1. BlaqueCatt

    A group of scientists are experimenting on humans in order to give them the abilities that Pokemon have. MC is kidnapped at a young age and taken in by the scientists to be a test subject. After several years of being experimented on, he escapes and flees to the nearby forest, which is inhabited by many Pokemon. The most intelligent Pokemon (as I've been told, correct me if I'm wrong), Lucario, who speaks the human language, as well as other Pokemon, take him in and care for him, making him one of their own. The trauma of the testing makes him lose most of his memories, even his name, and he is taught how to speak the language of the Pokemon and is given a new name. He is taught how to be a Pokemon, and doesn't think himself to be human.

    A well-known Pokemon trainer, YC, comes across the forest in search of new Pokemon to capture. He engages the Lucario who treated MC as a son in battle, but before the Lucario can be defeated, MC intervenes and fights with YC. The rest of the story would be about how YC tries to teach MC how to be human again, while MC teaches YC that Pokemon are more than just wild animals. Throughout their time together, they become attached, and all that. If needed we can bring the scientists back into play.


    In this roleplay, a man (YC) is married with a wife and young daughter. However, he is abusive to them and his wife divorces him. This causes his anger and violence to get worse, and he begins drinking. After a few months of being alone, he decides he wants another child.

    Meanwhile, a young teen (MC) is living at an orphanage. He was abandoned by his parents at a young age and has been there ever since. He is not mistreated there, but his is teased and bullied by the other kids for being different. Just as he turns seventeen, a year before he can leave on his own, YC comes and adopts him.

    YC acts kind to him during their first meeting, but once they are home his abusive nature returns. MC is beaten, starved, and treated horribly; he does not resist, however. After MC does something to really upset YC (which won't happen until a good while into the roleplay), YC rapes him (nothing kinky, just plain and simple) and hurts him more than he ever has before. When he realizes that he almost came close to killing his 'son', YC's already broken mind shatters, and his personality flips completely; he starts treating MC like an angel, becoming over-protective of him to the point of attacking others and keeping him locked inside the house. His sense of reasoning is twisted, and while he tries to be sweet and gentle, he ends up causing more pain and stress to MC than before, as now YC's feelings for him are confused.

    I do not want this roleplay to be focused on sex, and the rape will only happen once; this will be more psychological abuse and violence than romance, but there will be some intimate moments between the two. Once again, this one will most likely be one-on-one.
  2. BlaqueCatt

    On a gloomy and rainy day, a young NYPD officer (YC) comes across the seemingly dead body of a teen in the alleyway next to the bar he was at with his friends. He calls an ambulance as well as his team of officers after determining that the naked, bloody, and bruised teenage boy (MC) is still breathing. When MC wakes up in the hospital, YC and his team find that he has amnesia and was obviously the victim of a disturbing and violent crime. Eager to prove himself to his colleagues and wanting to help the boy, YC offers to take the case and find out what happened. MC moves in with YC to be kept safe, as the attacker could still be out in the city, and though their relationship is strained and a little awkward, YC finds himself falling for MC. However, MC is oblivious and finds the flirting to be strange and creepy; there's also the fact that he hates being touched due to past events.

    This will be a mystery/crime/drama roleplay with romantic scenes once the two have worked their way up to that point. Most of the time will be spent trying to get MC's memories back and trying to solve the case and catch the killer. My partner will have to be able to think deeply in order to create a believable case, but I'll help as well (think Criminal Minds). This will probably work best as a one-on-one. We would begin when YC leaves the bar.


    This story takes place in an AU Harry Potter world; there is no Harry, Hermione, or Ron, but Voldemort and all of the teachers are still the same.

    A Slytherin boy (MC) is brought to Hogwarts from the Muggle world once an undercover professor discovers that he is a Parseltongue. He is often avoided due to his strange traits, even by his own class, but YC (who can be of any school but Slytherin) takes an interest in him and tries to get close to him. Because of MC's oddly deep connection with dark magic and snakes, Voldemort wants to bring him to his side; YC must protect MC.

    This can be group or one-on-one.
  3. BlaqueCatt

    This is a very simple Avatar: The Last Airbender roleplay in an AU with no series characters. It will follow two men from opposing nations, one being a firebender from the Fire Nation (MC) and the other a bender from either the Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, or Air Temple (YC; the airbenders were not wiped out). We could also potentially make this a bender and a non-bender relationship. This can be group or one-on-one.


    This is a supernatural plot. It is about a fairy or elf, depending on what we decide, who has nature powers pertaining to snow and ice (MC). He meets a human man one day (YC) in the forest, and there are two possible outcomes to this meeting: we could have the human kidnap the creature and use it for his own benefit, being abusive and cruel, or we could have the human try to befriend the creature. This could be set in modern times or ancient times. This would most likely be one-on-one.
  4. BlaqueCatt

    A young man who is in training to be a nurse (MC) is serving an internship at the local hospital, taking care of patients that do not require extreme care. Another man who was injured and is currently a patient at the hospital (YC) meets the nurse when the nurse is assigned to take care of him. YC develops feelings for MC, and vice-versa. This would most likely be a one-on-one in modern times.


    There were two boys, both fourteen years old, who went to the same school. They were best friends, and they always looked out for each other. One day, one of the boys (YC or MC) gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, and the friends are separated. In a horrible set of circumstances, the boy hanging with the wrong people shoots a teacher accidentally. He is arrested and the two boys don't see each other again for years. After many years of separation, the two meet again. But now the man who was arrested is different--colder, distant, and perhaps a bit insane. For the time they were separated, after leaving jail, he continued to do illegal things--stealing, mostly, with some drugs, and has the potential to kill again, purposefully this time. The friend that he left behind has to help him control his urges.
  5. BlaqueCatt

    There are two boys in college and one is unhealthily infatuated with the other to the point in which he kidnaps him.


    For this plot, I was thinking that a young man (MC or YC) is a foreigner who ends up getting lost on the streets of London (the roleplay will take place during the mid-1800s). Dracula (MC or YC) finds him and offers him a place to stay at his large estate. The foreigner accepts, not knowing that Dracula plans to keep him as a 'pet' (there are stories in the newspaper of young men going missing throughout London and the surrounding areas). I request that sex is not the main focus of the roleplay. There can be kissing, touching, and blood play (as expected with vampires) but I want the focus to be psychological torture more than rape.
  6. BlaqueCatt

    London, early 1800s
    A young, wealthy Englishman (YC) has just come of age (21) and is finally old enough to inherit his family's fortune and company. As a gift marking the occasion, YC's father gives him his own personal servant: a young (18) Japanese man (MC). At this time, Europeans are very racist towards Asian people and anyone of other cultures, and because of this MC is treated horribly by the public and scorned even by the other servants. To make it worse, YC is a cruel master and MC can barely speak English.


    An older male serial killer mentors a younger man in the art of killing.
  7. BlaqueCatt

    Two brothers, one older and one younger, who grew up in an abusive household become serial killers with a dominant/submissive dynamic.


    A boss sets his sights on his new, younger employee.
  8. BlaqueCatt

    An overprotective knight falls for his prince and develops obsessive behavior towards the young ruler.


    A dragon that has been targeting the same kingdom for decades kidnaps the youngest prince, considering him to be his greatest "treasure".
  9. BlaqueCatt

    A man and his twin sister are left alone after their parents die. They are approached by a group of hunters, who explain that their parents were killed by demons. The siblings become hunters and gain a new family. However, the demons are on the move, and one General in particular shows an unhealthy interest in the brother.


    A male red riding hood is found injured in the woods and is saved by a werewolf.
  10. BlaqueCatt

    A man is approached by a mysterious old man who offers to show him his prized pets for sale, all of which are supernatural creatures.


    A group roleplay based on the television show Supernatural and will include series characters. The plot will revolve around the angels and demons planning a war, and both sides want the same "secret weapon", my OC, one of the last Necromancers. It is up to the Hunters to keep him safe from either side.
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