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Elric of Melnibone: Elric's World (Elric x Hanry)

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Summary: The stories are about Elric the prince of a god like race that lead decadent lives over many centuries. They are able to learn and travel by using a "dream couch" that enables them to visit different times and places without leaving their cloistered world. During one of Elric's "dreams" he discovers that there is someone who can travel back with him when he returns.

Status: Discontinued



Author's Note: This is based on the characters from a Michael Moorcock book. Elric of Melnibone All rights to Mr. Moorcock - Just my imagination going wild for beautiful Elric. I hope it is well received. Thank you. Ah I'm so nervous, I've never written anything other than papers for school. Eek




The day that Elric was born was filled with omens. Ravens gathered in the trees and dogs howled. His mother struggled with his birth and gave her last breath as he entered the world. The child was an albino, his hair a silvery white, his skin a pale nearly translucent alabaster and his eyes a bright bloody red. At the same moment a green door appeared in the air above the castle, glowing softly in the days dying light. The folk of the city watched in awe murmuring in fear. The door swung open but nothing could be seen through it only a bright light streaming out and blinding those who did not turn their eyes away.

- This does not bode well for the kingdom the castle warlock stated flatly.

- I am fearful for the young prince.

The door vanished almost immediately leaving behind only a fading light.

The young prince was kept healthy with spells and potions mixed and cast by the kingdoms head warlock. Without these the prince will die the warlock told the king.

Elric's father loved his strangely beautiful son and struggled to stay on this earth until the boy was old enough to care for himself - then he gave up, simply wanting to join his beloved wife on the other side. He had not been a bad ruler just too soft heart and kind. Wanting to give back to the people of his kingdom all that his ancestors had taken from them.

Elric was educated, as all the high born of his world were, on the dreaming couches. Magical sleeping couches that took the sleepers to other worlds and times to fill them with knowledge while they slept. On the couch Elric traveled to other worlds in a real and tangible way living years in a single night. He learned magic and how to make connections with the Elementals that ruled - water, fire, earth and air and all the small spirits that lived in every rock, tree, towering mountain and body of water. He learned to speak with the dragons that slept beneath his towering city. He learned to use swords and weapons with speed and skill, how to fight using only his fists and feet. Upon waking the sleeper would not really remember all the adventures only the lessons and skills he's learned. All else was remembered as a dream is remembered.

The king died shortly after Elrics 17th birthday leaving the kingdom in a terrible uproar. By this time Elric was a slender young man over six feet tall, his slanted eyes an amazing ruby red that frightened the servants as well as many of those at court. His hair was pure white and hung in a braid to his waist. But he was as his father had been, a gentle soul not really suited to the heartless business of ruling a kingdom full of ruthless and powerful magic users.

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While Elric was a very able magician he was not physically strong and there were many in the court that felt that he should not lead but instead turn the ruby throne over to his cousin Damian. Damian was almost as tall as Elric but much stronger physically and his ambition knew no bounds. His hair and eyes were black and his skin well tanned in a way Elrics would never be. But Elric had such beauty that when he enter the throne room a hush would fall and all eyes would turn to gaze at him. Until Elric's 21st birthday his uncle Able would rule by proxy, with the plan to give over to the Prince when the time came.

Elric had around him many servants and guards but few friends. The leader of his guards had cared for and watched over Elric all his life. His name was Dorian. A short squat powerful man of nearly 30 years that had been a boy of 12 when Elric was born. Dorian had watched the gentle prince grow-up and loved him with all his heart. He slept on a cot outside the princes room sleeping lightly, keeping watch, rousing when Elric had nightmares. He knew that this boy was different, so different. He was sure that Elric had a secret.

Standing outside Elric's chamber door - Dorian listened to the boys soft voice, he couldn't understand what was being said but he could hear the happiness in his voice. Suddenly Elric's laughter rang out surprising the older man. Elric rarely smiled much less laughed.

- Prince? Are you all right?

He knocked and entered to see Elric sitting crossed legged on his enormous bed - alone.

_ I thought I heard voices, prince.

Elric smiled

- You always think you hear voices but there is never anyone here, Dorian. You know that I am alone here.

Elric shifted his gaze from his old friend and guard to the window, looking sadly at the racing clouds and dark sky.

- I wish that I could leave here Dorian. I am not suited to ruling the kingdom. I wish that I could see the worlds that I visited while on the sleeping couch.

He looked back at his friend -

- Tell me about the door that appeared the day I was born.

Dorian groaned

- Again? I have told you what little I know so many times you must know it be heart by now.

Elric grinned

- I know but there maybe something that you missed or I've not heard clearly or something. Please Dorian! The handsome boy leaned toward his guard and friend his eyes pleading.

- All right all right - Dorian sniffed

- It appeared above the castle - so beautiful almost like a living thing. Carved with animals and plants, all done in great and incredible detail - it swung open as you entered this world and a beautiful light shone out bathing the whole castle and nearly blinding those who didn't look away fast enough. I heard your first cry and the door shimmered, closed and disappeared. Ok? Now I have told you again is that enough?

- I guess it will have to be - Are you sure nothing came out? Nothing but the light?

- Nothing I could see, Prince.

Dorian paused looking uncomfortable.

- Prince - Um ..... Ah I ah...

- What is it Dorian? Just tell me.

All right then I will - Do you remember the many worlds you visited when on the couch? You know you are not supposed to be able to remember all of that, only the skills you learn. If you remember any of that you should probably tell the court warlock. I worry that something is wrong.

- I do remember some of the places that I have visited and some of those that taught me. I know that it is strange but I don't think it will make me sick or anything. It just makes me sad to have lost those who have helped me so much. I worry more about the medicine that the warlock keeps giving me. I don't think it's helping me feel stronger. I feel so sleepy and tired.

Elric shifted and slipped under the quilts closing his eyes

Dorian knew that was the best answer he was going to get. The subject was closed.

- Goodnight my Prince.

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After Dorian left the room Elric opened his eyes and called softly -

- Henry? Are you still here? There was a shifting of the air and a voice answered

- Yes, but not for long - I must return to my world soon.

Elric's ruby eyes filled with tears.

- So soon? I miss you so much when you leave.

- I know you do and I miss you too but if I'm here too long it's not good for either of us. I don't want to risk our connection by staying too long. You remember what happened the last time I stayed too long? You should have made that guard leave right away, Elric. You know that he doesn't remember anything about my fathers arrival through the door.

Elric nodded

- I do

- Well, then let me lay near you for a moment before I open the door.

Elric felt the covers shift and slim cool fingers brushed his face. Henry's sweet lips touched his and took his breath away.

- Oh Henry I want you so much.

- No time now I must leave before the door is locked - I don't know when I can come again so be strong and wait for me, my love.

- Goodbye Elric

Henry was gone and Elric sobbed into his pillow. How long this time? Months years? He didn't know how much longer he could go on with this.

Outside the castle there was a flare of light that lit up the night then faded quickly away leaving nothing behind.

In Elric's chamber the tiny elementals appeared as they always did to comfort him and stay by his side while he slept.


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Be patient now it gets better - hopefully :p

Well what do you think? :leaf8:

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Henry's World

Henry watched as the door faded - He hurt all over — these trips to Elric's world were getting harder and harder on him . It was easier for children and Henry was no kid anymore. He moved toward the shower stripping as he went. His mind was filled with thoughts of Elric and his beautiful alabaster skin. He felt a stirring in his groin.

- Damn - do I have time for this? I've got to go to work.

He turned the cool water on and let it wash across his body - he felt so hot - his penis was hard and he couldn't stop imaging what he would do with his Elric when he finally got the time and place just right.

He pressed his stiff penis to his belly and decided that he had time for a quickie.

He thought of the first time he'd seen Elric naked, his amazing pale skin, white hair falling across his shoulders, eyes cast down. Then Elric had looked up and Henry had really seen his red eyes for the first time. So very red, slanting beautiful - he had felt as though Elric were piercing him. Pinning him with his gaze and stealing his heart.

Henry groaned with pleasure imaging the slender white hands squeezing and the sweet pink lips wrapped around his penis. The beautiful eyes filled with desire.

Henry moaned as he came. Leaning against the wall gasping, he shuddered and spent a moment savoring the sweetness of his orgasm. Then he sluiced away the come and finished his shower. He felt an aching in his chest - an emptiness that only Elric could fill.

- Elric, when will I see you again?

He dressed in his gray suit and red tie grabbed a coffee from the shop downstairs. Time for work.

Henry was a research wizard for the local time distortion law enforcement department. And he had a lot of work to do trying to figure out why the door between worlds had opened when Elric was born and why the dream couch brought him and his people to Henry's world.

- Jeeze, Henry you look terrible.

Henry's coworker Tam looked concerned

- Are you OK? Did you not sleep?

- Maybe you should go home, you look exhausted. Hey, you haven't been time shifting or dimension jumping again have you? You know that it is against the rules for you to shift when you're not here at the office. It's dangerous.

Henry smiled wanly

- No I'm just tired I had trouble sleeping last night.

- Thinking of the ladies again, my friend?

Tam laughed

- You have been single too long, you need to find a wife to share your bed and magic.

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I love the story!!! rabbit8 I just fell in love with both Elric and Henry! And what can I say, the last chapter was hot *_* Can't wait for a hot scene between the 2 of them rabbit16

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I like it! Especially the last chapter :p Can't wait for the next one! :D

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Thank you so much :D it took awhile to get there but I tried to make it worth the wait :p

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beautiful story can't wait for more ty

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Elrics Uncle had plans - plans for himself and his son and of course plans for Elric these didn't include his ascending to the throne. The drug that the royal warlock had been giving Elric was not acting fast enough. It was taking too much time. He needed to speed things up. He called for the warlock and began demanding results.

Elric slept on - dreaming sweet dreams of his beloved.

Tiny elementals floated above him occasionally dipping in to his dreams.

- Should we help him dream? Should we slip into his dreams and take him where he really wants to be?

There was a soft buzz of agreement.

- you know we must all agree for this to work.

- all but one nodded

- Why don't you want to help him Frost? He has always been kind to us, unlike his ancestors he never hurts us or forces us to help him. It is a small thing to do for him, just a dream.

reluctantly Frost nodded

- Alright lets do it then before the first light.

They joined hands and arranged themselves around Elrics head murmuring softly, chanting the words that let them see his dearest wish.

Elric was reaching out for Henry - his long slender fingers shaking. It was as it had been the first time.

Elrics memory-

The first time Elric felt Henry's presence he had been nearly 12 years old. He lay in his bed trying not to be lonely and afraid when suddenly the air shimmered and shifted.

- Who's there?

Elric had cried out his voice shaking.

- it's only me, just me. I'm Henry, my father sent me to talk to you.

- but I can't see you, Henry. I'm frightened. Are you invisible?

- Only in this world, Elric but I can see you very well indeed. You are so beautiful! Are you an angel?

Elric laughed

- No I am just a boy like you, wait you are a boy right?

- May I touch you? now Henry's voice was shaking a bit.

- If I can touch you as well - come closer Henry and tell me why I cannot see you.

Elric felt the strong fingers as they brushed against his face.

- Oh your hair is so soft and beautiful Elric.

Henry sighed.

- I wish I could see you Henry.

- here touch me.

Henry's strong fingers took Elrics hands and guided them to his face.

Elric drew back at first then slowly felt the long braid and wisps of long hair that framed Henry's face.

- What color is your hair Henry?

- Black

- it's not like mine at all

- It's thick and rough. What color are your eyes? Are they like mine?

- No they are black like my hair and no where near as beautiful as yours Elric.

Elric traced the lines of Henry's face, slowly finding the beauty there, the long narrow nose and wide smooth forehead.

- Tell me again why you are here Henry.

The two talked into the night, finding friendship and learning about each others worlds.


On Elrics 15th birthday Henry came early in the evening and found Elric waiting.

- Happy Birthday El - Henry's voice shook slightly.

- What would you like for your birthday?

Elric smiled

- I think you know the answer to that silly, how many times have we talked about this?.

Henry blushed.

- Are you sure?

Elric laughed then.

- Of course. You promised me that we would make love when I turned 15 so....

Henry took a deep breath

- OK Elric let's try this.

Elric laughed again.

- Try? No no Henry this time we are going to do it.

He reached out and put his arms around Henry's neck pulling him into a warm embrace.

- take your braid out.

- What? Why?

- because I want to tangle my fingers in your hair. Because I cannot see you with my eyes I need to see you with my fingertips.

Henry blushed and took his braid out, letting his long black hair fall across his shoulders.

- you are blushing aren't you? I want to see that blush.

- Now take off your clothes - all of them. I wish to explore your body.

Henry could not believe that he was letting this beautiful man order him around, he never let anyone tell him what to do.

he slipped out of his shirt and hesitated at the belt of his leather pants.

- What? You seem to be hesitating Henry. Why? You want me to do it for you? I would love to.

- Why are you so confidant Elric? Have you done this before? I thought I would be your first.

- In this world and time you are my first Henry.

- But not in all the other worlds that you've visited?

- Let's not talk about that now, why spoil my lovely birthday present.

Henry wasn't sure how he felt about this, was he the first or not and if not did it really matter?

He gasped as Elric's hands slid down his chest stopping to flick his nipple.

- Oh look how hard this tiny button is already he murmured.

Through the huge window the moons shone in making Elrics pale skin look even whiter. So smooth and beautiful. Henry drew in a breath - Elric was already naked.

- Oh I have waited for this for so long. I want to savor every minute. He leaned forward and pressed his face in Henry's neck.

Henry gasped and shivered. Elric reached around and tangled his fingers in Henry's hair pushing him down to the bed.

- Oh my love I am going to drain you completely tonight. His tongue tasted Henry's earlobe and neck then he sighed with happiness and excitement.

He gently pressed his lips to Henry's then slipped his tongue into his mouth. Henry stiffened -

- wait wait Elric

- for what? I'm ready now and so are you Henry.

His hand slid down and found Henry's rigid member freeing it from the leather pants, squeezing it tightly. Henry arched his back and cried out.

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Pardon all the errors tonight - I'm really pressed for time. Sorry. :p

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Morinaga's Girl

Ginger! This is absolutely gorgeous! I really really love your story! I fell in love with Elric!!!! :leaf15: And Henry is so adorable the way he is hesitating and blushing! Can't wait for the next one! So hotttt! :7yoyo10:

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The story gets hotter and hotter! So beautiful!! Keep it up Ginger! :hamtaro-005 (8):

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I like the story more and more! :) I like both Elric and Henry! :)

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I really really enjoyed reading it! A very well-written story, original, great characters. I liked the way you switched from Elric to Henry's plan and then to the memory plan. Very hot and beautiful! Keep it up! :D

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Thank you all so much! *.* Squeeeee I'm so happy


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- W w wait Elric

Elric's throaty laugh tickled Henry's ear.

- I want to eat you up, My love. So sweet

Elric moved down, nipping and running his tongue across the smooth golden skin. Henry's voice rose

- Oh Elric stop for a minute let me catch my breath.

- Never, I'm not even slowing down.

He looked up.

- watch me Henry, watch what I'm going to do next.

Elric slid his tongue across the tip of henry's throbbing penis.

Henry stuffed his fingers in his mouth to keep from crying out.

- Do you have your fingers in your mouth? Oh that is so sexy my love - watch me now and don't make so much noise Dorian is outside in the hall and we don't want to call attention to what we are doing here right?

Henry tried to pull Elric up so he could give him a kiss but Elric was having none of that.

- Elric it's too much I can't bear it.

The elementals sighed and moaned with Henry

- This dream is so vivid so real

Frost squrimed, uncomfortable with the realistic scene they had set for Elric

- that is why we give it to Elric - our gift. But time is short, the sun will soon rise, hurry hurry lets finish

The rest of the elementals murmured.

Elric slid his red lips around the rigid shaft, rolling his tongue around the head. Henry squeezed his eyes shut crying out with pleasure. In his head he heard Elrics voice

- watch me my love, watch me bring you to climax. I cannot see you but you can see me - so watch me give my love to you

Elric curled around his hard-on moaning and pressing it to his hot belly. He loved this dream, this gift.

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Hopefully I'll have time to write some more today :D Thank you all so much for reading it! I'm glad that you like it.

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I like it Ginger!!!! I like it a lot! :D

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Dream interrupted

The banging on the door woke Elric

- Damn it, just as it was getting to the good part.

- What? Why are you waking me so early?

- My Prince it's time for your medicine.

The warlock entered without waiting for permission. In his hand was a silver goblet filled this a nasty looking green fluid.

Elric groaned

- not now, I'm tired and need to sleep more. Leave it and I'll drink it later when I've rested.

The warlock considered insisting but thought the better of it as he studied Elric's sullen face. He didn't want to push it too hard after this was the Prince and if he really decided not to take the "medicine" there was little the warlock could do.

- Very well my Prince but don't forget to take it all.

Outside the door the warlock conjured a small demon.

- Go and watch the Prince if he doesn't drink it come to me and tell me. The tiny creature slipped under the door hurrying to do his masters bidding.

Elric cocked his head listening to the warlock give his little helper instructions.

- Humph as if I would let that little pain in the neck watch over me. Not a chance.

As the tiny creature slipped under the door Elric snatched it up by the tail.

- Well hello there. The tiny creature thrashed and struggled but Elric just laughed. I think that you and I will be friends don't you think so? I will free you from that man's curse if you will serve me well. And when I finally rid this world of him and his minions I'll free you as well. What do you think?

The tiny creature hung for a moment by his scaly black tail before nodding.

- Very well Master, I will serve you but you must protect me from that man. Iif he ever finds out that I have turned on him he will torture me to death.

- Don't doubt that I will protect you little one. Ask my elementals I always keep my word. Now I need to sleep I have a dream to finish. Elric grinned

- Come my little friends help me finish my sweet dream

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The dream continued

Elric pulled the bed curtains from the bed posts and arranged them to block the coming light then stretched out on his bed.

- Come my little friends hurry and help me remember and dream about my beloved.

The elementals dipped and fluttered around his head their tiny wings raising a small breeze. Happy to help they joined hands and led Elric back to his dream.

After Henry came Elric used his come to smooth his way into the tight place. First his fingers, one at a time, probing and slipping, looking for the sweet spot. Henry shuddered involuntarily spreading his legs.

- Am I hurting you my love?

- A little but i like it, it feels so good soooo gooood

Henry arched upwards his hands reaching for Elric. He tangled his fingers in Elrics silvery hair gently tugging, trying to pull him up for kisses. But Elric continued to flick his tongue over the sensitive parts, gently licking and kissing.

- Oh I can't bear this Elric no more no more.

Elric laughed

- You really want me to stop? if that is so I will.

Henry squirmed

- Well maybe not, I mean..... he trailed off

Elric stopped what he was doing.

- I wish I could see that blush, I know it is there. Are your ears red too?

- If you really don't want me to continue I will stop here.

Henry squirmed again.

- Um well ah I ... No don't stop just give me a moment to breathe.

- If I don't stop now I don't think I will be able to stop later Henry - do you understand?

Henry nodded slowly

- Ok then tell me what you want me to do, Henry.

- Don't stop

Elric could barely hear him.

- What? Did you say stop? I didn't hear you.

He began to move away..

- No no DON'T stop I said don't stop.

Elric smiled and reached out finding henry's hot hand and pulled him forward.

- My turn Henry my turn.

He grabbed and handful of Henry's long hair and pulled him down.

- your turn, kiss me there as I kissed you.

Henry eagerly reached for Elric, pressing his lips to the rigid shaft, flicking it with his tongue. Elric gave a sigh of pleasure.

- You have never done this before Henry? Are you sure? You are pretty good for a beginner.

Henry slipped it into his mouth,

Oh this is so big! Can I get it all in my mouth?

Suddenly he froze - he wants to put this... this huge thing in THERE???? it won't fit I know it won't. he felt panic rising in his chest.

Elric seemed to read his mind.

- Don't worry I will be gentle I promise that I will be careful not to hurt you..... too much.

Henry considered this statement

- Wait wait maybe this is not that good of an idea right now.

- Then when Henry?

Elric was getting a bit annoyed

Henry was trying not to panic. He looked down at the huge throbbing organ and shook his head... no way ...just no way.

What about me Elric asked. Isn't this my birthday present? Henry sighed

- Yes it is but ... you are HUGE. and I'm scared.

Elric stopped for a moment.

- I'll go slowly but Henry I am going to do this so... try and relax.

Against the dark sheets Elric could almost see the sweet shape of Henry's body. He wouldn't wait ...he couldn't wait.

He pushed Henry down, turning him over. He reached out and found the lotion that he had set on the bedside table just for this occasion.

Henry gasped as the cold liquid was splashed on to his bottom.

- OK ok just give me some more kisses, please Elric a few more kisses.

Elric paused considering this request.

- Ok a few more kisses but I'm not going to wait too long.

he gathered Henry into his arms and began kissing him passionately. Thrusting his tongue deeply into Henry's mouth.

- Oh my you are hard again already my love

Elric murmured his hands finding the other mans long legs and lifting them. He pressed forward inching his way into the sweet spot.

- Ah ah you're hurting me Elric you're hurting me.

- Relax a bit Henry, you are hurting me as well. you must relax. He called his elementals, soothe this man with your magic just a bit.

The tiny creatures began to work their magic singing softly in words that only Henry could hear.

- What is that sound Elric? so sweet so sweet

- it's a song for you Henry, just for you to help you relax.

- For me? It's so sweet. He felt his muscles slowly relax.

Elric felt the muscles relax as well and he pressed forward slipping into that wonderful tight spot that he had been waiting to enter for so long.

He paused not wanting to come so soon, but Henry began moving his hips and Elric knew that he couldn't hold it any longer.

- Oh Henry I love you so.

Henry felt as though he were going to scream with the pure pleasure of having Elric inside him, it felt so good so amazing. With each thrust Elric was bumping Henry's sweet spot and he felt as though he would go mad. So this was what a real orgasm was like. Heaven

- Elric Elric don't stop now - harder harder

They came together clutching each other grinding together in a final spasm of lust and pure sexual joy.

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I can hardly believe that I'm writing this stuff LOL

:hamtaro-005 (5):

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This is HOT! Such a great fic! I can't wait to read moooore! *_* Especially the last chapter, it was pure awesomeness :7yoyo10:

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Wow! The story got hotter and hotter! :p It's very very beautiful and original, I really love it! Keep it up Ginger! :)

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