talk about your love to Papa to kiss in the dark

  1. sarah3161
    i recently started to be a fan of it (even though i am not ashota fan)
    i think kyoske & Mira were cute :hamtaro-005 (15):
    but i am a (Takayuki Utsunomiya x Kazuki Hino) FREAK even though the anime didnt made them a couple but of course the CD drama is what made me love these 2 :Red_fox7:

    so what about u
  2. KoreWaWatashiDesuXI
    This was my first ever Yaoi, previous to this i'd seen only Gravitation, which is rather mild in comparison. But yes, Papa to Kiss in the Dark, certainly wowed me! I loved the story and the bond, even as father and son, or nephew and uncle, that they had with each other. I wished there was a series
    I can't wait until someone does translate the novel! Or even if it was published again in English!
    So yeah, basically, i am a die hard fan for these guys
  3. Elwechan
    I was wary of "Papa to kiss in the dark" at first simply because of the incest. but after gentil (forced) coaxing from my friends ( captors) i fell in love with it. Mira is just so adorable and kyousuke... ahh kyousuke... rabbit8
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