First I have to say that it's my first time actually setting an RP in English and I hope I can manage to play it right.
Second, sorry for misspelling the words or something but I'm not used to write in English, not to mention to do a RP in English but I will try my best, because I've always wanted to try to see where it goes and if it's working.
Third, I hope I did not bored you with this little introduction but I thought it was necessary to know from the beginning. So, here goes nothing.

I don't know how many of you saw the anime "Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru", the Characters are from there but I will make the story a little bit different from there, trying to do it as original as possible. The RP wil be one-on-one.


Yuki Giou is a high school student, that tries to survive in this low life world. He was abandoned when he was 5 on the doorsteps of Ayashy Orphanage and he was raised there until the very present where he has 17 years old. The problem that he is facing is that he will be soon 18 years old and he needs to leave the Orphanage and start living by his own. His past will hunt him down (something like in the anime) and will drag him to know Luka Crosszeria, a new transferred student that will make him experience different emotions and flashbacks that he doesn't understand. His friends Hotsuma Renjou and Kuroto Hourai will stay by his side but even so, questions after questions will be running in his head with no answer, only the certaincy that he feels something that's beyond his powers for the misterous Luka, and as strange as it may seem, he does to. Will they survive in this consuming love, surrounded by dark forces? Will he accept him beside him once again?


Name: Yuki Giou - My Character

Age: 17
Occupation: High school Student
Species: human
Nationality: Unknown
Eye Description: brown
Hair Description: His hair is shrot and it is light brown.
Sexual Orientation: He thinks he is straight but he is not. He is gay


He feels lonely because he doesn't understand why he was abandoned.
He is friendly, beeing able to make friends very quickly.
Loyal, he never had betrayed his friends. Always he has put them first before him. Kind, he will be always there beside you no matter what.
He is a pleasant person because he can make you smile in an instance.
Strengths: His greatest strength is his ability to care for people that he loves, to know them safe and happy. The strength that comes from the happiness inside your soul is the one that makes him smile every day just by enjoying the small things in life.
As for his past life, he is a fallen angel that was banished from heaven because felt in love with a dark angel. the enemy of God. His strength came also from the purity in his heart, because, even thrown out from Paradise he hasn't turned his back on his beliefs. Falling in love wasn't a sin, but for disobedience he paid with his wings.
Weaknesses: His love for people important to him.
Abilities: Making people laugh. As an angel, his ability is healing.
Likes: Chocolate, flowers, the spring, the rain, the sunny days, people, the stars.
Dislikes: Violence.

Name: Luka Crosszeria

Species: Demon
Human Age: 23
Demon Age: 850
Occupation: High school Student/ Demon in his spear time
Nationality: prince of darkness
Eye Description: cat silver
Hair Description: His hair is shrot and it is dark black.
Sexual Orientation: Gay


He feels lonely because he doesn't understand why he was borned and thrown away in the darkest holes of the earth.
Loyal to his cause what ever that might be.
He is a silent person.
He is not very friendly because he doesn't interact with nobody.
But with all his hatred and lust of blood, beneath that wall he is kind and willing to love.
Strengths: He is un-humanly strong, he also has the dark magic that was forbidden but which he manage to learn it and that was an extra punishment from God.
Weaknesses: His love for Yuki.
Abilities: Dark magic, speed, force, sensitive hearing.

Hope someone will want to play here with me