mask underneath the hood, followed by carbon fiber armor in black. Red gleamed like reflectors within the pair of mean sockets from the mask. Heavy boots thudded at the decrepit room that was once filled with active Overwatch agents.

    “Reaper.” 76 grumbled as he easily hoisted his heavy pulse rifle, aiming at the smoke freak in front of him.

    “What does a vigilante do well at this place?” Reaper returned 76’s hospitality as he held his twin shotgun, aiming at the guy.


    “Right, soldier.” And with that Reaper took the initiative to fire a bullet in which the soldier dodge easily as he somersaulted towards the left.

    His receptors were having a hard time aiming its target as Reaper swished towards the air and vanished into smoke. As if on reflex, he blocked a heavy punch directed at his face while 76 skidded by the impact. The vigilante returned the favor with a strong punch on the wraith’s abdomen but was greeted by air.

    Fighting Reaper was a pain in the ass, for what that being was, clearly 76 was having a hard time landing a good solid punch. Countless military training made him form back up plans as he lowered his defenses to bait his enemy. Reaper's hands landed perfectly at 76 gut which he earned a low groan from the male as he keeled over the impact. His visor gleamed crimson together with his glee as he grabbed Reaper’s hands before punching him square to the jaw.

    Finally able to feel something crack behind the pressure, 76 tried to swipe the blood coming from his mouth but was then reminded by the mask that hid his identity. Not that he needed it for undercover, it was there for a purpose, to erase what was left of his previous existence.

    “Not as bad as I thought you’d be.” Reaper gave his neck a crack before he dropped those huge guns to the ground, both slowly dissipating in smoke as he grabbed another pair, like he’d Dora’s backpack underneath those coat.

    “This old dog's learned a few tricks after all,” Jack smugly clicked his Tactical Visor as it read Reapers stats.

    Without another word, Jack dashed madly towards Reaper as he returned his huge gun back to its holster on his back. It would do no good to attack Reaper with pulsed bullets, hand to hand combat might just suffice.
    Blows after blows were delivered as they stood their ground heavily panting at the impact each of them tried to elicit. Reaper landed a punch at 76’s face which made his visor crack as the display whirred and ended into a buzz of red and white static.

    Cornered like a mouse, Soldier 76 was trapped in between the power supply and the hulking form of said wraith who had his clawed hands circled at the vigilante’s neck. The room turned silent as time was just nothing but a concept.

    The three rows of fluorescent lights flickered, along the old monitors that ran static.

    Azure eyes fluttered open underneath the greyish lashes smudged with gold, straight nose and upturned lips turned into a downright grimace. Jaws so squared, the you could almost measure them symmetrically, short white hair streaked with bits of gold and a long angry scar running from the left brow down to the right chin disturbed the pure perfection clad in blue biker jacket. Despite at the age past seventy, his previous mass of muscles didn’t diminished as it was accentuated by every bits of clothing. The soldier thank the accursed Soldier Enhancement Program eons ago, for this little to none changes that marred his being.

    The hunched Vigilante, no, Strike Commander John ‘Jack’ Morrison was trapped and looked like a fine wine inside a treasured cellar.

    “I’ve always liked angry sex, Jack.” With a dry snicker, Reaper’s voice echoed into the room like a sandpaper on a wood, dry and dismal.

    “So do I.”

    The vigilante precipitously grabbed the wraith’s hand wrapped around his neck as he pushed the latter away from him. With a clean roundhouse, Jack Morrison’s foot landed atop Reaper’s mask as it then unceremoniously clattered towards the ground.

    For a man that looked like someone from Halloween, former Blackwatch commander, Gabriel Reyes didn’t look that scary anymore now that the guy had dropped his mask. Still, the man’s aura could quiver the toughest Yakuza on a stake-out and could intimidate shrewd businessmen upon face-off.

    Curly brown hair peeked under the hood as red eyes stared at the soldier with unknown mien. A tan hulking male stood with a menace. Despite his gorgeousness, Gabriel was no human, judging from the black smoke on his mouth. A wraith who’d diluted the fine lines in between a human and a monster, an abomination from an attempt of salvation.

    The two male stood at an impasse.

    With a steady march, Jack Morrison cupped the latter’s jaw and kissed the wraith with ravenous passion. Like a thirsty man on a heated desert, Reaper turned pliant as he mirrored Jack’s kisses. The ex- strike commander does not kiss with languid and sensual desires, he kissed with roughness, a tempest he’d willing to drown with Reyes.


    Just like the old days.

    Overcome by the sudden turn of events, Reyes clawed hands crawled towards the Soldier’s back as he coped a feel or two, as if reconfirming that the man in front of him was real and not just a fraction of his imagination.

    “Flat ass.” He grumbled in between kisses, as he dived for another tongue entwined make out session.

    The soldier might’ve said nothing but judging from those raised brows, Reyes’ dry humor was still intact, barely passable, despite the angst decision to change his wardrobe and go full-fledge villain on him.

    “Shut up and fuck me, Reyes.”

    “Needy bitch.”

    Close to a growl, Reyes simply pushed the willing male towards an old long metal table at the center of the room. A steady florescent light lit their two hulking bodies. A little affair in an old base, both aprties thirsty for a decade late of passion.

    Like two dogs in heat, Reyes clawed hands turned into smoke as tan fingers hurriedly removed the biker jacket from the Soldier. Jack, despite on his seventies looked like e five star confectionary as Reaper bitt the man’s chin and neck wildly.

    The traitorous mouth descended to the pink nipples trapped in between scars. Crimson eyes, filled with covet, stared at the hues of blue that clashed like an ocean on a stormy day. Red tongue elicit contact at the taut nipples as it made the soldier arch for connection.


    He desired for more.

    Azure orbs stared at the tan hand as he paused and stared at the platinum band on its index finger. Jack smiled as he brought the left hand closer to his lips and kissed the ring.

    “You’re still wearing it.” His eyes held sadness for all the trials and hardships that echoed within his sanity.

    “I didn’t ask for a divorce, Mi Sol.” Gabriel smirked as he slowly uncurled Jack’s left hands and removed the black leather gloved. The platinum band glinted at the dimly lit room, a perfect copy of the one on his index finger.

    Jack’s heart thumped, for once in such a long time, he felt alive. His long fingers, grasped at the soft brown curls affectionately.

    Gabriel stared at the man in front of him as he unceremoniously kissed Jack’s abs, hurriedly unzipping the tight pants. Broad shoulders in between the lewdly spread legs. A completely naked man in front of him, yielding and ready just for him.

    Gabriel’s rival, best friend, lover, husband and enemy; laid at the long table like a sacrificial lamb about to be impaled.

    “Despite that graying hair, you’re still a farm boy Jack.”

    Gabriel’s warm hand grabbed the long throbbing rod between the male. A lazy stroke from Gabriel earned a glare from the ex-strike commander. Gabriel, despite not admitting it, likes how Jack grew impatient at him, totally falling for his teases.

    Tan hands, juggled the two balls down to a hard member, inspecting it thoroughly much to Jack’s hurried disappointment.

    Like a flipped switched, Reyes’ smile grow broader as he tightly gripped at the erect member and hurriedly unzipped his pants. The little to none precum was made a lubricant as he precipitously pushed his member to the unprepared bottom, with both his thumbs pried open.

    “F—fuck.” Jack’s hands immediately gripped at the table’s sides, coldness clashed to his warmness as he crazily gasped for air.

    “I know you like it rough you sick fuck.” Reyes sneered as he grind the half of his member at Jack’s warm insides before thrusting it in one full go.

    The soldier’s eyes went heavenwards as he felt the air knocked out from his lungs, his soul bidding for an unreachable desire. The wraith stilled as his monstrous member fitted Jack’s tight bottom, Jack could feel the monstrosity throbbing within him as Reyes’ left hand still gripped at his member with sheer dominance.

    With a slight bent of his knees, the wraith pulled slightly as he angled his cock toward’s Jack’s prostrate which earned a soundless scream from the male laying atop the table. The wraith brutally repeated this as he then fastened his phase of fucking Strike Commander Jack Morrison balls deep.

    “H—harder Gabi.”

    Jack gasped as the male atop him moved his hips like a piston fueling a race car. His hands clasped wildly at the brown curls, as if it’s the one who rooted him from this pleasure brought down towards the earthly ground.

    The wraith said nothing as he plough his way towards Jack, satisfying the Soldier’s orders to fuck the daylights out of him, ball’s deep. The both of them barely sweat at the rigorous style they were banging on each other. Never a steady pace, like two wild energizer rabbits, as Gabriel grabbed Jack’s left leg and slung it atop his shoulder.

    With an impatient snarl, the soldier grabbed the man’s coat as his pinned leg atop the latter’s shoulder hooked the wraith and turned the tables.

    In a matter of seconds, Gabriel stared at the form of Jack Morrison atop him, as his back was forced atop the cold metal table. The table groaned with pressure at their heavy forms. The Strike Commander stared at him downwards, with hunger that could fire a village.

    Gabriel wanted to switch their positions but the male atop him rumbled with displeasure, both his hands pushing the Latino back to the table. Tongue traced at his upper lips as he hurriedly moved his hips with profession, a sneaky gleam on his azures as he stared at the stunned Gabriel Reyes down him.

    “When did you get this feisty, Mi sol?”

    With a grin as his answer, the soldier hurriedly squat at the huge member as he straddled the male’s laying form. Lashes fluttering close as Reyes met Jack’s phase with hurry, both of them clawing at the almost found pleasure right before their very eyes.

    ‘Fuck----shit, Gabi.” Jack’s member oozed warm liquid, tainting the tanned abdomen underneath him. Gabriel silently grunted as the soldier felt warmness painting his insides as the rest of it slowly leaked out from his bottom.

    Strikingly, Jack grabbed a jungle knife strapped at Reaper’s belt as he stabbed it at the metal table, impaling it like a pencil to a paper as Reaper’s hands jerked towards the male’s throat on a reflex.

    Both of them calculating each other’s move like a trained soldier, taught and ready to kill the enemy.

    “You better not be fucking that French sniper, Gabe.”

    “And here I thought you have gone psycho Jackie.” Jack responded with a shrug before he removed himself from the mount, descending away from the long table.

    With a glare, the soldier grabbed Reaper’s cloak and cleaned the cum that was leaking at his thigh. “Fucker! That’s my cape.” The reaper retreated like the action burned him.

    It made Jack shook his head out of disappointment, his husband was still so touchy with his things. Jack Morrison’s eyes vigilantly roamed at the cameras that beep red, despite cleaning himself Morrison never failed to let his guard down.

    “You’re so paranoid, Mi Sol. Don’t worry Sombra did her magic after the black out.” The male slowly stood as he affectionately draped his left arm to the Soldier’s shoulder who welcomed it with a smile.

    “Finish this mission and kill those Talons for me,” Gabriel rolled his eyes heavenwards as he stared at his husband, still an asshole as ever.

    “Yes Sir whatever.” With a mock salute, Reyes grabbed Jack’s jaw and kissed him one last time.

    One last time before they act like they want to kill each other. A cover, a mission, an act; still Jack and Gabriel glanced at each other before they resumed to their responsibilities trying to hate each other in front of their allies and enemies very own eyes.

    Jack Morrison, stuck his hands inside Gabriel’s skull patterned boxers, tapping the huge member concealed and leaned towards Gabriel, his eyes held a glint of mischief.

    “I got you in my sights.”

    The lights flickered

    Three-----both of them swiftly grabbed their masks

    Two----- The soldier throw the huge metal cabinet towards the wraith.

    One---- Gabriel Reyes was gone as the mist slowly dissipated into nothingness.

    f i n.

    A / N

    .lol it's done. Sorry if I'd cleared no loose ends but this is just a oneshot and I planned on leaving it that way. Besides I am planning on writting a long one with McHanzo. Of course I need to give these two old men some love since I am also a huge fan of Reaper76.

    Sorry for the retarded grammar.

    I tried. orz

    p.s glad that you liked it YLove, there's moar to come but it'll be slow like a turtle, coz' this idiot is a purebred slacker.

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