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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.
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This is my personal little corner of rp idea's. Since I grow tired of copying and pasting the long word document of idea's that I have, people can find them here! If you stumble upon an idea you would like to try, then dont hesitate to pm or site chat pm me! This is an ongrowing list of idea's, since I have so many idea's... it will take me a while to get them all up. (I will edit which ones currently have an rp going for those to know which ones are taken at the time)

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  2. Welcome to my "Roleplay Ideas" Please note that I do have some requirements that have to be met while roleplaying with me. I take this very seriously as I have been left with disappointment with most of my roleplays (Save for a few wonderful roleplayers). If and when you find a roleplay idea that you wish to try out, send me a message and let me know which idea you want to talk about. (PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT IN THIS THREAD!!!) NOTES: I tend to throw plot twists into roleplays at any given time, if and when a twist is posted and something doesnt settle right with you. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MESSAGE ME ABOUT IT!!! Then I will fix it. If you are interested in a roleplay, and we start it. Please don't disappear without pming me the reason, from either lack of interest afterwards. Or if you are going off on hiatus. It is only polite. I have had quite a few rp's in this site go down the drain due to people disappearing. (I doubt people will even read this part anyways) For the love of cheesecake, help add to the story. Dont just let me have the reigns alone. Just because I throw a lot of twists into roleplays to keep it going, does not mean that you cant throw in your own twists!!! PLAYER REQUIREMENTS: Parapost - You must be able to post in paragraphs (Min. 1 paragraph per post) Give me something to work with. One liners will be ignored. USE YOUR IMAGINATION! - I am a roleplayer that plays in a heavy fantasy realm. I do not mind explaining from the beginning on what each roleplay can consist of. But do let your imagination take ahold of you to help us write a wonderful story. Plot Driven/Story Driven - I do not do one shot roleplays. Sex is wonderful and all, But if you are able to create a story that leads up to sex and also be able to continue on after the juicy details. Then that makes for an intriguing story. I know that my grammar is not the worlds best, but I try to at least make my sentences understandable to my partners. I expect you do to the same for me.
  3. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi sighed softly, raising a hand s he heard the man speak. Tho he wasnt able to control the gift fully yet, he could control small amounts of it. He closed his eyes for a breif moment, a flicker of a flame started to light in his hand. He opened his eyes to look back up at Faust. "i can only control small amounts of this power... last time i used it, i caused my sire great pain, but it was only an accident and i didnt know i could do this at the time" he whispered softly, closing his hand causing the flame to dissappear as quickly as it had appeared. (Jokers Post) His eyes lowered to look at his hand, focusing on it. There was something there, a power being concentrated.. The moment the fire flickered in Nicholi's hand, he paused, a smile stretching across his lips briefly before it was gone. "You're powerful." Faust murmured. "Few vampires gain such gifts. And usually it takes them awhile to gain the little control you've managed to gain." Reaching out, he took Nicholi's hand as the flame disappeared. "I'll teach you how to control it. You mustn't use it unless you have to, it's a dangerous thing, but it's also your greatest protection. Not to be used lightly." Drawing his hand away, he handed Nicholi the pants. "You need to feed, change, then we'll go downstairs. You need to build up your strength and animals will not do that for you." (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi didnt know how to take it, "but..." he started, looking back up at the man. "so... that doesnt mean, im going to kill off the race?" he asked, a confused look on his face, but something more, a happy glint in his eyes. Hoping that he wasnt damned to kill off the race. He took the pants as they were handed to him, nodding after a long moment. But then looked back up at the man. "but i... i've never feed off a human before" he whispered. Before changing into the pants. (Jokers Post) "No. As long as you don't go around burning everything." Faust stated. He looked at the emotions flickering across Nicholi's face and nearly damned the others true sire. Honestly, putting such thoughts into a clearly unstable newborn. They must have thought Nicholi was a threat in the end. He nodded, "I realized this, and it will take some control. But you can't feed off animals the rest of your undead life." Faust glanced at him when he changed, before turning his eyes away and walking towards the door. "Come. We need to get you started right away." (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi listened to him, still confused but he let the thought be buried in the back of his mind. After he changed he looked up at him, nodding he followed after him, letting his mind take his thoughts back to his sire for a long moment. His gaze would look up at the man. "so... everything he said... is a lie?" he asked softly. (Jokers Post) Stepping out of the room and down towards another door in the hall, he paused, hand reaching out to open the door before he stopped it, merely laying it on the old wood as he turned his head to look at Nicholi. Faust had hoped not to get into what his true sire said right away. "Everything, in some way or another, is no doubt a lie. It's true, your abilities could be the death of the clan, but it would take quite some time for that to even happen. Fire can burn our bodies. The older we are though, the stronger we are and you'll have to but much stronger then us to be able to kill us. As for everything else...you'll have to tell me exactly what he said to answer you properly." That said, he pushed the door open and led Nicholi onto a landing, inside was a rather large library, they were on the second floor, not as many bookshelves, merely lining the wall from the door, the other side a railing that looked down at the wide library belong, but a few steps away it came into a bigger area, furniture to the side to leave a large area in the middle. "There are books you need to read. I'll give a few while we wait for our..guest to arrive." He said as he led Nicholi to said area, pausing at a book shelf to pluck a few books off without really glancing at them.
  4. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi raised a brow as Faust had seemed to notice him. His gaze swept over the man, seeing that he had tied his hair back. -well... he's actually kinda hot...- he thought to himself. He snapped out of his thoughts as he looked up to see Faust towering over him a bit, he blinked and moved a little so that Faust wasnt towering over him anymore. A dark blush raced over his face as he heard the man, letting his gaze fall to the ground. Clearing his throat after a long moment. "Uh... clothes will be ok" he said as he would look back up at him. (Jokers Post) The elder vampire paused, eyeing Nicholi as he watched the other look him over as well. It didn't take a genius to figure out what he was thinking just by the look on his face, and Faust allowed a small smirk onto his lips. Watching him carefully, he was about to scold him like a child for looking down again, but he looked back up just as he was about to. "Come then." Faust looked over Nicholi one last time before slipping past him and back up the stairs to a bedroom near the end of the hall. It looked rather lived in. Upon entering the room he walked towards a large wardrobe and started looking for clothes that would fit Nicholi. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi tilt his head to the side a little as he seen the smirk on Faust's lips, a dark blush raced across his face, no doubt the man was about to tell what was on his mind. He made a move to say something, but thought better of it and stayed quiet. Following after the man as he was told to. He stopped as he entered the room, watching Faust as he would dig threw the wardrobe. He sighed softly, letting his gaze fall to the floor, then looked back up at him. "He told me... that i would kill off the race" he murmured softly. "because of something he called a gift" he whispered. (Jokers Post) He paused, pulling back to look at him. "It's not easy to kill off a single vampire, let out a whole race." He pulled out a pair of silk pajama pants, holding them in his hand as he walked towards Nicholi. "You speak of a gift." Stopping in front of him, he looked at him thoughtfully. Faust lowered his eyes, looking at the crest burning into Nicholi's hip.
  5. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi raised a brow, looking up at him as his chin was lifted. "Sorry..." he whispered softly. "it's just, what my sire had done to me" he said, sighing softly. "i dont... really know how to act around others" Normally he wasnt this afraid of anyone, but after he was turned, he found himself almost afraid of even his own shadow. The fear was from what his sire had told him, and after his sire had left, he had a lost glint in his eyes. Causing him to look as if he were crying. (Jokers Post) Faust let out an unneeded sigh. He was used to acting human, he appeared human to most even if he had an unnatural beauty and there were still vampires who knew him. Not his real name, but that he was not someone you wanted to mess with. "You'll need to tell me everything he did. I can not teach you if you continue to be afraid." Faust let go of his chin, hand dropping onto his shoulder and pushing it back before moving to his back to straighten up the spine. "You are a vampire. There are few things you have to fear, but that doesn't mean you need to get cocky." He peered at him closely. "Have confidence in yourself, do not let others ridicule you, ignore them. If you ignore them, you will not falter. If you do not falter, you will stay strong." He took a step back and looked over Nicholi. "Just because your no longer human. Does not mean you have no right to live in this world." Faust finally caught his eyes. "Bath. Come to me when you are done." He turned on his heel, disappearing out of the room with a soft click as the door closed behind him. Faust could still hear Nicholi and smell him, so he had no problems leaving him alone when he went to his study to look over some old books. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi tilted his head a little, listening to him. Feeling his hand drop to his shoulder for a moment, then being pushed back a little. He was about to say what his sire had done, but was told to get into the bath. He nodded after a long moment. Turning to the tub as Faust had walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. He sighed and looked down at the tub, stripping out of his pants, and then climbed into to tub. Smiling as he would lean back to let the water rush over his shoulder. He had forgotten what warm water had felt like. After a long moment of relaxing in the warm water, he grabbed the soap and started to lather his hands, washing himself, and then rinsing off the soap. Then going to his hair, he washed it and then rinsed it. He pulled the plug on the tub, to drain the water out. Turning he grabbed a towel, and started to dry himself off. He looked towards his clothing on the floor, they were dirty, and barely anything left of them. He frowned wrapping the towel around his waist. sighing he opened the door and then paused a long moment, he wasnt to sure where the man had gone to, but after a long moment, he heard a noise in one of the rooms, he would walk towards it, he would stand in the doorway, watching Faust for a long moment, then would knock a little on the doorframe. "im done with my bath" he whispered softly, leaning against the doorframe. (Jokers Post) Faust didn't make his presence unnoticeable, he needed the newborn to be able to find him as easily as possible. Nicholi would learn how to distinguish vampires from humans, sometimes it could be difficult what with some vampires being able to blend in so well. He was peering through an old book when he heard Nicholi getting out of the bath, but he didn't bother to go to him, rather he wanted to see if the other would actually come to him. Of course, when he realized the other was watching him rather then just knocking right away he nearly turned, but stayed put in his chair, book on his lap. Glancing over when Nicholi did knock, he paused a moment to see him in nothing more then a towel and Faust couldn't help his eyes slowly looking over the pale form. "I can see that." "We should find you some clothes, I suppose." Faust murmured after a moment. He stood, simply wearing his trousers and shirt rather then the jacket he'd been wearing before and he'd tied his hair back so it stayed out of the way. "Unless of course you prefer to stay like that." He eyed him, leaning against his doorway so casually.
  6. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi paused a long moment after seeing the look upon the mans face. But then followed after him once again. Raising a thin brow as he listened to the man. He frowned after a long moment, he was begining to think this man was treating him like a child. But shook it off after a long moment. He sighed and turned on the water so it would warm up. Turning he looked up at the man, pausing a long moment as fear seeped into his eyes. Gulping he took off his shirt, letting his gaze fall to the floor. His sire's mark upon his chest, but also his sire's crest was burned into his hip right above the lining of his pants. The crest seemed to glow a faint red, as if something were trying to fight it off to heal the burned skin, but it seemed to be loosing the battle. (Jokers Post) A child? Of course he was, that's what Nicholi was. Even if he'd been considered an adult as a human, as a vampire he was no more then a child. To his sire, he would have been his childe. But now it fell upon Faust to do so, even after he had had sworn he would not raise another newborn. Seeing the fear, Faust wondered what had been put into Nicholi's mind, nothing good it seemed. And as the material fell away, he had no time to take in the well portioned form before his eyes zeroed in on the mark and crest. A knowing realization seemed to flicker in his eyes, as if he recognized it. If asked, the only thing he would say was that Nicholi's true sire was sadistic. Without asking for permission, he stepped forward and first let his hand over over the mark on Nicholi's chest, before it lowered. This time he did touch his skin, tracing the crest slowly. Faust muttered something, and while the crest didn't stop glowing completely, it seemed to dim a little. "This..this will not go away until you on re-sired. Even then, it's possible it will not completely go away." Faust pressed his palm over the mark and lifted his eyes to Nicholi's face. "Your previous sire did not treat you well, we shall see if we can fix the damage he's done." It was the only thing he said that gave away that he would indeed teach Nicholi. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi would look up seeing Faust move close to him, he faught himself not to back away from him. He would close his eyes feeling Fausts hand on the mark on his chest. Raising a brow hearing Faust say something but wasnt able to catch exactly what he had said. He would open his eyes as he would look up at the man. He would nod hearing about being re-sired. He gasped a little, remembering the pain from the first time. But as long as it ment that he would be taught, he wouldnt mind it to badly. Nicholi would look up as he heard Faust again. "t-thank you" he whispered softly, as he would let his gaze fall to the floor once more. (Jokers Post) Nicholi was far to afraid. It would make things difficult for Faust when he went to teach him. How could he teach someone who looked as if he was going to jump out of his skin just because he stepped closer to him? Faust raised an eyebrow at him to his reaction about being re-sired. It wasn't completely necessary, and he wouldn't do it for some time, but it would make sure that there was no way another vampire could get in the way. Especially Nicholi's true sire. "So you do have manners." Reaching up, he gripped Nicholi's chin and tilted his head back up. "But it'l polite to look at who you are speaking too." Faust's bright eyes looked into Nicholi's quietly for moment. "Interesting." He murmured.
  7. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi stopped as he seen the man seemingly fall off the roof, he tilted his head, looking down to see that the man landed on his feet. He paused a long moment, as if debating on trying the same thing, He slowly stepped off the roof, hearing the loud thump his feet made as they touched the ground, groaning softly as pain radiated up his legs for a moment. He looked up as it subsided and followed after the man up the gravel drive. Looking up at the house, he raised a brow, wondering if this was really where the man lived. (Jokers Post) He'd heard Nicholi's moments behind him and nearly had to start rubbing his temples. The other was to loud, even a human could notice him. Faust just focused on getting inside, getting Nicholi out of sight so he could think. Nearing the door, he pushed it open and slipped inside. This wasn't his home, but he used it from time to time as a sort of base. Usually when he didn't want someone to know where he really lived. That required a lot of trust. Turning on his heels he peered at Nicholi. "No, this isn't where I live. But for the time being it will be where you will stay. Thus, I need to keep a close eye on you. Since you're clearly going to be trouble if not taught, I will have to teach you." Faust looked him over. "First, a bath is in order. You smell like rotting flesh and dead animals." He looked him over slowly again before moving through the house again, up a flight of stairs and towards a bathroom. It was dark, but closer inspection showed it was well furnished and taken care of. Old paintings lining some of the walls. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi raised a brow as he walked threw the doorway into the building. Flinching a little as the man turned to him. His eyes widened. "b-but how!" he started to ask how did the man know what was in his mind before he even asked the question. He raised a brow again listening to him. Forcing himself not to roll his eyes at the comment, but thought to himself -well.. if you lived in a damn cemetery, you would smell like that too- but he kept it to himself. Sighing softly, he shook his head. This wasnt the time to argue with someone he barely even knew. He followed after the man up the flight of stairs, his arms crossed over his chest, he knew the man was getting aggeravated with him, but the man would have to be patient due to him only being turned not long ago, and him not having knowledge of his race. (Jokers Post) He didn't share how he knew what Nicholi was thinking, but then, it was almost obvious in Faust's opinion. Walking, he paused only a second to look back at Nicholi when he was thinking about living in a cemetery, but again he didn't say anything, merely looked as if Nicholi should watch his attitude. Faust stopped outside a door and pushed it open, showing the large bathroom behind it. "This is where you'll clean up." He stepped into the bathroom and looked around to make sure everything that was needed was there. "After, you will come straight to me, no wandering around the house." Though he was getting aggeravated, it would only take a few seconds for him to calm himself. Unless Nicholi did something incredibly stupid. Faust was a patient man, but he did have a bit of a temper at times. Turning to look at Nicholi, he stared at him for a moment. "Show me the mark."
  8. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi raised a brow. Shaking his head a little. Wasnt that the same thing? was all he thought. But looked up as the man moved, and seemed to dissappear. He looked up hearing him. He frowned a long moment. The man really couldnt stay still could he. He sighed softly, then moved, seemingly to appear behind the man on the roof. (Jokers Post) Faust turned, looking at Nicholi as he stopped behind him. HE could see the other move, but..not bad. "Keep up." That said he started moving quickly, over the roofs so as not to draw attention. If he taught Nicholi he'd show him how to move quickly through a crowd without being detected, to appear like any other human, certainly to feed well. Faust could see that Nicholi hadn't drank human blood. His long red hair floated behind him, and though he didn't move as fast as he could, he kept up a quick enough pace to show he wasn't going to go easy on the newborn. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi looked up, seeing him look back at him. He nodded as he was told to keep up. Following after the man as they moved over the rooftops. He didnt seem to be having a hard time keeping up with the man, It was only the voice inside of his head, that made it hard to concentrate on what he was doing. He finally had forced a barrier up in his mind, to keep the old memories at bay, so he wouldnt fall behind. (Jokers Post) Faust didn't look back again, not until they'd made it across town to the less populated area. Once they came to the last rooftop, he glanced back before letting himself fall off the roof. He landed gracefully on his feet before and walked carefully towards a large gate surrounded by a thick wall. It was tall enough one could see over it from the building they been on. The metal creaked as the gate opened itself, as if recongizing it's master. Then it was a walk up the gravel drive to a large old style house. Though it was old, it was still quite a sight. It also looked as if it had been around for awhile, many people thought it was haunted. They weren't that far off.
  9. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi's eyes widened as he was told to get up. He sat up with a slight groan, and then got to his feet. Looking towards the man after a long moment as he heard the man say something. He tilted his head to the side a moment hearing that he was to follow after him. He did as he was told and began to follow after where ever this man was leading. (Jokers Post) Without saying another word, he turned and wandered out of the cemetery and towards where he was currently living. Faust was usually careful about who he showed his home to, but he figured that Nicholi was easy to deal with should he become a threat. Rather then the slow pace though, he stopped where there were no humans could see them and turned to Nicholi. "How fast can you move?" Faust wanted to get back, but if Nicholi hadn't learned at least the basics..well.. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi followed after the man, raising a brow as the man stopped and turned to him. Thinking about the question for a short moment. That was one of the first things he figured out himself. "decently fast" he said softly. He had learned it on his own, due to hunting down animals to feed upon, as he had learned before he was turned that they needed blood to survive, But he never had feed upon a human in his life, He couldnt recall why he had never feed upon a human, he guessed it was because he was not able to sway them into coming to him just yet. (Jokers Post) "And can you follow?" Faust suddenly moved, appearing on the roof top of the building they'd been standing next too. "I will not slow down for you. If you can keep up. Perhaps I'll teach you. If not.." He let that sentence drift off and gestured his head to the side to silent tell Nicholi to get moving. They had some ground to cover and he wasn't about to waste time.
  10. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) A small groan left his lips as the rush of air hit his lungs. But then only to have his eyes snap open to the voice once agian. Looking up at the man towering over him, his eyes widened and his arms moved to hide his face in fear. "p-please.... dont kill me" his voice was that of a mear child, unlike the voice you would expect from one of his age. But then he peeked over his arms as he heard the man talk, A small whimper escaped his lips. "N-Nicholi" he studdered. (Jokers Post) He merely raised an eyebrow at his words, wondering just who would sire such a one as Nicholi. "Nicholi. Well, why shouldn't I kill you?" The wind blew, causing his long red hair to flutter around him, eyes seeming to glow inhumanly. "You're an untaught newborn on another vampire's territory. Your sire should have told you what happens to vampires who put a risk on our presence to the humans." Few humans knew about them. Only those vampires that decided to take human pets, and vampires who got there blood from other sources then live humans. There were few other reasons, but little humans knew, usually they were bound to the vampire that used them. Faust looked him over again, willing to admit he understood why such a one would be changed. There was an appeal to the others form, even though he sounded young, it was still attractive. "I ask again; Where is your sire? Think wisely, because I do not appreciate having to ask twice." (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi's eyes widened hearing him at first, gulping as fear shown in his eyes. A small whimper left him once again, as tears seeped into his eyes. He shook his head a little. "p-please... My sire left me to fend for myself... more likely to die" he whispered. "i didnt know this was your territory" he whimpered. He trembled a little afraid that the man was really going to kill him now, knowing that his sire had left him alone to die. (Jokers Post) If he needed to breath, he would have sighed. Honestly, to leave such a newborn to there own devices. "Get up." Stepping back, he turned, looking around a moment before brushing his long hair back and looking back to Nicholi. "I can not leave you here, and as amusing as it would be to see you try and survive this night. I need to get you out of here. Come now." He wondered what he should do, but for the moment he just needed to get them out of here. Nicholi was to new to be wondering out here alone.
  11. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi's life had been rough before he was turned into this creature of the night. But now... it was downright aggervating, and quite lonesome. It wasnt right of what his sire had done to him, making him live without the knowledge of he's race. The only thing that kept him going was knowing blood was the only food source. His sire had told him that "he would know no kindness... and that he would live alone the rest of his life", he hoped... it wasnt true. Nicholi had been wandering around the cemetery, his haunted sorrowful eyes moving from one gravestone to the next, not really looking for anything. He soon grew bored and wandered up to a willow tree in the middle of the cemetery. He climbed up on a low branch, hoping that maybe he could hide from the evil world. His ice blue eyes sparkling in the moonlight, the only thing giving his hiding place away. A single blood red tear streaked down his face. Alone... what did he do to deserve this? (Jokers Post) It was the usually quiet night, walking down the streets and not even bothering to glance over the humans that were still out and about. The scent of humans...the scent of there blood hidden just under the surface of there thin skin, the pounding of there hearts..it didn't faze him anymore. Even the looks women and men gave him alike just slipped off his shoulders. Faust, as he'd been known to be called as of late, was old enough and well experienced not to get dragged into his urges. While he still felt the uncontrollable urge to feed after going without so long, he still kept himself in check long enough to find a secure place to calm himself.. He was just walking when his quiet night turned on him. Pausing on the street, he caught scent of something new and old. He wondered why he hadn't smelt it before, but the scent was masked it seemed by the rotting flesh of the dead. Striding forward, he stepped into the cemetery, not bothering to hide his presence as he walked further along before stopping suddenly. Faust just stood there, waiting. He knew nother vampire was here, a newborn, untaught by the seems of it. Considering the newborn didn't bother trying to hide his presence. "Where is your sire?" Was all he said in a deep, and by what humans and some other vampires alike had said, arousing voice. (SasukeUchiha’s Post) Nicholi looked up as he heard a voice nearby. Backing deeper into the shadows to keep from being seen, but it did little good. He gulped a little as the voice of his sire entered his mind from an old memory. -they will kill you- A small whimper left his lips. He didnt want to die, and his sire had put a bunch of nonsense in his mind. He was beginging to believe what his sire had said. As he tried to back deeper into the shadows of the tree, he wouldnt be paying attention to where he was stepping, and he wasnt fast enough to grab ahold of anything as he slipped from the tree branch. There was a loud thump as he landed on his back on the ground. A small groan left his lips, the fall had left him breathless for a long moment, if any human had seen him fall without knowing about what he was, they would say he would be dead. His eyes dazed for a long moment as he slowly started to breath again, but he was still to numb to move from his spot. (Jokers Post) No response. Of course Faust shouldn't have expected such. Clearly this newborn had no manners and little skill. He believed this more when he suddenly saw the form fall out of the cry close by and fall to the ground. Looking in that direction with faint boredom, he debated on just leaving the newborn. They weren't his responsibility, but then, the other was on his territory, so Faust was at risk himself in the other did anything stupid. As it was, he was certain that would happen soon. Striding over to the fallen newborn, he peered down at him with calm eyes. "You're a rude one aren't you. It's considered manners to answer someone when they speak to you. Certainly you learned such things before you were turned." Faust looked him over, eyes narrowing. Clearly this one hadn't been turned willingly. "Name." His foot moved forward, pressing against Nicholi's side, looking thoughtful for a moment.
  12. Info: This is an old roleplay of mine. It shows how much I developed with my partner on detailing my posts. Not only that, also my style and how things are run in most of my roleplays. Now keep in mind when I started this roleplay, I sucked compared to my partner. But he helped me to get better in my skills and confidence in roleplaying. (Bare with me as its going to take me a while to get the whole things transfered over to this thread from another site.) (Sasuke Uchiha/Nicholi was me (Yes... I used sasuke as a username... lol), and Faust was my partner's character) Name: Nicholi Age: 22 years old Race: Vampire Fledgling Sire: Julien (this will get changed, continue reading to find out why.) Appearance: He is the dark haired man. (BackStory/Information) Backstory(This is very important information about this roleplay): Dragonslayer, A long forgotten race of vampires to be known to be able to hold onto their human hearts. A birthmark somewhere upon the body to mark those that were destined to save the vampyric world from distinction in the war against the lycan race. Only those of old would remember the story well as it had been past down. But rarely was that myth past down to the youngers of this time. It was said in the old days that a dragonslayer was to reappear in their great time of need. But for centeries that race had died out and so did the myth that followed. A winged creature wasnt suposta be born, not into this dark existence. Very few of the vampyric race were even able to obtain their wings, even as elders would fall prey to their madness and pain within the process. Thus, causing them to beg for their death in the process. Or have the wings removed. A painful thing, having wings torn out from their shoulder blades. But it allowed them to live. It was said in the myth that a young boy baring the mark of the dragonslayer would become one of them, yet... showing great power against the one whom made him would cause him to be shunned and tossed out due to fear. His maker wouldn't be able to handle such things and in turn leave the fledgling no older than a few days to fend for himself, or worse. But he would be found by another, taken in after great consideration that the youngling would need to live on. The boy would be resired, reclaimed by this man. And under him, he would learn what his life would become in the night. Once he gained the control needed, he would eventually have his heart restored and he would become the golden dragon needed to protect their race from their impending doom that would be drawing ever near.
  13. Turn Off's: - Scat/Urine Play - Gore - Foot Fetish - Vomit - bestiality - Death/Necrophilia - Tops/Doms that turn into Bottoms/Subs - Furries (I enjoy some animal traits, but just a full body of furr and paws just turns me off real quick) - Micro/Macro - Vore - Castration - Mpreg - Obese Characters - Death of a Main Character - Dismemberment Turn On's: - Orgasm Control/Edging - Sadomasochism - Nipple Play - Multiple Orgasms - BDSM - Toys - Piercings - Clothed Sex (Dry Humping) - Cumming Untouched - Sensory Play - Rimming - Power Struggle - Fantasy - Biting/Licking - Oral - Anal - Master/Slave - Dirty Talk - Forced Submission - Begging/Offering - Teasing - Premature ejaculation/Accidental Orgasm/Stimulation - Foreplay - Possessiveness - Rough Sex (To many to name... Pay attention to the Turn Off's) Favorite Kinks: - BDSM - Sadomasochism - Power Struggle - Piercings - Teasing
  14. A Writer's Dream Name: Taki Age: 18 Race: Neko (Shapeshifter) Appearance: (Kitten form) Bright green eyes and black fur. (Neko form) Black furry ears and tail, pale complection, bright green eyes, A little on the skinny side, and long midnight black hair. Seeking/Your Character Preference: A romance novel writer that is lonely (Seme), he goes out to obtain a house pet or so he thinks until one night when the little kitten he brought home is something more than what he expected! (Plot twists will happen in this roleplay) Starter: It had been three years since he had been brought to this pet shop. And three years ago was the last time he had been in his proper form. By nature, he is a neko. But for his skills, he is able to transform into the body of a kitten. Now he was trapped in his pet shop, unknowing to the owners of just what was within this little body, being sold off as a house cat of all things. It had happened right after he had been out away from his village. He had only gone for a stroll in the forest before he had been trapped. But before anyone could get a glimsp of him, he had transformed into the body of a house cat. No one needed to know that there were still wild anthro's in the forest. He had done his village a favor by hiding his true identity from everyone. But now he were here, in this tiny little pet shop. He did his best to play the part of a kitten. Playing around in the decently sized cage along with other kittens that the owners had brought in to be sold off. But he was different, even in this form one couldn't help but notice the slight differences if watched long enough. Then again, most people would write it off and think it was just a fluke than anything else. He would never show anyone his true form, or that's what he thought anyways. Though, it happened all to quickly on one sunny afternoon. Right before the shop closed, he had been taken out of the cage and placed into a new, smaller one before being taken out to a car and being driven off to a new place. His body curled up into a fuzzy ball as his bright green eye's contrasted against his black fur. His eyes had only closed for what felt like a few minutes before he heard the door open and felt the cage moving under him. A small mewl left him before the cover was taken off the cage. He couldn't help but close his eyes at the blinding light, but once his eyes adjusted he opened them to see that he was now within a rather large room. A grand staircase standing in the middle of it and various doors on either side. His cage was set onto the floor and the door was opened to allow him to get out. But he was leery of what was happening to him. It took Taki some time before he pushed himself up and timidly made his way to the cage door, his bright eyes darting around to make sure that something bad wasn't going to be happening to him. Unknowing to him, he had just been sold off to someone whom just so happened to be waiting out in their car for their purchase out back. He had to shut his eyes from the blinding light before he was put into a carrier box and taken out to the vehicle. A soft mewl left him as he had to shift his weight in the box to keep himself from falling over.
  15. Broken Inside Name: Rioul Age: 19 years old Race: Human Apperance: Seeking: Kind hearted Seme that isnt afraid to become stern when need be. Plot: (YC) finds himself in an odd tavern. Having been no stranger to those whom owned slaves, having owned one in the past. But when he finds the tavern beating their pets and putting one certain one on display day after day. (YC) finds himself unable to hold himself back the more he see's the wounds and dirt clinging to the young man's skin. Demanding the boy to be released or he would sue the entire company for the way they ran their business. Once the boy is freed from his bonds, (MC) ends up in (YC)'s care. (MC) seemed to be a broken mess, no matter how much (YC) tried to bring out some emotion in the young man. It seemed that (MC) was truly broken of everything. That is until one day that (MC) snaps out of his trauma. Freaking out on (YC) and starts panicking and trying to run away. (YC) ties the boy down, despite how he wanted to treat the young man. Otherwise (MC) wasn't going to listen to him. Instead, (YC) has to show (MC) that what he had experienced back then was not how a true Master would treat their pets. Once (MC) begins to understand that he had been mistreated, he slowly grows fond of (YC). (More could be added to this at that point) Starter Post: Scars and fresh wounds played out over his back and chest. His saving grace was his face. None had dared mar it. His body had been disrobed and chained to a free standing wall. His nakedness on show for anyone who dared to look at him. Not only was he on display in such a place. He was also the normal playtoy for anyone that wished to worsen the young man's discomfort. Rioul wasn't up for sale like the rest of the other young men, no... he wasn't allowed to leave his punishment. He didn't get the luxury of being given a better home. Another pair of cold hands ran down his body, causing the welts and wounds to sting. But it was the fact that he was always left there, embarrassingly hard and erect for all those who walked past. Dirt clung to his skin, it hid his normal pale skin in layers of dirt and dust. This wasn't the life a 19 year old would ever want. Painful expectancy kept his member hard from a more recent account as he watched people walk by, laughing and cackling at him. His dull gaze fell to the floor in front of him, the only thing giving him even the slightest of solace was that his hair fell into his eyes. He didn't wish to see who laughed or scoffed at him. He just wanted a way out, or at least for someone kind enough to give him the release that he longed for... just once. Most importantly, he wanted someone to love him. He wanted to feel the soft caress of someone who didn't wish to harm him. Ten years, and he was in this place. No family to run to, having been an orphan at a young age. He was no longer at the age of foster care. So that is when he was sold off and this is where he ended up. Chained to a wall, all because he refused to lick the owner's boots.
  16. Cat's Nature Name: Sai Age: 20 years old Race: Neko Apperance: Seeking: Sadistic Seme, that at a certain point in the rp finds his soft side taking over when the neko ends up in mortal danger. Plot: A masochistic neko that is disobedient from time to time just to get his Sadistic Master's attention. But when (YC) takes it to far and hurts the kitten more than he originally intended, the man must push aside his own desires and care for the kitten. Finding that his soft spot for the neko growing more than before, despite (YC)'s rough side. But when the neko is back to normal, things take a turn once more. The neko ends up kidnapped by one of (YC)'s best friends and ends up at an auction house. The friend fully intending on breaking the neko's mind apart and becoming one of those lifeless dolls. (YC) does everything possible to get (MC) back. Going as far as killing (YC)'s best friend to find out where his precious pet was taken. (And it goes on from there, we can see where else it leads us!) Starter Post: Black fur of his tail was matted with blood and dried cum. Sai's ears laid flat against his head as a soft mewl like purr left his lips. Eyes slid half closed the more that the vibrator buzzed in him. His Master had been testing him this whole time. Toying with the remote in the other room as if the man knew that his little kitten wasn't going to be able to keep a hold on himself His back arched deeply, digging his nails across the cage floor he had been set in. Suddently a small mewl like cry left his parted lips in between hard pants. Cum yet again coated the bottom of the cadge along with the rest that had dried and caked. His hands reached shakily up to the bars of the cage. Clinching his hands around the smooth bars as if he were trying to keep his body from shivering the moment he felt the vibrator had been set up another level, buzzing even louder than before. Bright emerald eyes darted around the room the very moment that the sounds of footsteps stopped at the door of the room. Pushing himself back from the cage door and further back into a corner. His ears lowered against his head, flat. It wasn't a moment later that the back of his neck was grabbed and he was pulled up and out of the cadge as one would do a kitten. A soft tsk came from the very man that owned him. “Now Now.. Look what you did little one, that was to only keep you stretched. It was not for you’re enjoyment.” The words where spoken into his ear before Sai found himself being set down on the concrete floor. A small mixed whimper left Sai's lips. "P-please Master, I'm sorry. I won't do it again." His ears lowered agaisnt his head the moment his gaze lifted to the man. It had been sudden, but he still felt the sting against his cheek. The very moment that his Master's hand came in a crashing contact against his face. "I highly doubt that, Pet." Disappointment laced in every word that came from the man. "You take to much enjoyment in disobeying rules." A hard shake of Sai's head, he forced tears into his own eyes. "Thats not true, Master!" he whimpered the words out. But before he had any more time to argue the point, he found the chain being connecting to the collar around his neck. Before forced to follow after the man. His Master hadn't said another word the entire time that he was being led around. It was the silence that was eating at him. That was until his gaze lifted to see where exactly they were headed. His ears pinned back against his head even harder than before. It was that blasted room again. It seemed this room was his Master's favorte of late, it was the only room in the house that had proper punishments. He knew he had already defied his Master for the day, so when his feet tried to stop him from entering the room. He had to force himself to take the steps into the center of the room.
  17. Forbidden Desires Name: Ichisumi Age: 18 years old Race: Human Apperance: Seeking: A kind client that finds himself falling for Ichisumi, not out of just beauty... but for understanding, and feeling the other's pain and confusion. Outbidding everyone for Ichisumi's virginity. But a week after Ichisumi has returned to the life of a Geisha, your character finds himself trying to take the other back. Unable to allow Ichisumi to go back to that horrid life of selling himself off to repay the debt that all Geisha's have. Starter Post: He couldn't remember what it was like not being combed and shaped to be a Geisha. From the early stages in his life, he had preformed the stages of Shikomi. Doing the duties of a maid or running errands for the current Maiko and Geisha. Once he turned 15 years old, he was taken away from the stage of a young boy. Pain became a daily thing in his life. From his hair being combed and pulled with wax and gels to keep its shape. To the uncomfortable shoes that he was being forced to wear. He had to hold a high standard of himself, making sure that his skin stayed spotless all the way to keeping his graceful posture. There had been times where he had cried himself to sleep from the sores and aches his body endured. He was a Maiko now, being an apprentance to his Onesan that had been appointed to him when he had matured out of the Shikomi stage. His Onesan wasn't gentle, nor kind. Half the time, Ichisumi swore that his instructor was trying to kill him. But he wouldn't say those words out loud. It was disrespectful, he was suposta be learning from his Onesan... not cause trouble within the house hold. Years went by after his Misedashi. He followed where ever his Onesan took him, most of the times they ended up at Ozashiki's. Where he sat quietly, watching and observing the older Geisha's working. Other times, he was at classes that had been chosen for him. Most of them were classes on the art of dance. Teaching him what he would have to do when he reached the right age for Mizuage. Now he found himself sitting in waiting. Preforming dances that were held to the highest standard. He had become the most wanted Maiko in the area, even those outside of the city had heard whispers of his graceful and emotional dances. But no one had managed to see the pain and suffering in his eyes. They only wanted what was about to be on auction... his virginity. He was 18 years old now. It was now time for him to go up against the other Maiko's. But he found himself bothered by all of this. Pleading with his Onesan to let him wait just a few more weeks until he felt ready. They complied after a while and allowed him the rare chance to wait. Normally it had been forbidden once they turned 18 years old, they would be sold off even against their will. However, he was thankful for this chance. So instead, he returned to his dances. Focusing more on the arts than on what he would be happening to him. Later on one evening after having been given his chance, he found himself outside in the garden of the tea house he had been preforming in. Walking along the path, and over the bridge. Stopping to look over his shoulder at the water running below. His eyes held the saddest of looks. No one really knew him, they only knew what he was capable of. How was it that they could just easily sell off his virginity like that... to someone he didn't even know?
  18. My Starter Post: The room dimly lit, so that most was hidden behind shadows. The owner of the shop had preferred it that way. Just in case anyone came snooping around in the back. When he had been out fishing, He mainly caught small fish to help keep some of the pet's fed. That was until he had managed to pull something up in his net's that he had not expected to see. Half human... with the tail of a fish! He had only heard stories of these kinds of creature, not believing them to be real. It had been the way that Arin's tail glistened in the sunlight and his fin seemed to quiver in shock. Coming to a thought, he wanted this marvellous thing in his store. And that is where he had ended up later that day. In this small tank, only with one large rock to hide himself away if he so wished to. And there is where he normally stayed. Out of view, only coming out from his hiding place when he was being presented food. The shop owner wasn't a terrible person, but he did have a shop to run. Arin kept his mouth shut, not even allowing the shop owner to know that he could speak the human's language. He wanted it that way, not wishing to grow to attached to the man. And after a while of learning that he was to be sold off to someone who could take better care of him. Only confirming his hunches of why he was in such a small tank. The man was no wiser about him, thinking him only as another lovely and exotic pet. But it was the years that past by, having only been seen by a few people. Most were scammers that tried to gain the boy out of greed, Not caring about the merman as anything more than some sort of thing to toss aside and kill. Growing tired and weaker as time went on. The shop owner had noticed that life seemed to be draining from him. This was no place for him, and he couldn't let the poor boy die. Not with the beauty that he displayed. A hand pressed against the class, tapping a few times. "Dont worry... I will find someone who can take care of you, and give you the freedom you need." The shop owner tried to comfort the poor creature. But tried as he did, more day's seemed to pass by as if there were no one to take him home. That was until one fateful day. A strangled noise was drawn from him in his sleepy posture. There had been murmurs in the room that had pulled him out of his slumber. But wasn't the shop suposta be closed by now? Arin couldn't remember the shop being open this late at night. His tail had barely been poking out from behind the rock that he had hidden himself away. Twitching just once before he heard a soft tap to the glass of his tank. Drawing him more out of his sleep. "The poor boy... He has been looking so lethargic lately. I didn't know anyone else who would want him-" He shop owner paused at his own words. "who would take care of him without wanting to kill him." He corrected himself. Tapping on the glass once more. "It's ok... you can come out." He cooed softly. Arin's body flinched once more at the tapping. The noise echoing around him drew him more awake before he pulled his tail behind the rock. Taking a long moment before he lifted his head up over the top to take a look at what the shop owner wanted from him. "There you are... I have brought someone that I want you to meet." The shop owner cooed once more. "Would you come out? I think you might find him a bit interesting." He smile warmly towards Arin. Arin ducked a little more behind the rock, clinching his finger's at the rough surface for a moment before hiding himself away again. That was until he pushed himself out from behind it. The dim light's of the room made his scale's shimmer as he moved. His gaze moved to catch an odd glow within the shadows behind the shop owner.
  19. Dracula's New Pet Name: Arin Age: 26 year old Race: Mermain Powers: Shapeshift (Human Form) History: He had been a prince in a hidden land, Deep under the ocean's surface. The coral and pearl castle was something out of a dream. The way the ocean's surface managed to cascade down on the shiny wall's would make most fall into a trance. Well, for those that didn't live under the waters surface. They had no worry about that, their homeland was to far under for most diver's to reach. But it was Arin who was the one that travelled further than most of his kind. Wanting to know thing's that were not of their small sanctuary. That is where he made his mistake. One day when he had broken the water's surface, He found himself in deep trouble. Having gotten himself caught in a fishing net that he had somehow managed to swim into. Unknowning to him, in the human world. Their tail's were prized and very valuable. The scales alone were worth more than gold. Panicked, Arin found himself dragged on deck along with various other creatures of the sea. That was the last thing he remembered. Everything else had been a blur to him. Appearance: Seeking/Your Character Preference: A vampire Seme. Kind hearted, but no push over. Intimidating, but has a soft spot for "pretty things". The Plot: A merman having gotten himself in more trouble than he originally thought finds himself in a pet shop. Even though he was the most valuble thing in the shop, he was only shown to certain customers. Year's he stayed in his small tank, unable to swim around to much. The tank just big enough to allow him to move, not uncomfortable for the most part. But he missed being able to swim, being able to move more freely. That is until a special customer is let in to view such a pretty, but miserable creature. (This roleplay is meant to be continued on to see where it will lead from here. Please dont expect this to be a one shot.)
  20. A New Home Name: Jaohan Age: 18 year old Race: Neko Appearance: Seeking/Your Character Preference: A princely seme that shows his caring side more than his stern side. But when pushed into a corner, he uses his stern side to help the neko understand what is expected of him. The Plot: A neko has been taken away from his homeland and sold off to slave traders. He normally isnt shy, but after being beaten by the kidnappers and treated horribly. He has grown timid and frightened of what could happen to him next. That is until a kind man that resembles a prince buys him from auction house. Taking him home and giving him a luxurious life, with a small price. He would be required to be in the man's bed each night. At first, struggling with the idea of being taken by someone. The neko will fight, until he learns that the man isnt going to harm him. Though, a stern hand may be needed in order for the other to comprehend that much. (Plot twists will arrive within this point or sooner.) My Starter Post: A soft mewl left his lips as he shivered in the cage. He was being sold off because his parents couldnt afford to feed him anymore. They were one of the poorest families that had been in the village. His tail wrapped around him, he understood enough that he had to be sent off. But it might as well of been for his own good. Maybe he would get sold off to someone whom could afford him. His body tensed as the door to the auction house had been opened. His bright gaze flickered as the light poured into the room which had him squinting a little to make his eyes focus with the blinding light. His hands clinched at the bars of his tiny cage. He had been the last one within the auction and it seemed that the auctioneer did that on purpose. But for what reason? The auctioneer unlocked the cage door and grabbed a hold of the boy's leash, tsking softly as if to get the boy's attention. "Come on, We have a new owner for you. And hopefully your life will be better than what we were able to give you here." He man cooed softly. It seemed this was the only man that sold them off that seemed kind to the pets. A soft mewl left his lips as he crawled out of the cage. The collar around his neck wasnt anything special, it had been bland with nothing more than a rope like collar. His tail wrapped around himself tightly at the words that had reached his ears. Did this man give find him a good home? He curled up into the man's arms as he was carried off towards another room that had been filled with pillows all over the floor to keep the pets from harming themselves. Very few of these pets actually were allowed in the room. But Jaohan had been allowed in there only a few times before. Being set down on the floor before the door had been locked behind him leaving the boy in there by himself. Jaohan let a soft whimper leave his lips as he crawled into the pile of pillows and buried himself into them. His tail barely poking out from under the pile. His gaze lifted and were barely seen within the pillows when another man had entered the room. This man looked... like a prince. His clothing alone were of the highest standard, more more extravagant than Jaohan had ever since from someone in this place.
  21. My Little Dancer Name: Dameon Lu Siction Age: 22 years old History: He had been an orphan and was placed under the care of the vampires that ruled the village. Race: Vampire Sire: James Du Vac Apperance: (Changes: Hair is longer. Down to his lower back.) Seeking/Your Character Preference: A rival strip club owner. He has to be kind hearted, but also needs to be able to stand his ground after he gets attached to Dameon and finding out that the Club owner that Dameon dances for has been abusing their dancers. Vampire Seme. The Plot: Your character (YC), is a rival club owner of a strip club. Having wanted to scope out the competition and see what all this new club was all about. He finds himself possessive of the most popular dancer in the club. When he finds out that the boy is in deep trouble and is being abused by the club owner that Dameon danced for. He wants to keep Dameon for himself, by taking away the boy and having him dance at his club instead. But things get worse over time. Dameon gets kidnapped after the weeks go by. Having been shipped off to another part of the word out of greed and anger by the club that Dameon had originally dance for. YC has to find a way to get his little dancer back! My Starter Post: Often, Dameon was mistaken as a girl. It allowed him to work in such a place as this. Normally, he just went along with the urges of mortals. Charming them was the easy part... Leaving them alive was a different story. He was still a youngling, and having been left to his own devices. He learned quickly enough on his own. But he had enough experience under his belt to know what he had to do in order to get a meal. His long white hair hid half of his face as he once again looked down at the outfit that had been forcefully chosen for him by the owner of the club. He mumbled to himself that the man needed to find better outfits for him that would actually fit. The short black mini skirt didn't leave anything to the imagination and the mesh top clung tightly to his torso. Underneath was a black belly top that hid his... lack of breasts. A soft groan left his lips as he was once again, being ushered out to do his part for the night. "Stupid humans..." He murmured under his breath. Every single one of them was the same, They only wanted one thing. Greedy creatures that thought nothing of the danger that they were in while in his presence. High knee boots clicked along the stage floor before the sounds suddenly stopped in the middle of the wooden floor stage. Bright icy blue eyes lifted only for a short second to the audience. Before the music started up again. Grabbing a hold of the pole in the middle of the stage, his eyes narrowed quickly. Moving against the pole before anyone could see the hunger in his eyes. Some of his movements were quicker than what a mortal's eyes could catch. But all in all, he kept most of his movements graceful. Catching the eyes of most of the crowd. It was working, he had managed to charm almost everyone in the room without even batting an eye. Most of them were already halfway out of their seats. The thought crossed his mind, he could kill every last one of them within moments... if he wanted. But then, where would the fun be in doing it the easy way? He would have his meal by the end of it anyways.
  22. Taming the Wild Side Name: Lethion Age: 18 years old History: He had been an orphan and was placed under the care of the vampires that ruled the village. Race: Human (for now) Apperance: (Without the ears) Seeking/Your Character Preference: A soft hearted Youkai Seme, that doesnt have a problem with standing his ground. The Plot: Having run away from the vampire coven he had been placed in when he became an orphan. After he had been bitten by a wolfen, and injected by vampire vemon. He finds himself in the forest, trying to hide himself away from the vampires that want to take him back. That is, until the vampires come up against something that they were not prepared to meet. After some time of being in the Youkai's care, Lethion finds himself changing. At first, it seemed that the boy was turning into a vampire himself. By mistakeningly being found by what looked like drinking the blood of a stray rabbit. That was until the Youkai realizes that Lethion had not only been drinking from the animal, he had been eating it. In turn, Lethion starts to sprout Ears and a Tail. What will happen to their relationship then?! My Starter Post: This world was a cruel place. He had been subjected to various act's that would have even a sailor blushing with anger. Having been accidentally bitten by a wolf, he was then injected with vampyre venom in order to slow down the change. There was no telling what was going to happen in the long run. Would he become one of those wolfens that the vampires had kept to guard their coven's? It had all been an accident, He was never to be bitten at all. But it was when he had gotten in the way that it had happened. Everything had gone wrong. Having been ushered into a dark room within the mansions wall's. He was injected with vampyric venom to either slow the transformation down or stop it from happening. Who knew if it would even work? As their last experiment had failed. When they had placed him in a room alone, he pretended to be asleep and waited for everything to go quiet. It was still a few hours before sunset, and the vampires could not be outside. So that's when he made his escape. Running until he could not run any longer. Panting for breath as he hid himself away under a bush deep in the forest. Hoping that maybe he had not tripped the alarms back at the mansion. He was exhausted, he had been hiding there for a good 3 hours. Waiting to see if anything moved or found him in the area. His eyes were slowly closing as he hugged his knee's up against his chest, he was so sleepy. Alone and starting to shiver as the night air was growing colder by the minutes. The only clothing on his body was a pair of shorts that looked almost to small even for him. Lethion's eyes had closed for only a few minutes before his ankle was grabbed and he was yanked out from under the bush. Kicking around as he struggled against whatever this thing was that grabbed and pulled him upside down into the air. Blinking as he stared up at the man... wait... was it a man? Wolf like ears and a tail. That only caused him to tremble and whimper softly. "Please... dont take me back to them..." he cried out as he tried to thrash about trying to get away. But that only caused the blood to rush to his head even more.
  23. Name: Itoshi Age: 18 Years Old Race: Human, But do not let that fool you. He does have a few tricks up his sleeves. Master: None (yet) Note: Not much is really known about Itoshi, other than the fact that no one has ever been able to break him down enough to make him submit to anyone. Appearance: Master... Please?! Most of the Master's had heard that this one was rather difficult to break down. None had been able to succeed in breaking down such a strong spirited boy. Then again, most of the so called Master's didnt have the guts to even try. Afraid they would end up accidentally killing the boy instead. It didnt surprised Itoshi in the least. Everyone whom had tried to break him before was to soft for his tastes and he grew bored of the whole routine of being tied up and left in some dark room to rot. Pft... If they had been true Master's they would be able to break this boy down with barely even having to touch me. Or so he thought to himself. No, That was the type of Master he wanted. One that struck fear into him without touching him in the first place. But only to have him riled up at the same time.It was a challenge he seeked. Not some soft wannabe Master that came from some rich family that demanded obedience but did nothing but talk. He wasnt like the lifeless dolls around this place he had been taken back to. Another damn pet auction. Why did he always end up with some perverted rich snob that thought they could just own him by paying a large amount of money. No, he wasnt that easy to get. Even if these damned men did pay every cent they had left, he still wouldnt submit to them if they didnt have what it took to take him in the first place. He had been taken to a separate room this time, away from all the other pets that were being sold. The only light in the room shown like a spotlight upon himself. His arms were lifted above his head on a bed. His wrists cuffed together with chain that connected to the top of the bed. No matter how much he struggled against those chains, they had never gave for him. Why did it always come down to this? His bright gaze moved towards the sound of the door opening. All he could see was the outline of some person heading over to him. He shifted on the bed which caused the chains to clink together and the sound echoed in the room. (I need a Stern Seme to play as the Master that is going to buy him. He needs to be tough, stern, intelligent, and not afraid of getting rough just to get his point across. It will take quite some time for YC to break Itoshi down, start out with intimidation and when that doesnt work go on to something else until YC figures out just what would break this pet down. So PM me if you think you can handle this pet. )
  24. So meet Julien. He is a neko, but finds himself having to hide his ears and tail. Because he is going to college. No one really knows why he wears a cap on his head, even in class, and most don't even bother asking. Other than the fact that the school nurse had gotten a letter stating that the boy had a medical condition and that they were required to allow him to wear the cap in class. Its just a normal black baseball cap. He was also given special permission to have his own private dorm, due to his medical condition. However... He gets found out by one of his professors one day after class. Normally he keeps to himself, sporting the bad boy look quite well. But the cap that had been hiding his uniqueness had fallen off when he picks something up off the floor. I am quite tempted to have your character make him sit through classes with a vibrator in him. could be quite amusing. Send me a PM if you are interested in this rp. idea. Name: Julien Ontoyo Age: 18 years old Location: Alida University Race: Neko Occupation: Student Appearance: ------------ Julien was just a normal average guy or so it seemed as he slowly made his way into the classroom. He was a new student here at Alida University. He wanted to go into the arts program, it had been his dream to paint beautiful pictures. But his mother wanted him to be a doctor. A doctor?! Of all the careers she could of picked, it had to be a doctor. What would people say if they found out that he wasn't just a normal boy?! The black cap on his head was placed there on purpose, to hide something that the nurse and principle said was a medical condition and that it would be a distraction if he didn't wear it. So here is was, in a pair of jeans and a boring shirt. His bag was slung over his shoulder as his bright green eyes scanned the room a long moment. There were so many people here, they surely couldn't all be here for this art class? He blinked for a short moment before his attention was brought to the professor when his name was announced. "Please... take a seat, Mr. Ontoyo." he snapped out of his thoughts after a short moment of staring at the man before him. This man couldn't be the professor... he surely didn't look it in the least. He had heard that all professors were old and wrinkly men, but this one. He wasn't old at all, he looked fairly young. "Y-Yes Sir." He whispered softly, maybe it was just the new jitters of being in a place that he had never been before. But he wasn't so sure about that look he had gotten from the professor. He scurried off to take a seat in the back. He surely as hell didn't want to sit in the front, just in case something did happen. It was the first day of class, the thought bored him because it all meant introductions into the class and all he wanted to do was doodle or paint. So while the teacher began talking, he soon found himself drawing on an empty notepad he had brought with him. Half the time not even paying attention to the instructor in the room.
  25. The Vampyric Song Character: Name: Dameon Age: (Apperiance) 20 years old, (Vampyric) 2 years since turning. Race: Vampire Sire: (He doesnt really speak of this, so its unknown) Seeking: Ancient Vampire, stern and domineering towards most people until he realizes the truth amongst things. Plot: A young vampire is giving crucial vampyric secrets away, hidden in the contents of his rock music. The secrets within his lyrics only being able to be decoded by those who knew what to look for. Naturally a vampire would be able to do this quickly and not be detected until the last moment. Trying his best to draw out one of his kind after his Sire had cast him out and disappeared. Leaving him to his own. But what Dameon didnt expect, was to draw out one of the most powerful of his kind. Day's had gone by as this shadow followed after Dameon. Keeping a close eye on him. That is until one night he is cornered by an Ancient of his own very kind. Meant to put a stop to this dangerous game that Dameon continue's to play. As much as the Ancient tries to stop Dameon from doing what he enjoy's. He soon comes to find out the real reason behind why the other is trying to do. At first he believe's that Dameon would be killed for spilling their most dark secrets to the world, instead it was a bleeding heart crying out to world to show that vampires really didnt need to live out their exsistance alone. But the council see's it otherwise. And it becomes a battle between the two and the council to put things right.
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