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  1. ellymate
    Heya guys
    i'm also a big fan of Ouran and this is one of my favs series manga and anime. Recently i started watching the liveaction drama as well most likely from when it started ^_^

    Has anyone watched it till far? I can say they pretty much respect the Anime and follow it's flow. the actors...hmm i was disappointed at first, but i got to get used to them and they are pretty funny. TSil Kyoya is one of the best bishies :P


    Host Club
    Kawaguchi Haruna as Fujioka Haruhi
    Ishii Momoka as young Haruhi
    Yamamoto Yusuke as Suou Tamaki
    Daito Shunsuke as Ootori Kyoya
    Nakamura Masaya as Morinozuka Takashi
    Chiba Yudai as Haninozuka Mitsukuni
    Nishida Shogo (ep1-2) as Mitsukuni in his smaller form
    Takagi Shinpei as Hitachiin Hikaru
    Takagi Manpei as Hitachiin Kaoru

    Just wait to see the next episode
  2. yojichan
    oh hi!
    i've only got to watch episode 2 and a raw episode of 3.
    but so far...it's been a fun experience. i especially love the twins! waaaaaah! especially their fan girls. i can sooooooooooo relate to them. LOL
    they don't seem to take themselves way too seriously.
    i am not fond of the actor who plays Tamaki. his acting is way too over the top as well as the Hunny guy. his glomping is freaking me out.
    i do like the actor who plays Kyoya. very good.
    i hope more episodes gets subbed in english already so i can watch the rest. yay!
  3. ellymate
    there are more episodes subbed [sending VM]
    i don't really like Tamakis as well, but i got used to him...he's ok, hahha, they have some funny shots, it's worth watching XD.
    but kyoya is indeed very nice XD
  4. yojichan
    i just sent you a VM reply and another post at the Ouran FC thread.
    just finished watching the twins episode 6. yay!! happiness!
    thank you! thank you so much for sharing the link.
    OMG! Kyoya should take off his shirt more often. heheheh! he's the sexiest in the group.
    OMG! they're so sneaky..such mean boys. I LOVE THEM!!! WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!
  5. Morinaga's Girl
    Morinaga's Girl
    I only watched the first episode so far. I love Daito Shunsuke *_* I will make some time to watch the rest as well, how many episodes does it have?
  6. yojichan
    there are 10 episodes posted as of now.
    the tenth episode was posted on sept 25, 2011
    i just finished watching up to episode 8.
    YAY! i got to see Haruhi's dad.
    but it's more of Tamaki-Haruhi-Daddy episode
  7. ellymate
    Daito Shunsuke is very yummy! after i finish this drama i'll look for more with him, hope he has some major role as well XD
    But 11 episodes are not enough >.>
  8. aleliavc19
    well i only got to watch to ep 5 then ep 7raw is pretty funny but i think i still like thw anime more and the manga
    does anyone know where can i watch them i been looking but had no luck is it true there are only 12 ep?
  9. Han-chan
    This drama is great ... I finish watching it 2 times ....... Tamaki is so funny ... Honey so cute ....
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