What is everyones favourite Yaoi Manga and Anime?

  1. YaoiFan1994
    Also if you want to state favourite place to watch/download them ^.^
  2. Rei
    My favorite manga is Koisuru Boukun, and then I like JR and Haru wo Daite Ita. But I have a long list... I also like Masara Minase's works. And my favorite place to watch/download manga and anime is this forum, of course
  3. Nena21
    I can't decide... I like BDSM mangas... maybe Bi no Isu is my favorite? Anime?... I'd say Sensitive Pornograph... And my favorite place to download yaoi stuff is this great great forum for sure! :hamtaro-005 (6):
  4. misakixusagi
    favourite anime is JR of course, with its awsome characters n story line and haru wo daite ita, but for some cool scenes boku no pico is cool as is the tyrant that falls in love.
    fav manga, as ill repeat it again and again lol is YEllOW, and CUT. anything by makotot tateno and toko kawai. have all of there books i believe i totally want anime versions of those 2 manga!!
    download all my stuff from here and watch a lot on you tube, read a lot of animephile/spectrum nexus,emanga,mangafox..

    oh i love yaoi, its my happy place
  5. YaoiFan1994
    me too
    I like BDSM manga too ;P I just watched SP yesterday XD
  6. YaoiFan1994
    those 3 are in my favourites too
  7. Rei
    Really? That's cool!
  8. Nena21
    Awesome! And did you like SP?
  9. JenovaVII
    My number one yaoi manga will always be Viewfinder.
    Now about the anime it would have to be Junjou Romantica.
    :msn_red_fox 15
  10. midniteXfairy
    koisuru boukun or junjou romantica
    its a tie ^_^
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