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  1. hama71

    Takumi-kun Fanclub V

    Thank you for all your love of Takumi-kun series... We are now starting 5th Fanclub thread... There are people who has been with this fanclub from beginning and also there are lot of people who keep come and join in... We welcome all the people who love the series and supper the series... Feel free to talk about the series and actors who been in the series... Just remember to respect each other and don't hurt other's feeling please... Also, new comer... here are old thread you could also go check on... 1st Takumi-kun fanclub here 2nd Takumi-kun fanclub here 3rd Takumi-kun fanclub here 4th Takumi-kun fanclub here I hope this fanclub will be also love by many people... ^^
  2. YLover

    Takumi-kun Series (Jpn & Eng)

    Titles: Takumi-kun Series, Takumi-kun Series Manga, Takumi-kun, 6月の自尊心, Ano, Hareta Aozora, Hadashi no Waltz, Hanachiru Yoru ni Kimi wo Omoeba, Bibou no Detail, June Pride, Kisetsu Hazure no Kaidan, Jealousy (OOYA Kazumi) Author: GOTOU Shinobu Artist: OHYA Kazumi Year: 2001 Summary: Shidou highschool Institute is an all-boys dormitory school located far from the city inside the mountains. Takumi, who is going out with the famous Gii - Saki Giichi in the academy, has a secret which no one knows... Series goes on like this: 1. June Pride - licensed by Blu (September 2007) 2. Barefoot Waltz - licensed by Blu (December 2007) 3. Tales out of Season - licensed by Blu (March 2008) 4. Bibou no Detail 5. Jealousy 6. Hanachiru Yoru ni Kimi wo Omoeba 7. Pure 8. Pure 2 Read Takumi-kun Series Manga Online (English): Takumi-kun Series Download Takumi-kun Series Manga (Jpn): Vol 1-3 (licensed, only available for reading online here) Volume 4 - Bibou no Detail Volume 5 - Jealousy Volume 6 - Hanachiru Yoru ni Kimi wo Omoeba Volume 7 - Pure Volume 8 - Pure 2 For download reupload requests, please post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  3. I've just watched Takumi-kun 2 again. Awesome! I love the plot, the actors, everything... It's my favorite from Takumi-kun series. Daisuke Watanabe was really hot! Of course, he was hot in Takumi-kun 3 :leaf5: too, but the Takumi-kun 2 story was even better in my opinion. Just curious... which one is your fav from Takumi-kun series?
  4. i just watched Takumi-kun. takumi and gii are cute couple. but i like the takumi and gii in series 1 . why do they change?? C:
  5. yojichan

    P u r e

    Pure is the love we make Pure is the pleasure I take Pure is what keeps my mind awake Pure is what makes my heart quake Pure is the scene of dreams when lovers kiss Pure is the pain when lovers are missed Pure is the shadow that follows behind Pure is the home that embraces the mind Pure is the peace that we crave to find Pure is the story of two lovers entwined. AUTHOR NOTES: I don't think I have to elaborate the inspiration behind this poem. It's straightforward as it is. I just wrote this last night actually. Gosh, I really love the romance of MisuShin. I hope you like this.
  6. SideLove

    SideLove's fanfictions

    Drama/ Live Action Fandom: Takumi-kun Noticeably Quiet (18-; Pairing: Shingyouji, Misu) Sidelined (18-) Akaike confronts Toshihisa about his feelings for Takumi. And Toshihisa confronts Akaike about his. ...and that's all I have on here...
  7. CamelliaMichaelis

    Camellia's fanfictions~

    Takumi-kun series Daisuke Watanabe X Hamao Kyousuke (actors) (DaixMao) -Wake up, Mao! What will happen when Mao doesn't want wake up? -Pleasant and Unpleasant feelings They are lovers and they are together alone all night for the first time... But what if there are even some unpleasant feelings? And what about Mao's curious brother?
  8. Drama & Live Action Takumi-kun Pureness series - Status: Discontinued Pureness (Misu x Shingyouji) Story 1 To Be Near You - (Misu x Shingyouji) Story 2 Lies and Truth - (Misu x Shingyouji) Story 3 Ignition - (Misu x Shingyouji) Story 4 Trick or Treat - (Misu x Shingyouji) Story 5 Untitled Script for Baba Ryoma and Naito Taiki - Status: Discontinued Script 1 Read here Script 2 Read here Oneshots Of Love and Loss (Suzuki x Morita) Read here ImPure (Misu x Shingyouji) Read here A Day in the Life of Mao and Dai (Hamao x Daisuke) Read here Music L'arc en Ciel L'arc en Ciel - the early and crazy times - Oneshot Read here
  9. Status: Discontinued Author Note: The promised surprise and possible continuation of the Misu x Shingyouji romance from my previous oneshot fanfic titled ImPure. Thank you to each and everyone who have loved and read my previous fanfics. I am deeply grateful. Lovingly dedicated to all Takumi-kun fans. The inspiration was so strong after watching Pure. I hope you will find it a pleasure to read as I had so much pleasure and excitement writing it. Before we begin to read, let us reflect on this image to set the mood. ------------------------------- rabbit8 PURENESS “Okay..what in the world is that?” Misu frowned as he looked at his young lover strangely as Shingyouji wrestled with his white fluffy costume. “I'm a bunny rabbit. I'm doing this as a favor for my boss. It's his kid's birthday party. Isn't it cute?” Idiot, you're already cute even without it. Misu smirked but he won't say it out loud. “So when do you start your rabbit gig?” Misu sat on the chair and merely observed Shingyouji who was admiring and waving at at his reflection in the mirror. “Tomorrow.” Came the response. Shingyouji proceeded to take off the costume and stuff them in the big bag along with the fluffy bunny ears and pink nose. “Alright.” Misu stood up and went to their kitchen and saw there was curry on the stove. He poured some of it in a bowl and took it to the table while Shingyouji began setting the table. This particular dinner time was special as they didn't share the same schedules. Misu being a hospital intern and Shingyouji balancing his part time job as a convenience store clerk and college taking up Phys Ed. “By the way, I have a surprise for you.” Shingyouji smiled and pulled out two tickets out of his messenger bag. “Where did you get these?” Misu looked at them surprised. “My co-worker sold me those tickets last week since he won't be able to attend it with his girlfriend due to some family matter. I thought it was so timely since the tickets have already sold out even online.” “These premiere movie tickets are for tomorrow night.” Misu stared at them. Premiere tickets to Francisco Nagoya's art film feature. He had been a fan since high school. He was quite impressed that Shingyouji managed to get tickets for this. “Yes. I figured since my rabbit gig will be in the morning and I don't have classes tomorrow. I have already informed my boss that I will take the night off for tomorrow so we could watch the movie and maybe have dinner afterwards. What do you think, Arata-san? Will you come with me?” Shingyouji looked at him with his eyes sparkling with hope. “Well, I don't see why not. It's my day off tomorrow anyway. Yeah, sure. Let's go.” Misu shrugged. “Yatta!” Shingyouji lunged forward and gave an amused Misu a tight hug. “Thank you, Arata-san. I'm so happy.” He whispered to his ear and as their eyes met, Misu gave him a light kiss on the lips but still melted the younger man. ============================== “That was a really good movie.” Misu nodded as he read the movie pamphlet. Shingyouji looked at him proudly. Actually, he didn't quite understood the film being cerebral and a bit too artsy for his taste but spending time with Arata-san was all worth it. How he wished they could spend more time like these but he knew living together was the ultimate dream he had that's come true. He should be more than happy. As they were on their way to the lobby, a familiar voice called out from behind them. “Misu-kun!” “Sagara-senpai!” Misu turned and his eyes lit up. Very pleased to see his old friend and senior. Shingyouji could only look at him in shock. What is he doing here? Why now? “I wasn't expecting I'd see you here. This is a nice surprise.” Sagara-senpai smiled as he patted his kouhai's head. Get your damn hands off him! Shingyouji's jaw was clenched. He was fighting the urge to drag Misu away from the older man but he could only clench his fists inside his coat pockets in silent frustration. “Ah...Shingyouji-kun, yes? I remember you. It's been a long time. It's good to see you.” Sagara-senpai patted him lightly on the shoulder. Shingyouji could only manage a slight bow and a forced smile. “Yes, it's been a long time, Sagara-san.” He couldn't do it. He can't risk embarassing Misu. He loved him too much. “We're going out for drinks. Would you like to join us, senpai?” Misu asked an amused Sagara who easily agreed. Shingyouji wanted to fall apart but kept his cool and nodded in agreement instead. They arrived at a relaxing yet classy bar. There weren't much patrons around and happened to be Misu's favorite as was suggested by his co-interns. A piano player onstage playing jazz music. The atmosphere was sublime. The waiter was courteous and attentive who took their orders. It had a nice air of privacy and comfort. But Shingyouji was finding it difficult to absorb the atmosphere because right before him was his beloved who is now deeply engaged in a conversation with his senior and old friend. Tonight was supposed to be just for the two of them. He could have been the one Misu would be deeply engaged in a conversation with. He could have been the only one Misu would be focusing on right now. He could have been enjoying all that attention right now. This was an evening for only the two of them. He felt oddly out of place now. He knew too well that once these two met, there was no pulling them apart. Shingyouji looked at them sadly and manage a polite smile. He considered just walking out of the bar and not looking back. Make up some lame excuse. Would Arata-san follow me? Would he leave Sagara-san to be with me? He felt his insecurities rising again at rapid speed. He reached for his cell phone and pressed for a ring tone. What the hell am I doing? But I can't stand this...I don't wanna embarrass Arata-san. The longer I stay here...I'll embarrass myself as well. “Oh, I'm sorry..I have to take this call.” Shingyouji waved slightly and stood up and walked to the corner of the bar as Misu watched in passing. The waiter arrived with their drinks and so did Shingyouji with the most apologetic face he could express. “Anou...I'm really sorry. But something's up at work. I need to leave. It was very nice meeting you again, Sagara-san...Arata-san.” Shingyouji bowed and turned to leave quickly. Misu having noticed the change of mood from Shingyouji excused himself to follow him to the door. “Where are you going? You told me that you took the day off. Now they want you to report for work?” Misu held squeezed his arm slightly to make the younger man face him. “Yeah. Well, it's rather unexpected. But it's alright. I'll see you at home, Arata-san.” Shingyouji tried to smile. Misu studied his face for a minute before releasing his hold on Shingyouji's arm. There was an unsteadiness in his tone. The smile that didn't quite reach those eyes yet continued smiling nontheless. He understood Shingyouji's work ethic and dedication to his job but why did it seem so hurried?
  10. Being the Takumi-kun fan that I am. I'm sharing this oneshot fanfic of the actors themselves. I hope my fellow Takumi-kun fans will enjoy this and to everyone who enjoys a lighthearted BL fanfic. Please let me know what you think. My take on their characters is from watching the Making of Takumi-kun series. Hamao is all serious. Daisuke is laughing all over the place. Hai! Dozo! :hamtaro-005 (6): 8:00 A.M. Saturday. As people are going along their daily routine in the morning. Unbeknownst to anyone in a modest apartment not far from the busy streets of Osaka... Furious knocking is taking place.... “OI!!!!!!” “OI!!!!!!!!” “AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!! OPEN UP!!! OI!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!” Bam! Bam! Bam!! Bam!!! “Ah! Dammit! You leave me no choice!” Hamao rushes to his room and takes his duplicate key. He returns and slides the key into the keyhole and the sight of the occupant makes him want to pull his hair in frustration. There really was nothing out of the ordinary really from the appearance of the room rather it was the occupant who was still buried in pillows with a blanket all over. Mao bounces on the bed and tugs at the blanket furiously. “Oi!!!!! GET UP! WAKE UP, YOU IDIOT!!! GET UP! WE’RE GONNA BE SERIOUSLY LATE!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS???” Only faint mumbling is heard underneath the blanket. Hamao successfully throws the blanket away and begins to pat the bed repetitively. “DAISUKE-SAN!!!!!!!!!” “Hmmmm....?” Daisuke squints his eyes and smiles. “DON’T HMMMMMMM ME...WE’RE GONNA BE LATE, YOU ASS!!!” Daisuke flutters his eyes open to reveal a very, very agitated Hamao Kyousuke in bright blue shirt with a Mickey Mouse print at the front and faded black jeans. His dark hair carefully combed with a wisp of hair gel at the bangs. Daisuke smiles and turns his head to his right side and smothers himself with the pillow. “Don wanna...” “DAISUKE-SAN! THIS IS SO NOT THE TIME TO PLAY GAMES! WAKE UP! OR I’M GONNA BEAT YOUR SORRY BUTT TILL NEXT YEAR!!!” Hamao pulls his arm. “But i’m still shleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppyyyyyyyyyy..” Daisuke whines. “I don’t caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee!!!” Hamao mimics. Hamao stubbornly refuses to budge and grabs the pillow closer to his face. “WAKE UP! OR WE’RE GONNA BE FIRED FROM FILMING TAKUMI-KUN!!! DO YOU WANT THAT?????” Hamao drops his arm. With that statement, Daisuke automatically sits up and grins. “OKAY! I’M UP!!!!” “GOOD! NOW GET YOUR LAZY BUTT TO THE SHOWER....RIGHT NOW!” Hamao gets off the bed and walks to Daisuke’s wardrobe cabinet and starts tugging on a polo shirt and jeans. He pulls them out of the drawer and throws the pile on the bed and finds Daisuke back to sleep. “WHAT THE HECK??? DAISUKE-SAN!!!! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!! WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!!!!” He shakes Daisuke’s shoulder and forcibly pries the pillow from his face. He could hear Daisuke giggling. “DAISUKE-SAN!!!!!” “Okay! Okay” giggles. “Okay! I’m up! Why are you being sooooooo bossy today?” Daisuke flings the pillow at Hamao barely which hits him right on the face. “I AM BEING BOSSY?? HUH? HUH? HUH?” Hamao pokes Daisuke’s shoulder repeatedly. “ITAI!!! ITAI!!! STOP POKING ME!!!” Daisuke fights off Hamao’s hand. “Then get up!!!” “What time is it?” Daisuke yawns. “It’s 8:20!! Dammit! Daisuke-san!!! Please move!” Hamao stomps his feet. “It’s still early....” Daisuke whines as he stretches his arms then scratches his hair. “We have to be at the set at 10:00, you!” “Hai! Hai! I’ll be taking a shower now.” Daisuke gives him a mock salute. “Alright...I’ll make some coffee.” 30 minutes later Daisuke saunters inside the kitchen and takes his cup of coffee. Hamao is slurping his drink. “Why are you being so good to me?” Daisuke smiles. “Stop asking stupid questions.” Hamao slurps his drink even loudly and brings the mug closer to his face with both hands to hide his blushing cheeks. “I’m serious.” Daisuke looks at him seriously. “No you’re not.” Hamao peers at him with the mug in his face. “Okay, I’m not!” Daisuke gives him a cheeky grin. “Whatever possessed you to go to an all-night karaoke?” Hamao looks at him. “I wanted to hang out with Kei (Hosogai).” Daisuke shrugged. “I hope you’re perfectly aware that we have a shooting today, don’t you?” Hamao looks at him closely. “I know...I know....” Daisuke takes another sip from his cup. They clear their cups. Close the lights. Closes the main door and steps out of the porch. A red Honda van is parked right in front of the apartment with a smirking Yukihiro Takiguchi leaning onto the hood of the car with his arms crossed on his chest. “Not my fault!” Hamao points at Daisuke as they approach the car. Daisuke gives off a childish grin at Takiguchi. Taki grins back. Just as Hamao is about to open the car door, Taki suddenly squeezes Hamao in between his neck and his shoulders behind him, which makes Hamao squeal loudly. “KYAAAA” “THAT....(laughs)...WAS....(catches his breath)....SO....(begins to cough)...FUNNY!” Daisuke was laughing so hard, he almost sat down on the pavement. “His fault!” Hamao pouts and points at Taki. “It’s your fault that you’re so ticklish!” Taki laughs. “Not my fault either!” Hamao shakes his shoulder still pouting. “Can we go now?” Hamao looks at them impatiently. "Do it again, Taki!" Daisuke still trying to catch his breath from laughing so hard. "Cut it out, you two!" Hamao frowns. “Hai! Hai! Hamao-kun!!” Taki nods and starts the car. As the car runs through the traffic, Hamao looks out of the window thoughtfully. “Mao-chan?” “Hmmm....” “I’m still sleepy.” Daisuke looks at him droopy-eyed. “Yeah?” Hamao raises a well-manicured eyebrow. “Can I sleep on your lap?” Daisuke grins with his face close to Hamao’s face. “Get away from me!” Hamao tries to push his face away. “Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeee???” "Not the puppy dog eyes...Please...not the puppy dog eyes...Daisuke-san...don’t...don’t..."Hamao protests silently. But Daisuke does exactly that with his devilishly handsome grin to match. Oh crap. He did it. “Alright!” Hamao sits back and stretches his legs. “YAY!!!” Daisuke flops himself onto Hamao’s lap. “ITAI!!! YOU JERK! THAT HURTS!” Hamao lightly smacks Daisuke on the head. “Goodnight...Mao-chan...” “Goodnight? Do you even know what time it is?” Daisuke smiles and closes his eyes. Not too long Daisuke was asleep. Hamao stares at Daisuke’s face. His lips partly open and his nose flared as he was snoring lightly. His right hand onto his stomach while his legs were curled. Hamao was resisting the urge to feel his face and settled on running his fingers onto Daisuke’s soft permed hair. I wonder what those fan girls would think if they saw us like this, Hamao smirked yet his cheeks were blushing.
  11. This story takes us back on a much deeper understanding of the love between Suzuki Takeshi and Morita Toru from Takumi-kun: The Rainbow-Colored Glass. This is a story of love, friendship and the the ties that bind even from beyond. This story have gone through several revisions, formats and had taken several months to accomplish. I am finally pleased with the results and I hope I have given them justice. Hope you enjoy this experience. Special thanks to BLFreakgirl who made a personalized wallpaper image of this couple for me back in March. and Yuuchan (yunake) who made a fanvid of them for me. To everyone who continue to inspire me and encourage me, my heartfelt gratitude to you all. "The time between meeting and finally leaving is sometimes called falling in love." - Lisa Loeb Suzuki Takeshi Morita Toru OF LOVE AND LOSS “So what do you think?” Gii eyed Suzuki curiously. “About what?” Suzuki replied not breaking his gaze on the chess board. “Oh come on! You know exactly what I'm talking about.” Gii looked at him amused. “No, I don't know what you're talking about. If this is your way of breaking my concentration, forget it.” Suzuki shook his head and moved his chess piece and batted the timer. “Kazuki Takahashi. The sophomore I introduced to you the other day. What do you think of him?” “He's okay, I guess.” Suzuki shrugged. “Okay? That's it? That's all you can say about him? Didn't you guys hit it off right away?” Gii looked surprised. “No, we didn't. I wasted 10 minutes of my time having to listen to someone ramble on and on what an amazing person Saki Giichi is. If you're trying to show off your fan boys to me in this school, it's not working.” Suzuki replied nonchalantly. “What the hell? I swear I thought he totally liked you. That weasel! He's gonna hear it from me.” Gii sounded very annoyed. After procuring such a potential guy for Suzuki and that person blew it. Damn it! “Nah! Forget about it. Seriously, dude..why you even bother introducing me to anyone. I already told you I'm not interested. You've already introduced 15 guys to me since last year. And I didn't even ask you to.” Suzuki smirked at him while he scratched his eyebrow with his thumb. “Well, I didn't want you to be lonely, that's all.” Gii smiled but his eyes looked at his old friend with genuine concern. “I'm not lonely. I'm fine.” Suzuki looks at him assuredly. He knew Gii was being worried about him again. Gii is one of the closest people in his life who is privy to his health condition. “Are you sure? 'Cause you look like you really need some company.” Gii obviously didn't look like he was giving up. “I swear Gii if you were not born to inherit your father's company, you would definitely have a promising future being a pimp for a club or a bar.” Suzuki chuckled. “Now that's just mean.” Gii sat back and frowned at his friend who obviously didn't look like he was taking it back. Gii narrowed his eyes studied him for two seconds and leaned over and said, “You really think so? I could be a great pimp?” He grinned. “Hai.” Suzuki nodded assuredly. “Good to know.” Gii nodded and smiled and moved a chess piece and batted the timer. The door opens and a tired-looking Akaike Shozo walks inside the room. “Tadaima.” “Okaeri.” Gii and Suzuki chorused. “How was your day in the office, darling?” Gii gives him a naughty smile while batting his eyelashes in rapid succession. “Not so bad. What are you two girlfriends talking about while I was gone?” Akaike took off his blue jacket, put it on a hanger and deposited it into the closet. “Fuck buddies.” Gii shrugged. “Dorm sex slaves.” Suzuki yawned. “Right.” Akaike snerked as he began untying his necktie. He wasn't the least bit surprised anymore with the choice of language those two shared when there were only the three of them together. Had they stopped talking like that then that would be just plain weird. He took off his white uniform and put on a fresh blue shirt. He decided he'd take his pants off later. He stretches himself on his bed and relaxes his head over his forearms. “So which of you two losers are winning?” He looks at them. “Me of course as usual.” Suzuki raised an eyebrow with genuine pride. “Not even close, nerd.” Gii frowned. “Checkmate in two, pretty boy.” Suzuki smirked. “Liar!” Gii huffed but his eyes roamed wildly at the chessboard wondering where those two moves were going to come from. Suzuki grinned, made his move and just like that, he won. “What the hell?” Gii looked at the chessboard aghast. “See? I told you, I'd get you in two moves.” Suzuki laughed triumphantly. “Whatever.” Gii turned away to face Akaike who was now leisurely browsing a sports magazine. “So how was your day like? Let me guess, the rich little brats have been picking a fight with the other rich little brats in class?” Gii raised an eyebrow obviously amused. “Well, yeah, there's that. They were about to stab each other with pencils. PENCILS! Stupid jerks.” Akaike shook his head in irritation as he flipped a page of the magazine he is reading. “I'm glad I don't work for the discipline committee.” Gii laughed. “Yeah but you got a trail of fan boys who follow you around like ducklings every single day.” Suzuki rolls his eyes as he put the chess board and chess pieces away before moving to sit on the edge of the bed because Gii is now lying on his stomach and has already occupied most of the entire bed space. “Oh yeah. That. Damn it.” Gii buried his face on the pillow and groaned. “Anyway, there was someone interesting today. Transferee. Freshman. Morita something. I forgot. Anyway, he arrived this morning to school accompanied by his mother. Quiet kid. Kinda shy but has inquisitive eyes. Matsumoto-sensei assigned me to tour him around the school on Monday since it'll be his first day.” Akaike yawned, laid the magazine on his bedside table and stretched his arms. “Transferee, huh? We don't get those types much in this school, do we?” Gii asked. “Nope. Not much at all. Quite a rarity actually. But the kid passed the requirements of this school so he's gonna be studying here for sure.” Akaike now stands up and starts to pull out a fresh pair of white pajamas from the cabinet. “Gii, come on, man. It's late. I'm sleepy. Go back to your room. Now.” Suzuki punches Gii's leg and tries to push him off the bed. “Don't wanna. I still wanna play with you, guys.” Gii whined and frowned but reluctantly moved away from the bed. “If you don't leave, we're gonna tell Hayama about this American greeting kiss thing and that you just made it all up.” Akaike grinned. “Alright, alright, fine. I get it. Goodnight, ladies. I'll see you both tomorrow.” Gii grudgingly heads towards the door. But only a few seconds after he has closed the door behind him, he opens the door again, sticks his head out and gives the biggest pout he could muster. “You're not gonna tell him, I just made that up, would you? I'd never get an excuse to kiss him in the open anymore. You know how I love it when he looks so flustered and cute when I do that.” “GOOD NIGHT, YOU SADIST! “ Suzuki and Akaike yells at him and throws a pillow which hits Gii right in the face and they all laugh.
  12. Summary: Shingyouji's parents just divorced and he is depressed because none of them is fighting for him, but will Misu confort him? Status: Complete ----------------------- Shingyouji couldn’t even feel his body. He saw his arm fall, his keitai blaring the disconnected sound over and over. His face, for the longest time, was frozen in shock. He could feel the tears, finally, in his eyes. His lower lip was trembling and in a moment, he tipped over and was crying into his pillow. This wasn’t what he wanted. He came to Shidou so his parents could fix their marriage, not end it. But hearing that bureaucratic, monotone voice saying, “Shingyouji-san, your parents’ divorce has been finalized.” “Shingyouji-kun? Are you in here?” Shingyouji jumped up, turning around. He brushed the tears off his cheeks almost angrily. “Hey, why didn’t you say anything? I’ve been calling for the past five minutes.” His roommate said, looking about his side of the room. Shingyouji said nothing back, rubbing his nose raw to not dribble out his nostrils. “Hey…are you okay?” Shingyouji cleared his throat. He turned around, smiling from cheek to cheek. “Yea, I’m fine. I’ll…I’ll be right back.” He swung his legs around and when they hit the ground, he ran out his room. Deep in the night, the floor’s bathrooms were empty. And that’s just what Shingyouji wanted. The tears cascaded much quicker down his face and the sobs were even louder – echoing against the linoleum. Because nobody could hear him.
  13. yojichan

    A Love Undefined

    It's so amazing that I love you It's funny that way but you know I do The way you look into my eyes and then look away Just like that you've made me feel what you had to say I love how your fingers reach out for mine The way you close your eyes under a sunshine The quiet walks in the park we share Listening to me talk a mile as you stare I love the smell of the fresh cologne on your skin The way you say my name fills me within This kind of love you don't want defined This kind of love from others we can never find. Author notes: :hamtaro-005 (6): Haha! This is my very first Takumi-kun series inspired poetry. I had Misu's face in my head as I channeled my inner Shingyouji. This is my take on their relationship since they're not as lovey dovey as Takumi and Gii. These two have a different take on their relationship, it's theirs alone. I like the selfishness in that. It's almost sweet and endearing at the same time. I hope you enjoyed!
  14. Leslie_LC

    Takumi-kun Fanclub

    Takumi-kun Fanclub Takumi-kun I: Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite (Eng Subs) Takumi-kun II: Niji iro no Garasu (Eng Subs) Takumi-kun III: Bibou no Detail (Eng Subs) In this fanclub you can talk about anything related to the Takumi-kun series and share Takumi-kun related stuff.
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