The sub-forum '
By Mangaka' is to order the list of manga titles, magazines or anthology works by the mangaka you look for, and which are available on YaoiOtaku boards. Please, if you want to post a mirror link just enter the thread from the list available in the first post in the mangaka's 'By Mangaka' thread. It will lead you to an already existing thread, there you can post your mirror links. Below you will see a preview of a 'By Mangaka' thread.

In case you don't see a title there, be it for posting your mirror links or looking for the manga scans, do respectfully by order;
create the thread and link it in the mangaka's thread, someone from the staff will add your thread to the list in the first post. In case you want to find some manga scans which aren't available on YO (and aren't licensed), you can request them in [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

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