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  1. saphirolf

    DRAMAtical Murder (DMMd)

    Company: Nitro+ CHIRAL Release date: March 23, 2012 Rating: R-18 Size: 2.91 GB CG Samples: Patches: CRACK UPDATE DOWNLOAD DRAMAtical Murder (DMMd) Yaoi Game: PART 01 new link PART 02 new link PART 03 new link PART 04 new link PART 05 new link PART 06 new link How to download Mirror link (Torrent) DMMd Installation with new links: 1. Download all files with the game and unzip the .ISO image. 2. Mount the image and install the game,having your system run with Japanese localization. Do not remove the check mark at the end of the installation to install the following program SdRt4200. 3. Unzip and install the Update Patch 1.10 into your game folder. 4. Unzip the Crack for version 1.10 and replace the file zapusknoe DMMd.exe. 5. Play. Guide: Click here for Installation guide and how to use ITH. This link also addresses the issue that you may experienced with DMMd (black screen at opening the game). Enjoy! - Who can resist this face?!? XD MIRROR LINKS! For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  2. saphirolf

    DRAMAtical Murder CG set

    DRAMAtical Murder (aka DMMd) Company: Nitro+ Chiral Release date: March 23, 2012 Just something to whet your appetites. I don't know if this is the full CG set since I haven't finished playing yet. I'm playing to go through Clear's path but Ren is making me want to change that....Lol. rabbit8 I can safely say this game is so worth the blood, sweat and tears I went through for it. XD Please note that this set contains graphic images including sexual (censored of course) and gore. Set Reconnect Offical Works Oh, and if anyone's interested here's the game's promo video/opening! XD Download is available below. DMMd opening video Why not, might as well add this one in. DMMd OST Enjoy! rabbit4 For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  3. Title: DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Alternative: DMMD re:connect Language: English Company: Nitro+CHiRAL Release date: Apr 26, 2013 Rating: 18+ Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance Preview pics: Plot: Contains after-stories of each ending presented in DRAMAtical Murder game, as well as character back-stories and side stories. Also contains playable mini-games. Download DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Game: DRAMAtical Murder re:connect DRAMAtical Murder re:connect English Patch: English Patch DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Installation Guide: Installation Guide For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  4. No Time For Losers Ltd.

    DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.4 ≪Noiz × Aoba≫

    DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD 04 ≪ NoizxAoba ≫ Release date ll 2014/12/28 Content ll 2 Disc Size ll 295.6 MB ll Pairing ll Hino Satoshi x Kisaichi Atsushi Ending Theme: 「Hold On」By Pale Green Download DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD 04: https://userscloud.com/1eb0bio44wgh 248.6 MB/pw: notime4LZrs For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  5. No Time For Losers Ltd.

    DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.05 ≪REN x Aoba≫

    DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD 05 ≪ RENxAoba ≫ Release date ll 2015/04 Content ll 2 Discs, no booklet Size ll 111 MB ll Pairing ll Takeuchi Ryota x Kisaichi Atsushi (REN x Aoba) Ending Theme: 「ENDE=NEU 」/ Performed by GOATBED Download DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD 05: GET The CD HERE --> DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.05.1 GET The CD HERE --> DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.05.2 For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  6. This guide assumes you have downloaded the DRAMAtical Murder re:connect game and the English patch. They can be found here. What you need besides that is: WinRar and DaemonTools. INSTALLATION OF JAPANESE CHARACTERS If you don't have it already set, first set your locale to Japanese this way: Start -> Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative -> Change system locale… -> Select Japanese INSTALLATION OF THE GAME 1. Double click on DMMdr.zip and click on Extract to... 2. Open Daemon Tools > Add Image > browse to the folder where DMMdr was extracted and select the iso file > double click > run setup 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. INSTALLATION OF THE CRACK Cut the DMMdrc_crack.exe from the folder where you extracted the game at step 1. and paste it to where your DMMdrc game was installed. Now you can play the game now by clicking the DMMdrc_crack.exe. You can also create a Shortcut on the desktop for it to be easier to play the game. INSTALLATION OF THE ENGLISH PATCH 1. After you downloaded the patch, extract it (double click on it and select Extract to...) 2. Go to the folder where the patch was extracted, then copy all the files in the folder and paste them in the folder where the game is installed. => 3. Now go to the Video folder and copy all the files, then paste it inside your dx folder (which is located inside the folder where the game is installed). => Many thanks to those who worked in translating the game and to giancarlo for explaining how to install the game!!
  7. "JAST Blue, a branch of JAST USA focusing on BL games, has announced it is bringing Nitro+chiral’s Dramatical Murder to the west at its Anime Expo 2018 panel." JAST BLUE had already announced Sweet Pool and is now announcing another two Nitro+chiral titles besides Dmmd: Togainu no Chi and Lamento - Beyond the Void. Specific release details for each of these titles have not been mentioned but they will be localised into English and released for the Windows PC.
  8. DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD ≪Amazon privilege: Shot story 4 parts by Cool-B≫ Amazon特典 ドラマCD「Cool-Bにて掲載されたショートストーリー全4編を音声化!」 Release date ll 2012/02/24 Contents ll MP3-8Tracks Size ll 17.5MB ll CAST(s) ll Kisaichi Atsushi ll AOBA Takahashi Hiroki ll KOUJAKU Hino Satoshi ll NOIZ Matsuda Kenichirou ll MINK Nakazawa Masatomo ll CLEAR Download DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD: GET The CD HERE :: DMMD Amazon Privilege Drama CD GET The CD HERE :: DMMD Amazon Privilege Drama CD PASSWORD *by picture For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  9. [WALKTHROUGH] http://blenglish.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1.html For additional walkthroughs, check out my blog @ http://blenglish.blog.fc2.com/ HAPPY PLAYING!!!
  10. Emo-Lightning-No.6

    DRAMAtical Murder (Anime) [ENG]

    AND FINALLYYYYYYYYYY... DMMd is in THE HOUSE (/^.^)/ \(^.^\) Title: DRAMAtical Murder (Anime) Synonyms: DMMd Japanese: ドラマティカル マーダー Type: TV. Episodes: Unknown. Status: Currently Airing. Aired: Jul 6, 2014 to ???. Producers: Nitroplus, NAZ. Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological. Duration: ~ 25 mins. Warning: The anime isn't yaoi, just the game with the same title is yaoi Synopsis: The story takes place many years in the future where the game "Rhyme," a virtual fighting game, is incredibly popular and people possess "AllMates," convenient AI computers. Aoba leads an ordinary life, working at a junk shop and living with his grandmother on the island of Midorijima. Unlike his friends, he doesn't participate in Rhyme, nor does he belong in a gang. However, when rumors of people disappearing spread, Aoba finds himself needing to unravel the mysteries behind the island in order to protect his everyday life. (Source: MU) Opening Theme: "SLIP ON THE PUMPS" by GOATBED Ending Theme: "BOWIE KNIFE" by GOATBED For more info, please visit the source My Anime List Since it's currently airing, I'll be posting each episode per week; starting with: Download DMMD Anime: Episode 01 Episode 02 Episode 03 Episode 04 Episode 05 Watch DMMD Anime Online: DMMD Enjoy & Stay Tuned ^w^ For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  11. Note: If running the game along with opening google and youtube, it takes me 1.40 minutes instead. It's not a very good guide as it's lacking, I know. :cuteonion53: ITH
  12. Hi guys! I'm only new here so I don;t know if I am posting on the right page . BTW. Can someone re-upload the game as a torrent (Dramatical Murder RECONNECT). I'm sorry to ask this favor to you guys but I really want to play this game sooo badly. I find it hard to download it directly from the browser because our internet connection is not that reliable. I would really appreciate it if you guys would hear me and grant my favor. Please guys please. (Dramatical Murders RECONNECT english)
  13. Pls Reupload Dramatical Murder Ep 01-12 and OVA (JAP) (ENG SUB)... The Files is missing... If you have the Blu-ray ver. I would love it!!!! Thx
  14. Dramatical Murder English Patch Download Not to be confused with DMMD:Reconnect. This is the English patch for the first Dramatical Murder game, not for Reconnect NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO ALREADY HAVE DRAMATICAL MURDER INSTALLED ON YOUR PC AND YOU WILL NEED A PROGRAM LIKE WINRAR OR 7ZIP. Download Links Here: Patch Folder - http://www.mediafire.com/download/dxcpaipsdty78d6/Patches.zip Video Folder - http://www.mediafire.com/download/y4gwfi40yrpk6dl/Videos.zip Installation 1. Download BOTH files. 2. Unzip them with a zipping program (Winrar, 7zip, etc.). 3. Copy the contents of the Patch folder into your Dramatical Murder folder. 4. Copy the contents of the Video folder into your "dx" folder NOW YOU'RE DONE! ENJOY THE GAME IN ENGLISH! NOTE: If you wish to play the game in Japanese again simply delete the content of the video and patch folder that you put into your "dx" and Dramatical Murder folder. WARNING: If you have been playing in Japanese you will HAVE to restart the game even if you already have a saved file or are far ahead in the game, otherwise there will be problems with the texts throughout the game.
  15. No Time For Losers Ltd.

    DRAMAtical Murder by Nitro+CHiRAL, Asada Torao

    DRAMAtical Murder by Nitro+CHiRAL, Asada Torao ニトロプラスキラル, 浅田寅ヲ Written & Drawn by : Nitro+CHiRAL &Asada Torao Published by : LIBRE COMICS Release Date : 2014年3月22 Language : *Japanses Status : 1 Volume~~on going DRAMAtical Murder Vol.I [JP] [258.0 MB] DESCRIPTION: Based on Nitro+CHiRAL's “Brain Crash Story” game of the same name. The story takes place many years in the future where the game "Rhyme", a virtual fighting game, is incredibly popular and people posses "All Mates", convenient AI computers. Aoba leads an ordinary life, working at a junk shop and living with his grandmother on the Island of Midori Jima. Unlike his friends, he doesn't participate in Rhyme, nor does he belong in a gang. However, when rumors of people disappearing spread, Aoba finds himself needing to unravel the mysteries behind the island in order to protect his everyday life. For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  16. chelx09

    DRAMAtical Murder

    So... Yeah! :leaf5: lol.. Sorry.. leaf1 I'm just excited that I've just downloaded DRAMAtical Murder!! FINALLY!!! :leaf12: And, because I love it... I'm gonna tell you guys where I got it and the things I've done! :leaf18: ~Firstly, I've set my system locale to Japanese then restarted my computer... ~Then, this is where you can find the torrent file and basically, you just have to download it.. The file is quite large, about 3Gb so it might take a long time... (Of course, that's still depending on your internet's speed.) :leaf13: ~Then after that.. hmmm.. In the folder: [Fuwanovel] DRAMAtical Murder (this is the file you downloaded), you want to run sdrt4280j.exe first before running DMMd_crack_for_ver110.exe . And in the setup, you just want to click the [N] there, which means Next. ~Then, this is the part where I was freaked out because I thought I did something wrong and I might download the file again.. :leaf7: BUT!!! After the setup of sdrt4280j.exe .. You just want to RESTART your computer BEFORE running the DMMd_crack_for_ver110.exe ... Hahaha.. Because what I did was, after the setup, I was so excited and run the crack immediately then it wouldn't work!! I was so nervous and I almost cried! :leaf9: (Really!!) But then I decided to restart my computer then, yay! It worked!! leaf1 So, that's it!!! :leaf20: I am now starting to play DMMd and I'm totally excited!!! :leaf15: Oh well, that's all for now~ Gonna play! leaf2 Hahaha.. Good bye social life~ (for a while) :leaf5::leaf5: Enjoy playing! :leaf15:
  17. Personal ID Status: - OPEN Name: - Eduard Turin Nickname: - Virus Sex: - Male Position: Swtitch [uKE] Race: - Japanese | English Years: - 29 Height: - 181CM / 5"11 Weight: -199 KG / 200lbs Eyes: - Fake blue robotics, Neon Blue Hair: - Bright blonde Biography Virus and Trip remained with Aoba as his biggest fans though they never would explain the past and why they called themselves such. However they treated Aoba out and constantly bought him things. However they weren't above pestering him for things just to spend time with him. Virus and Trip would sometimes bump into Aoba in the Old Resident District and show their interest in him. They would later on appear to help Aoba and Koujaku escape from the police from Dry Juice’s hideout. Where they had just taken Mizuki as their newest victim. Virus is the one who called Aoba informing him about Akushima’s plan to imprison him on Toues order. Virus later reveals that they were a part of Morphine and are working on behalf of Toue as the leaders of the legendary Rib gang. Upon seeing Aobas resolve they decide to let Aoba pass and see Toue as they feel he won't bend to the others will. Random information Birthday February 23rd All Mate Hersha Job Midorijima Yakuza | Business Owner Team Morphine Languages Spoken | Read Japanese[Fluent] |French[Conversationsal] | German [Conversationsal] | English [basic]
  18. No Time For Losers Ltd.

    Engage+ment - DMMd DramaCD Vocal Tracks

    Title : Engage+ment - DMMd DramaCD Vocal Tracks OST Type: (Base on BL-Game) Release Date: 2015/3/4 Contents : 1 CD (5 Tracks)+BooKLet Size : 59 MB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD : Engage+ment - DMMd DramaCD Vocal Tracks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRACK LIST: 01.Scarlet / いとうかなこ 02.Voyage Lucid / いとうかなこ 03.Angel / VERTUEUX 04.holding on / 木村世治 05.ENDE=NEU / GOATBED *Plz respect the provider by do not take the credit off. *Do not share this link or my password outside this thread. *Password, find them inside [...] of the file.
  19. Emo-Lightning-No.6

    Dramatical Murder DMMd OST

    Since I'm a fan of music, I wanted to share the soundtracks from this famous game with all of you guys! I already found the DMMd re:connect OST on this site but not the first part.. So here it is... Download Links: The Normal Game Soundtracks: http://www.4shared.com/file/kWN8x5lF/k5mj87sn1juc09_7z.html The Retro Game Soundtracks: http://search.4shared.com/postDownload/iAa2zsQV/mc9m8uv7wsol4_7z.html P.S: You might find the same names of the files in both downloads BUT DO NOT BE FOOLED.. Each download has different tones according to the game's type. So please, listen to them all before deleting the assumed-repeated songs.. AGAIN: DO NOT delete the same-named files or you will lose the variety of the soundtracks!! Enjoy the music and have a nice day :hamtaro-005 (12):
  20. yo! i have a macbook pro so i can't run .exe files, which means i can't even start up most versions of DMMd (originally made just for windows) i find. i've googled DMMd mac downloads and the only one i could find that doesn't require me to jump through a ton of hoops in order to run the game is glitchy as hell (it hurts my eyes after a while) and crashes constantly--i can't even get past the first run-in with virus and trip without it going haywire. i'm aware that there is a program called boot camp that allows one to download windows onto a mac in order to play pc games, but i've heard it takes up a lot of storage space that i don't know i can afford (if that's the best option however... so be it, i guess). are there any mac users who have alternative links or torrents they have experience playing and can recommend?? pre-patched english is preferred, but i can probably find a patch for the japanese version if that's easier :3 if anyone even has any advice for how i can fix the game i already have installed it'd be very much appreciated; i'm not well-versed in coding myself. thank you so much!!
  21. Emo-Lightning-No.6

    Dramatical Murder is Gonna be an ANIME :D

    BIG NEWS!!! ^w^ According to Nitroplus CHiRAL, a TV anime adaptation of the company’s 2012 visual novel series, 「DRAMAtical Murder」 (DMMd), has been green-lit for production. It is slated to premiere Summer 2014. The first promotional video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1iv83h *Staff: Director: Kazuya Miura Series Compositon: Touko Machida, Fuchii Kabura (Nitroplus CHiRAL scenario writer) Character Designer: Yukiko Ban Music: Yuuki Hayashi OP Theme: “Slip on the Pumps” by Goatbed Animation Production: NAZ Original Web News: http://www.moetron.com/2014/03/22/dramatical-murder-tv-anime-announced/ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... ^w^
  22. Auoz

    DRAMAtical Murder!!

    I really love this game!! and the eng subbed anime for it finally came out!!! 0///0 I'm soooo excited for how the anime will be like!! Who else loves this BL game/anime? :hamtaro-005 (8): :5yoyo34:
  23. Emo-Lightning-No.6

    DRAMAtical Murder NON PC Game

    I've just heard this news!!! Apparently, NITRO+CHIRAL announced that the famous Game DRAMAtical murder will have a non PC release.. Aside from announcing the news of having an anime for this game, the news of getting the ability to play the game on other devices than PC's is quite interesting.. Since they didn't announce yet on which portable devices it would be released, then I really hope they would put it on Smart Phones systems such as IPhone, Android and such!! Oh well.. I'll be so waiting for them to let it out ^w^ Source: Anime News Network
  24. can help me? http://eemoticons.net/Upload/Leaf/leaf16.gif I want Download Dramatical Murder OST Anyone know link??? help me!!!!! I want listening song http://eemoticons.net/Upload/Rabbit/th_64.gif http://eemoticons.net/Upload/Leaf/leaf21.gif
  25. i think i already done what is MUST done; 1. Download all needed files provided by trusted onr and i extract it. 2. using DAEMON Tools Lite in mounting the ISO file. 3. then it shows "RUN as ADMIN" and i click it, then it started installing. 4. after installing, i go to ://program files (x86)>NitroplusCHiRal>DRAMAtical Murder and replace the DMMD.exe with the updated one, DMMD ver1.10, and the other 2 files,, then copy the DMMd_crack_for_ver110. 5. then double click DMMd_crack_for_ver110, and the problem is.. it just show the black window in 3 sec, then it disappear. i've waited for an hour doing nothing, for i thought it will resume later 'couz they said it will take for a while to open, but it's been decade and ders nothing! TT^TT PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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