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Shingeki no Kyojin yaoi fan club - Because we ♥ it~! Anyone can join~!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi! Pleased to meet you all. I totally ship LevixEren <3
  3. Eren X Levi, Levi X Erwin and Jean X Eren
  4. Levi and Erwin, that is all. (Also Mike/Nanaba has quite a nice feeling to it but that's a sore spot right there.)
  5. Levi and Eren, somewhat Ervin and Heichou (Levi), umm and obviously the freckled horses (Jean x marco)
  6. Jean x Marco especially LEVI X EREN!!
  7. Mmm my fav couple would be Eren x Armin, but I also find Eren x Levi pretty cute ^.^
  8. ERURI of course xD:cuteonion45::cuteonion41:
  9. Jean x Marco, Levi x Eren, Levi x Erwin, Reiner x Bertholdt, and that's about it...ahaha...; u ;

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