lets talk bout zenbu no taiki ~ x3

  1. pampai
    aah, what sud i say... my english is soooo bad, so i dun hav confidence to start this actually,, but,, we're here to have fun rit, just be yourself and free to express your love for our cute bunny...
    hai, se no!! :hamtaro-005 (23):
  2. Ginger
    What can I say? I've watched the kiss scene at least 30 times:hamtaro-005 (5):
    it's a bit embarrassing to be so taken with movie characters but they are just so darn cute!:hamtaro-005 (6):
  3. Last_sky16
    i never fell in love madly to any characters but misuxshigyouji broke the record...gosh first time watch Pure trailer and there's a scene where shingyouji's smiling...and..i was like "Who s this???...woosh...i fell in love!!!! and after i watch Pure im totally in love with the couple...i ady luv Baba chan since the 3rd movie...so this makes my love for misuxshingyouji is so Pure...lol...a CUTE person like Taiki really matches the HOT Baba chan!!!!! i cant close my eyes without looking at Taik's pics...crazy isnt it??? ^______^
  4. Ginger
    Just watched the kissing scenes again:hamtaro-005 (6): How is ti I never get tired of those two? LOL The passion is clearly there between them. I was thinking about why Misu treats Shingyouji the way he does - He loves him that is clear in the changing booth but he is not the kind of man who can say such things out loud. But even mousey Shingyoui needs to hear that he is wanted and needed sometimes, I felt so sad when Misu woke up in the infirmary and looked for his little possession, it is hard to be sick and alone. I hope they get a movie of their own or better yet a DRAMA!! You know like 9 or 10 episodes of kisses and stuff.... rabbit16 That would be so sweet Those kisses are just the hottest!
  5. Last_sky16
    Ginger....one word....AGREE!!!!! gosh...Misu is a kind who didnt show his love....somehow i feel quite sad for shingyouji becoz he gotta express all his emotions...in the same time i feel proud of him...being in a troubled family might cause him to not believe in love...bit somehow there's something bout Misu makes him feel loved....if i were him i might be giving up...but he hold on for 2 years..saiko ne??? gosh DORAMA??? Ginger why dun u direct one??? im so dying to watch them again...ONE HOT KISS IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!!
  6. Ginger
    LOL I know there is no real big money in BL but I wish there was.Then they would make a lot more of these movies. :hamtaro-005 (8): If I had money I would go for it!
    Shingyouji has a tender heart but he's also strong because he can put up with grouchy Miso. I hope we can see Miso say that he loves Shingyouji, that would be so sexy especially if it's followed by a hot kiss:hamtaro-005 (6):
  7. pampai
    yeaa, i agree.. shingyouji has a strong heart.. omg, It felt like i wanna be like him if i fall in love, even it hurts... but thats the meaning of pure love ... also misu, he has his own way to express his love for shingyouji..
    this couple sud given a chance for another story...more like too dig how deep is their love for each other.. omg im not content before i cud see misu jealousy feeling,, no to hayama, but other guy hhahaha... like yojichan fanfic X3 ~

    etto,, i found in weibo a pic, baba and taiki ,, its from nico2 douga show,, i wish i cud watch it... ;_____;
    omg what arr they talkin about.... uuuuuuuuuugh....

  8. Last_sky16
    yeah...u know what i wish i could have a heart like taiki's...he's so strong and not giving up easily...i wish i could feel the pure love by my own... gosh their love is so beautiful...most beautiful ever...even a normal girlsxboys love are not that pure...if there is any continuation movie bout them i couldnt be more tht grateful...like Pampai i wish to see the jealousy and true love of Misu too...and Pampai...that pic is damnly CUTE!!!! they look like a MARRIED COUPLE...when was that??? gosh...*faint*
  9. Ginger
    Omo they are so darling!! It gave me a nosebleed LOL (not really but you know what I mean ) I would also love to see Misu get jealous and have to stand up to keep his little pet by his side I wonder if they are really a couple cuz that is the feeling I get from this. Maybe I will try and write some fanfic for these two Heehee. Maybe we should try and write a group fanfic. where each person puts in something with a central theme that we decide on first. Yikes I haven't written anything in so long I'm not sure I still could write something that makes sense. I can sure get inspiration watching those two hot kiss scenes <blushes>
  10. Last_sky16
    YATTA!!! Ginger r u gonna write bout them??? as misuxshingyouji or as taikibaba??? OMG IM SO EXCITED AFTER HEARING THT!!!!! i feel like i wanna jump around and scream...hmm group fanfic??? sounds cool but my eng is not very good...wuwu...i wish my grammar is good...ToT
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