The slip of fabric over his skin was enough to make Tatsuya shift and sigh pleasantly, hands sliding over Takeshi's skin and pulling him a bit closer. His fingers continued to play lightly over the other's scars, looking over slightly with a slight smile. "Leave us." He only barely waited until they were alone before turning back to give Takeshi his full attention. His hands never traveled anywhere inappropriate even when the two of them were standing alone, pressed close to him.

"You've seen enough to understand, haven't you?" His head pressed slightly against Takeshi's, voice low. "I've never seen battle. I've not earned this palace. My wife. Your loyalty. I haven't earned any of it, and yet here I sit. Surrounded by it." Turning his head he took in the smell of the other's hair, breath soft and heavy. "In time, you will grow tired of working for such a spoiled lord. There is nothing to gain by staying by my side." Pressing their bodies together he nuzzled slightly against the side of his head, craving affection.

"Remove it for me. I want you to see."