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  1. 2ldjedw.gif *<(* ̄▽)/▽▼▽Merry X’mas▽▼▽\(▽ ̄*)>*



  2. your welcome they are good manga.

  3. haha, I'm doing good! ^^

    and thanks for the link, i'll check it out later : )

  4. Thank you for wishing to talk to me. how are you. I have been reading tea for two and dogy style on line. if you like cute guys then you got to read these.

  5. Hello! thank you for accepting my friend request ^^

  6. hi , how go's the exams? I hope you past. Things here are going thr same as always, bad. frist I cut my split my head oped. I hit it with my mom's car door. it cut me right above the eyebrow. then my ex is upset because she thought this thing with her brother and the kids was over. then on top of that I might lose my job. I do not know yet my boss said they we thinking about takeing the balk routs and spliting them up to give the home delivery people. she has not told us yet if it will happen but she said that it would be March if they did when my contract is up. well that about it, hope you past all your exams so you can get yor dreams.

  7. yea she sucks.

    realy are you that sure you falled, you could have just passed by a slim margen.

  8. that sux that she tries to scare them like that >.< srry for the delays I'm having exams n I'm pretty sure I failed the 1st one >.<

  9. not yet I get them back friday. my ex has told the kids something and they were scared I could tell. mechelle told my mom that my ex told her they will take them away asnd she will never see us again. that is what they are scared of. we will do another meeting hopefuly when we have the kids.

  10. that sux >.< did u talk to your girl? she said she was rude to them?

  11. yes at 18 wich is three years fo my girl and 5 years for my boy. we had a meeting thr pros said these did not even seemlike the same kid. they said my daughter was rude and would not anser them. I get them friday and they made another meeting to see if they act the way they did befor.

  12. but she has no control ver them at that age bcoz they will be over 18 n they can choose

  13. I still get them every ewo weeks as always. she is trying to get the kids to move in her after high school so they can help pay the bills , I think. yes this realy sucks.

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