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A club for all Koisuru Boukun (The Tyrant Who Fall in Love) lovers

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  2. UsagiUsamiBear


    Animal version anyone? :In-good-mood:
  3. ziggification

    Favourite scene from the manga

    I know this is an old thread....but I want to post my favorite scenes too! When Morinaga first touches Senpai. http://mangareado.com/koisuru_boukun/2/18/ Molestation under a street light. http://mangareado.com/koisuru_boukun/3-1/26/ Cold showers....http://mangareado.com/koisuru_boukun/5-4/9/ Please be patient....http://mangareado.com/koisuru_boukun/6-4/33/
  4. hello everyone~ i was wondering what your favourite scenes from the manga are? one of mine is this one, where senpai is on top..so sexy rabbit13 so what are yours?
  5. I for one really hopes that it will continue I <3 this yaoi :Red_fox7:and I hope its not te end cause I will not be happy with that ended chapter :_red_fox 12
  7. Takanga -sensei says she is going to continue Koisuru Boukun !! I can't wait to see whats going to happen next! I really wanted one of sempai's ex's to come in the picture, just to see what kind of girl he would date !! Morinaga would be so Jealous !! I love these two Idiots! just look how cute they are!! :leaf15: I wish I could read Japanese !!
  8. Well... you could start with Takanaga Hinako sensei's works... they're pretty safe... by safe of course I meant none of your turn-offs. Another would be the usual Nakamura-sensei... Junjou Romantica... Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (a spin off from Junjou Romantica)... Junjou Mistake (another spin-off from Junjou Romantica)... Hybrid Child (a bunch of one-shots)... That's about it considering I'm kinda new with it myself...^_^ Oh... and welcome to the world of yaoi! Enjoy your stay! foxy2
  9. hia~~~ i just finished reading a tyrant who falls in love or.....bouku koisjjfdkjfddrkbjf (i cant spell my own language let alone japanese) and i loved it as you might have guest im new to the "majical" world of yaoi so (and i know this has nothing to do with a tyrant who falls in love buuuut someone recomemd some tittles to me ...oh i have some rules thgh 1.there arnt anyrulz XD naww there are 2. no S&M or bondagey stuff..i will read yaoi if theres some in it buuuutt if the whole things that then no thankyou but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy it XD 3. thats pretty much it no bindage (and no shotacon stuff) and im fine pleeeasaaaaaaaaaseee post your comments and help a budding fugioshi (whaddid i tell you bad spelling) also theres a prequel to A tyrant who falls in lve but its shonen ai..is it still worth it well may all your yaoi be good ones your opinions will be much abliged:cuteonion57: please..answer...........
  10. yes..O.O souichi was preggy and moriginaga (yeah i know i spelt the names wrong) had a mullet (the hairstyle from the cariest decade ever):hamtaro-005 (15):.........and thats why you never read doujins unless you want a 45% chance of bieng scared for life..if never read any good ones D: could someone help with a link
  11. i did read it was intereting and cute, but still the manga its better, i hope if the mangaka decide to do another doujin base on them i hope dont have anything like half animal and more of when the friends and the family are reunited cuz, those moment are very hilarious.
  12. I actually read the first chapter of KB awhile ago and didn't like it. I recently found this doujinshi and forgot that I had read it, re-downloaded it and fell in love! :'D I'm so glad you guys are sharing it here because maybe it will help someone discover or rediscover how great this series is ^__^
  13. This was a very cute doujin! xD @iheartmusic1607 Thank you~~~~~ I was trying so hard to find where I can re-read it again >_< Thank you!!!
  14. Here you go you guys http://www.fanfiction.net/anime/Tyrant_Falls_in_Love/ For iheartmusic1607 : http://www.mrsmanga.com/Koisuru_Boukun/001
  15. not yet...:D:D:D: btw, where can i read the Koisuru Boukun manga???thanks heaps...
  16. Yes, I have read it! It is great! One Day in The forest! It is available in the Koisuru Boukun Fanclub and also there are updates and all the new chapters can be found there as well
  17. Well, I tell ya guys..theres a doujinshi..Moringa and Sepai were like half animals.. Moringa was a Kuma..he had cute ears..and Senpai was..I forgot what he was but still so cute! XD Hope You guys can read it! XD
  18. For more discussions and downloads from Koisuru Boukun, make sure you also visit the Koisuru Boukun Fanclub
  19. If they are lovers then Souichi should tell Mori about his feelings and only then he would have a certain right to prohibit Morinaga from doing certain things...
  20. Yes, I agree with you Reita. I consider senpai and Mori lovers as well. And I just can't agree with Morinaga's actions... he should have told senpai about his meeting with Masaki and in the first place he shouldn't have gone at all.
  21. I don't think Morinaga wouldn't have gone to see Masaki if he and senpai were lovers cause in fact they are already kind of lovers... and he knew Senpai didn't want him to meet Masaki, but he still went to see him...
  22. But Senpai doesn't have any right to ask Morinaga not to meet Masaki as long as he doesn't admit he is in love with Mori. If he would, then they would be lovers and he could ask him that. And in that case I'm sure Morinaga wouldn't have gone to see Masaki...
  23. I don't know what to say, but I'm reather disappointed in Morinaga. I mean, he shouldn't lie his lover. He should have remembered how he felt when he thought Senpai was dating Isogai in vol 3 if I remember well...
  24. What's your opinion on the last chapter of KB? What do you think about Morinaga's actions? I personally think Morigana did the right thing... Now I'm not trying to suggest that he should lie Senpai or hide certain things from him, but if I were Morinaga I would have done the same due to Senpai's violent reactions...
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