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A list of my plots.

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  2. 101 A roleplay taking place in the universe of The Magicians. After traveling to Blackspire and bringing back magic, The Monster is released and possesses Eliot. The rest of the Magicians go back to Brakebills and try to find a way to save Eliot. In this universe the original Penny is still alive and there is no Penny 23. Julia is still a goddess. I will play Eliot.
  3. [99] A boarding high school recruits teenagers with special abilities and teaches them to become secret government agents. However, there is more to the school that meets the eye. Students vanish without a trace, with no one having any memory of them ever existing, and who are the people in black suits patrolling the campus at night? [100] A roleplay based on the game Detroit: Become Human.
  4. [97] Magic comes from music, with each genre of music corresponding to a different type of magic. Magicians must use special magical instruments in order to access their magical abilities. [98] A My Hero Academia roleplay involving the son of the Hero Killer: Stain.
  5. [95] A gardener at a mansion falls in love with his rich boss' youngest son, who is extremely sickly. [96] A popular hero is forced to team up with an antihero in order to save the world.
  6. [93] A roleplay involving a pack of werewolf shapeshifters. [94] A prince finds a small, rare, and powerful magical creature and takes it in. Does he use it or befriend it?
  7. [91] A magician/scientist creates life. [92] A misfit alpha werewolf is rejected by his family and forms a ragtag pack of various magical creatures.
  8. [89] Two young men were dating for a while, one shy and awkward, the other outgoing and popular. The popular man eventually snaps at his boyfriend for being so difficult (he was stressed after dealing with his partner's panic attacks and such), and the shy man runs away. The popular man regrets what he did immediately, but is unable to find his boyfriend. A few months pass and his friends drag him to the circus to cheer him up. He is surprised to see that his boyfriend is one of the performers, but something is different about him... [90] A young man finds a half-man, half-spider creature in the forest.
  9. [87] A young man falls in love with a girl. When over her house, she pushes him into her closet, which transports him to a strange world. [88] In this world, only those of royal blood have magical abilities. However, the first prince, next in line for the throne, discovers that his loyal servant has magic when the servant saves him from an assassin.
  10. [85] A prince sets off on a quest but is attacked by bandits. He is saved by the Shadow Prince, who was thought to be nothing more than a myth. [86] Grim reapers sing/play music in order to guide souls to the afterlife. Each grim reaper has their own special song.
  11. [83] A hunter (human or creature) saves and befriends a mute fairy (fairies are near extinction). [84] A hunter is defeated on a hunt and turned into a vampire. His hunter group, which is like his family, tries to cure him, but the vampire who turned him is determined to make him his mate.
  12. [81] A vampire sets his sights on a young man with a girlfriend. [82] A man is called a demon and abused by a religious town, but he is actually protecting them from demons.
  13. [79] Two demon brothers either work together to bring destruction or with a group of hunters to protect the innocent. [80] An angel and demon or someone with light power and someone with dark power from opposing clans fall in love.
  14. [77] A young musician and his agent fall in love. [78] A group of hunters captures a feral vampire.
  15. [75] A cult led by a demon is kidnapping people and forcing them to convert. The FBI is investigating. [76] A large, tough ex-convict takes care of a homeless child.
  16. [73] A team of superheroes are secretly involved in a polyamorous relationship with each other. [74] An evil mage creates a living shadow construct that is forced to do his bidding. He is sent to attack a mage academy but is captured. The academy studies the construct, and one student is especially interested.
  17. [71] There is a human city that is walled off from the rest of the world, which is inhabited by supernatural creatures. They see the supernatural creatures as their enemies and are fighting to wipe them out and bring back the human race. Some humans do not believe the religious teachings that say that supernatural creatures are evil and sneak out at night to meet them. [72] A medieval/supernatural roleplay.
  18. [69] A young man is targeted by a dream demon. [70] A prison-based roleplay.
  19. [67] A bully starts to fall for his favorite target once he realizes that there is more to the other boy than he thought. [68] A scientist/secret agent/student breaks a monster out of a lab/government institution/mage academy.
  20. [65] A caretaker begins to fall in love with his patient at a mental institution for the criminally insane. [66] A cute, sweet, and outgoing teenage boy falls in love with his loner classmate.
  21. [63] A delinquent and a cute boy fall in love. [64] A demon kidnaps an angel.
  22. [61] A magical boy roleplay focusing on six heroes - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple - and three villains - Black, Gray, and White. Red - He is the leader of the group, as well as the oldest - He has red hair and eyes, and wears red clothes * - His power is Strength (superhuman speed and strength, heightened senses, etc.) Orange - He has orange hair and eyes, and wears orange clothes * - His power is Fire (fire creation/manipulation) Yellow - He has yellow hair and eyes, and wears yellow clothes * - His power is Light (light creation/manipulation, healing) Green - He has green hair and eyes, and wears green clothes * - His power is Nature (plant/earth manipulation) Blue - He has blue hair and eyes, and wears blue clothes * - His power is Water (water manipulation) Purple - He is the youngest of the group - He has purple hair and eyes, and wears purple clothes - His power is Psychic (force-field generation, telekinesis, psychokinesis) * Only one article of clothing/accessory has to match the character's color Black - He is leader of the group, as well as the oldest - He has black hair and dark gray eyes, and wears black clothes * - His power is Darkness (creation/manipulation of darkness/shadows) Gray - He has gray hair and gray eyes, and wears gray clothes * - His power is Air/Wind (manipulation of air/wind) White - He has white hair and light gray eyes, and wears white clothes * - His power is Snow/Ice (creation/manipulation of snow/ice) * Only one article of clothing/accessory has to match the character's color Name: Nickname (Optional): Age: Color: Appearance (Picture or Written Description): Personality (Optional): Other (Optional): [62] A roleplay detailing the relationship between a young rock musician, his (initially) unsupportive father, and his little brother.
  23. [59] A young man becomes concerned when he starts to notice his best friend’s strange behavior. He is unsure of what to do until he discovers that the serial killer the FBI is after is his friend. He helps his friend avoid the police, and in doing so finds that there is something more going on than he originally thought. [60] A roleplay based upon the anime Psycho-Pass in which someone is kidnapping people and driving them insane.
  24. [57] An Adventure Time roleplay in which the original world and the genderbent world are combined. Finn and Fionna are twins. Jake and Cake are childhood friends. Princess Bubblegum and Prince Gumball rule the Candy Kingdom together. Marceline and Marshall Lee are the Vampire Queen and King. The Ice King and Ice Queen are married, but they hate each other and spend most of their time cheating on each other. Lady Rainicorn and Lord Monochromicorn are siblings, etc. The pairings include Princess Bubblegum x Marceline, Prince Gumball x Marshall Lee, Lady Rainicorn x Jake, Lord Monochromicorn x Cake, Flame Princess x Fionna, Flame Prince x Finn, Marshall Lee x Prince Gumball x Finn x Flame Prince, Marceline x Princess Bubblegum x Fionna x Flame Princess. [58] By day, he is an average college student. By night, he is a vigilante. What happens when, after his dark persona begins to bleed into his everyday life, his best friend catches him in the act and discovers his secret?
  25. [55] A young boy grew up with what his parents and teachers called an imaginary friend: a small raven that was always on the boy’s shoulder, or on his head, or simply sitting in the same room as him. The raven followed the boy everywhere, but no one else could see it. The boy refused to believe that the raven wasn’t real. He played with the raven, talked to it, even saved it some of his snack at school. They were inseparable, and the boy claimed that whenever he was in trouble, the raven would save him. While it was true that the boy had narrowly escaped danger several times, no one believed that his survival was because of an invisible raven; they assumed it was luck. As the boy grew older, he too began to think of the raven as nothing more than an imaginary friend, and eventually he stopped seeing the raven. However, one day, the boy is walking home from high school when he is pulled into an alley by a mugger. Before the mugger can shoot and kill the boy, a raven lands in front of the boy. There is a flash of light, and then standing where the raven had been is a creature that seems to be a cross between a human and a raven. The creature chases the mugger away, and the boy realizes that the creature is the raven that had been with him all his life. [56] There is a small town, far away from any main roads, that consists only of children. One day, the adults suddenly disappeared, leaving the children behind. The children soon found that they were unable to leave the town, and no matter how much time passed, the children never aged. A time comes, however, when a group of adults happen upon the town, and they attempt to find out what happened.
  26. [53] A young man, the son of a prestigious naval officer, has no desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. He does not care that every man before him has joined the naval guard; he wants to be a teacher. His entire family disapproves, even his twin sister, who is considered to be one of the naval guard’s best, even though she is one of the only women. His sister convinces him to join her on one of her simpler missions in an attempt to persuade him into joining the naval guard. However, the simple supply transportation takes a turn for the worst, as the naval ship is attacked by pirates. The young man is taken prisoner by the pirate captain, who has an unsettling interest in the young man. His sister, family, and friends make it a priority to save him. This roleplay takes place in England during the mid-1800s. [54] An infamous pirate captain becomes cursed when he and his crew attempt to steal an ancient treasure found deep within a cave on an isolated island. Determined to break the curse (which can be of any kind, depending on what we decide), the captain seeks out a Witchdoctor. He finds the Witchdoctor in a secluded forest, and unfortunately for him, the Witchdoctor is not very willing to help. However, the captain offers the Witchdoctor one of his prized magical artifacts as payment, and the Witchdoctor reluctantly agrees. As they travel the world, searching for a means in which to break the curse, the brash, prideful captain and the antisocial, cynical Witchdoctor become closer.
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