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Cryptconfession's Dream Journal

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Hey there! Cryptconfessions here!

Just call me Jai. Away from my laptop I use a sketchpad to sketch all my dreams. I'm not good at drawing so I hope that I will improve. In this thread, I will write all my dreams down, both old and new ones so I will not forget it.


I had different websites to write it on but among all of them, YOF is the more closer one to mine. I also chose this website because I have a tendency to forget my passwords and as a writer, I know what its like to have your ideas, notes and yes, even stories, stolen.


I hope to have fun in this section and also, if you're reading this I'm here to say a warning. My dreams are either dark or no sense at all so I hope that I won't scare you away. I love to make friends with everyone so please don't leave me after reading my dreams. Anyway, this is all that I can say as a foreword. I can't wait to write it down!


Love, Cryptconfessions

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Dream: 1/1/19


I was sitting at the balcony seat of a theatre were there was nothing but darkness. Suddenly a piano melody started playing and at the proscenium stage, there are two kids dancing: a boy and a girl. They look cute to be honest even though they were just silhouettes. And then something sparked from the lower box and I turn to stand. When I stood up, the theatre went far, like it was slowly being taken away. In front of me now is a man, he holds the music box on his hand. It was not just a music box, it was the Proscenium theatre. He stood in front of me and he was grinning.

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Dream: 01/07/19


I was inside the Philosophy class with Sensei Philo (I don't want to say his name) talking about the Philo of Language. Outside the windows are dark and seemed out of this world, there are swirling colors like jellyfish and the covers were not present. The clocks are also all dead inside the place. Suddenly Sensei Philo asked, "what is the past tense of regret?" Everyone answered a generic answers such as regrets and regretted. Without thinking I said, "Indecision."


Everyone went silent. The swirling of colors outside the window stopped like a buffering video. I heard the teacher said ''What?'' and when I looked up he was already looming at me and like him, the other students around are now clad in black and judgment were written on their faces.


I opened my eyes and suddenly I'm awake. Welcome to Night Vale is playing on my phone. I should stop falling asleep on this one.

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I had a dream about getting lost inside a supermarket. Every thing was toy scale inside the place. I went out and the sun is so bright. I was walking a narrow path and then my mom came running to me saying ''where have you been?'' Behind her was a man, taller than the two of us and his hair is of shade of yellow. I didn't see his face.


- - - Updated - - -




It got a dream about holding a dead green snake. A dead green snake.

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I got a dream about being at the top of a watch tower that is surrounded by zombies. Then someone parked a car and when I turned around Sam Winchester is there and I call him 'uncle'

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I don't remember the last time that I updated but here I go:


It was in the middle of winter somewhere

I was out in black and red cloak and carrying some firewood behind my back

I was walking to a secluded place, a cabin nestled in the middle of the forest.

The air is cold and dry and my mouth is bleeding just to breathe properly.

I got into the cabin and placed the woods to make the fire stronger

At the bed, a guy was there I don't know him but something's telling me that I do. He is sick and apparently I was taking care Of him


I sat beside him and when he shivers I will hold his hand and wrap him with the red cloak


in my dreams, it happened weeks and weeks

Weeks and weeks of doing the same thing

going out and taking firewood, coming back at taking care of someone I don't even know

then finally, one day I came back with firewood again and this time he was awake.

His dark locks fall like curtains over his weak amber eyes, He looks sad but he managed to smile at me and the only thing I asked was 'When will this winter be over?'


He ushered me to come forward and when I did, he held my hand and placed it on his cheek and then he said ''The winter will only be over once all trees in this forest are gone" My guts are telling me that I shouldn't cut them but his eyes are begging me to do it. So i did.


The more I cut the trees, the more he gets weaker. Even when the fire is stronger, he kept shivering, coughing and sometimes he can't even sleep without getting nightmares over and over.


And then I came to the final tree, it was the big one and from my perspective, the strongest one because its roots are all over the ground. As I began cutting it, my heartbeat is getting faster and faster and once the tree has fallen, the winter was over


I looked behind me and noticed that the surroundings even though winter just finished is already grown, it was green everywhere


I was in the middle of the field and growing weaker

I looked back to the trees and noticed something, something tangible and something bright


there are strings all around me, it was in the color of red


As I lay the axe down, I noticed that the end of the string was on my finger

I looked back and tried to find him and when I reached the cabin, he was in front of the door standing

the other end of the red sting was on his finger


I tried to go closer but something was keeping me away, like a barrier of some sort

HE walked at the edge of it and I was the other part, he looked at me with those amber eyes and said "All I can do is to let you go for your heart will never be mine"


The strings shuttered into millions of crimson butterflies, destroying the place in fire

At the end of the dream, I never got his name.

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