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    Aragau Netsujou by Kanzaki Takashi [Eng]

    Title: Aragau Netsujou
    Manga alternative titles: 抗う熱情; Aganau Netsujou; Arasou Netsujou
    Author: Kanzaki Takashi
    Year: 2007

    Sei is an accountant that helped the Takashiro family to keep their assets in place. He always has his way with the Takashiro twins’ elder brother, Mizuha. Mizuha has zero resistance towards the flaming passion that comes from Sei. Will they open their hearts to each other? The other twin, Yuuya, has been fending off perverts who are interested in Mizuha. But is his classmate, Tsuzuki, interested in Mizuha or him? What will happen to Yuuya’s unrequited love for Tsuzuki?

    Genre: School Life, Yaoi
    Status: 1 Volume (Complete)

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    Aragau Netsujou

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