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    K Project get to have new anime. (Also stage play and dance performance)

    In the "K -Do you know K?" event today on Saturday, it has been announced that K is going to have another anime, including a new stage play and dance performance.
    The anime series is titled: K Seven Stories
    This would be the third anime series of K Project, with the first series named: K (anime), K: Missing Kings (movie), K: Return of Kings (anime).

    It is still unclear as to what the content of the anime series this time would be.

    The stage play, K―Lost Small World―, would be a play adapted from Yukako Kabei's spinoff novel, telling the story of how Saruhiko Fushimi and Misaki Yata met in middle school, becoming friends and how they grew apart.
    The novel also had adapted to manga before the stage play in 2014, keeping the same name as the novel.

    Misaki Yata, play by Keisuke Ueda
    Saruhiko Fushimi, play by Shintarō Anzai

    The dance performance first debut on the "K -Do you know K?" event. Featuring original music and ONDY as Yashiro Isana, Keito Okuyama as Misaki Yata, and Yuto as Saruhiko Fushimi. The next performance would be held at seventh floor of the main Ikebukuro Animate store on June 10.

    More details of the anime would be provided soon, in this fall.
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