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    Extrastrous by HIMUKA Tohru

    Title: Extrastrous
    Alternative names: エキストラストラ★
    Author: HIMUKA Tohru
    Description: A marvelous actor who has stage fright plays various roles in real life!
    The agency Catherine is the company which sends so-called extras in real life.
    Yaegashi Taiga, a marvelous actor that has stage fright, tries his best to fulfill the requests he is given by this company. One day, he is told to work on a request with the newbie Amae Shizuku...
    Scalantion groups: BangAQUA&Canis Major Scanlations
    Year: 2011
    Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
    Status: Ongoing
    Genre: shounen-Ai, Shoujo?
    Download Extrastrous Manga:
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    Re: Extrastrous by HIMUKA Tohru

    there's the raw version?

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    Re: Extrastrous by HIMUKA Tohru

    there are suppose to be 8 chapters? Is there any possibility that this site will upload all 8 chapters now if possible.

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