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The Land of Night Novel

Novel: The Land of Night Novel

Author: Kirby Crow

Genres: M/M Fantasy Romance

Released: 2007

Part of Book Series: Scarlet & White Wolf Series Book 3

Summary: Struggling to come to terms with his new life in Rshan na Ostre, young Scarlet is trying to find his place in a decadent, foreign society that bears an ancient hatred for all Hilurin. As Liall is pulled away from Scarlet and into the jaded intrigues of a royal court, the young pedlar wonders if they’ve made a terrible mistake in journeying to Rshan. Each passing day, Liall seems more like a stranger, more like one of the haughty Rshani nobility and less like the bandit leader Scarlet knew in Byzantur. As Liall contends with the aristocracy to uphold his fourteen-year-old brother’s claim to the throne, an infinitely more dangerous enemy draws nearer, determined to part the lovers forever.

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“I love Liall, I love scarlet & I really love this series. There is nothing more I can say about series. Honestly i don’t have any words or any skills to express it further.”

This book in series takes us to Rshan- The land of night. It intrigues us in lot of ways, makes us captivated. There are plenty of secrets, plots, dangers, spying & off course drama, which kept Liall & scarlet to tread carefully in this treacherous court of Rshan. We come to know more about shining ones & hilurins in this book, which is quite interesting.

At some instances scarlet behave like a petulant child complaining about almost all of the things. (I think he is right. I might have done the same if I had found myself in totally foreign place). Liall is still keeping secrets from scarlet, which is really frustrating. Even after lots of hurdles & struggles Liall & scarlet seem to make significant progress in their relationship & working on building trust.

Plenty of new characters are introduced in this book mostly about family & court. I loved the Cestimir (Liall’s Half brother, very cute & wonderful) & Jochi. Also Vladei the villain of the story ( I had to control myself from the urge to stomp in his face, normally I am not that violent person but Vladei make it to the list ).

Secrets were bound to get revealed causing significant shift in plot. I didn’t like the fate of one character. It literally made me cry. I really wished if it could have been given more role. Please note that this book ends in cliff-hanger. (I absolutely hate it). Can’t wait to read next book. Excitement is killing me.Enjoy reading guys.. 🙂

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