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    Haruyo Koi by NARAZAKI Neneko [Eng]

    Original name: Haru yo Koi
    Manga ALT. names: 春よ恋, Haruyo Koi
    Written by: Narazaki Neneko
    Drawn by: Narazaki Neneko
    Original run: 2007
    Description: Story 1: Spring and Love Come Early?
    Ichio Tomochika, the archery club president, likes the calligraphy club member, Komada Aoba. With black hair and black eyeballs, Komada is just like a stubborn black cat. Looking at such an adorable cat everyday, Ichio hopes Komada can sense his feelings he has for him. After an unexpected kiss from Ichio, will Komada return his feelings?
    Story 2: The Trap of Love
    Story 3: I Want A Bit More Love
    Story 4: Youth Melancholic
    Story 5: While Numbering Stars
    Omake: While Numbering Stars Extra

    Manga-type: Manga
    Published by: Kaiousha
    Group(s) Scanlating: Attractive Fascinante
    Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
    Completely Scanlated: Yes
    Completely Translated: Yes
    Genres: School Life
    Categories: Co-workers, Cross-Dressing, Megane, Jealous Lover
    Main Characters: Ichio Tomochika, Komada Aoba
    Adaptations available: N/A
    Recommendations: Koi no Iro, Birikketsu no Mahou, Uchi ni Oideyo

    Read Haruyo Koi Online
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