Tongue pressing hard against Takeshi's skin Tatsuya shifted, still gripping the bottle he had been nursing earlier that evening. A bit reluctantly he removed his lips from the other's skin, alcoholic flush on his cheeks as he gazed up at him. "The two of us shall test the efficiency of this method together, what say you?" Without waiting for a response he brought the bottle to join his other hand, pouring a fair deal of the liquid down the other's backside without hesitation. The liquid slid down over his fingers without hindrance, making both his fingers and Takeshi's entrance wet with the bottle's contents.

"If it is the taste you find complaint with, this shall alleviate that issue." He didn't seem to care what the samurai's true complaints were, eager to test this knowledge of his as well as to tease. From the way things seemed in his current position, he was doing a fine job pulling the sorts of reactions he wanted from the man who had stood so composed beside him only a scant few minutes prior. He could smell the distinct musk of the other, heavy on his nostrils as he turned his head to breathe it in deeply.

The bottle fell to the tatami without sound once it was emptied, fingers working Takeshi over with renewed vigor. Two entered him without hesitation, obviously practiced but no less rough. Although this was hardly his first time engaging in such lewdness, his faculties had been expertly hampered by drink. Fingers jerked inside of him a bit too quickly, a bit rushed and over-eager. He had no time for patience, his unoccupied hand moving to take Takeshi's member with alcohol-wet fingers.

"Even amidst the sake, I can still smell you so strongly~" His voice was practically a purr, awkwardly nuzzling his face against the older man's erection with heavy breaths. His lips parted and heated breaths washed over Takeshi's member as he squirmed slightly in his spot, spreading his legs as he shifted to bring his lips to the head and nip playfully. His teeth lightly grazed over the head of Takeshi's length, hand gripping him a bit more firmly as his fingers once again increased in vigor.

"I want to tease you until I've had my fill." Steely blue eyes turned up to Takeshi's face as he sat lewdly before him, fingers of both hands working him over with a clumsy but no-less practiced touch. His ass was raised slightly off the ground with legs parted slightly, lips inches from his retainer's begging need. "Do you think you can satisfy me tonight? If I unravel you here, will you be finished?"