Claude Faustus was lying on his bed trying to sleep but sleep wouldn’t come he had that raven in his mind torturing him with that sweet musical voice. They were supposed to be enemies so why did Claude want to hold him more than anything in the world. Just then there was a tap as something hit his window. Claude yawned getting up and opened it finding the raven right below getting ready to toss another rock. Sebastian smiled a hello then jumped into Claude’s window.
“Hello spider.” Sebastian smiled.
“Sebastian what are you doing here” Claude blushed a bit the dirty thoughts getting worse.
“I’m simply here to make you dreams come true.” Sebastian went closer kissing his lips deeply. At first Claude was shocked and wanted to pull away then his body betrayed him as he laid Sebastian on his bed kissing down his body. Sebastian moaned as Claude explored undressing him. Soon his clothes were thrown over the edge of the bed and Sebastian slid down starting to suck Claude’s erection.Claude moaned and fucked Sebastian’s mouth hard as Sebastian started to deep throat. Sebastian purred the vibrations going through Claude’s cock. Claude moaned loudly arching his back Sebastian removed his mouth sliding Claude’s dick into his ass. Sebastian was so tight since he was a virgin. He then began sliding up and down Claude’s cock. Claude moaned louder and louder until he finally came releasing into the raven.

Claude woke feeling the hot seed against his leg.A dream......he couldn’t believe it. He had dirtied his pants and was sweating terribly. Claude got up to change his clothes when a tall dark figure came up from behind one hand on Claude’s throat the other on his chest.
“Well spider I would have never thought that I aroused your dreams so much.” Sebastian purred into his ear obviously amused.
“W-What are you doing here Michaelis?”Claude hissed slightly embarrassed his pants still dirtied. Sebastian didn’t reply running the hand on his chest down Claude’s body reaching into his pants smiling as he pulled it back out his fingers coated in Claude’s cum.
“My, my what was i doing to you in that dream of yours.” Sebastian licked Claude’s ear pushing two of the cum coated fingers into Claude’s mouth receiving a moan. Sebastian smiled licking Claude’s neck as his fingers explored Claude’s mouth. Sebastian then used his free hand to unbutton Claude’s coat and undershirt sliding them off to display Claude’s well formed chest. He ran his hand over Claude’s chest pulling at a bud. Claude moaned arching his back into Sebastian. This couldn’t be a dream this time his whole body felt everything it was definitely real and Claude was scared and nervous as hell.
“Do you touch alois like this? I know I love hearing Ceil beg for it every night.”Sebastian smiled and whispered into Claude’s ear.
Claude felt a low growl enter his throat vibrating Sebastian’s fingers.
“Jealous much spider.” Sebastian chuckled licking Claude’s neck then sliding his hand into Claude’s pants again. He took more of Claude’s cum and coated his nipples with it the wetness and the cold made them stand up and Claude moaned loudly panting a bit.
Sebastian backed up sitting on the bed Claude sitting in his lap. Then ever so slowly he unbuttoned Claudes pants pulling them down but leaving his boxers on.Claude whined as Sebastian toyed with his cock through the fabric running the fingers gently over it as he pulled at a nipple with his free hand. Claude was so hard by now his cock begging for release. Sebastian chuckled reaching into the fabric stroking his cock directly.
“S-Sebastian p-please more~!”Claude begged and Sebastian moved Claude off him standing up and undressing terribly slowly receiving a whine. When Sebastian was finally undressed he laid on the bed his legs opened wide and held close to his chest.Sebastian hadn’t shown it but he was terribly hard himself sweat beaded on his body.
“Claude please, take me.”Sebastian moaned the cold air teasing his cock.
Claude blinked not expecting Sebastian to be so willingly taken but he crawled over pushing his cock into Sebastian’s tight hole.The sensation was so much better than it was in the dream his ass squeezing Claude’s cock tight. Sebastian moaned loudly in want.Claude thrust faster into his ass moaning.
“C-Claude p-please not so f-fast!”
Claude couldn’t stop moaning more. He thrust harder and Sebastian cried out the pleasure filling him.
“I-Im gonna cum!”Sebastian cried out his cock tight.
“N-not yet~!”Claude held Sebastian’s cock tight so you couldn’t cum.
Sebastian’s eyes flew open and he screamed wanting to burst. Claude thrust harder and faster shoving it in farther. Sebastian had tears in his eyes his body numb he couldn’t tell whether it was pain or pleasure as he moaned. Claude moaned and cried out cumming inside him and letting the raven’s cock go letting him cum.Sebastian moaned panting on the bed Claude laying beside him.
“So what made you come here Michaelis?” Claude asked looking at him.
Sebastian smiled back.“I was horny.”
“Oh really did that help then?”Claude chuckled.
“Very much.”Sebastian giggled kissing Claude deeply as the stars and moon shown bright in the sky above.