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    A Godlike Creation (Exellda and Zombie) [18+]

    Zombie's character:


    Adrien curiously peeked into an antique shop. He was absolutely certain that he saw an absolutely adorable little mirror through the window - he wanted to have it. The muse walked through the shop, gleefully humming along to the music playing on his earphones as he let his fingertips skim over what he deemed was alright to touch. He could already feel the cold gaze of the shopkeeper on him. Of course, he didn't intend to leave the shop until he found what he came here for - ah, there it was.

    His lips parted with a soft gasp as he took the tiny mirror into his hand, carefully brushing over the little gemstones that adorned the handle. Adrien reached up, pulling out his earphones to turn to the shopkeeper. "How much for this?" He asked with a voice that rang through the shop as clear as a bell. After getting the price - and deeming it to be acceptable, Adrien turned to leave, however, of course, something else had to catch his attention. It appeared to be just a simple scroll, however the muse felt drawn to it.

    Walking up to the object, Adrien carefully picked it up, his tongue peeking out to hastily wet his lips. "...And this? What even is it?" He turned around, however the shopkeeper didn't have a good answer. Apparently it was simply some old scroll that no one knew any actual use for. Well, since it was rather cheap, Adrien figured it wouldn't hurt. It would certainly fit in somewhere.

    Only when he was back home did the muse actually unroll the scroll. Dear Lord, it was long... However, the wording was intricate and peeked his interest. There was even a rule about holding a flower to your chest while saying it... Well, so be it. Adrien took a rose from the vase, holding it gingerly against his chest. Nibbling on his bottom lip, Adrien began pacing around the room, reading the scroll aloud.

    Adrien couldn't help but chuckle quietly from time to time while reading it, however he tried his hardest to say it all with certain dignity, as the words did call out for a God. He mused to himself about how fun it could be if this spell - or whatever it was supposed to be - actually worked. The muse chuckled softly, looking out the window before finishing up the last lines of the chant, a smile lingering on his face. Even if a God did appear in his flat, he wouldn't be too surprised. After all... He was a God as well.
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