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rambliadau pechadur

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rambliadau pechadur;welsh;sinner's ramblings


this is a blog, of sorts, where i ramble about anything and everything. it could be about stupid customers at work, problems i have with some kpop groups or international fans, or the pretty colour of the sky.


everything is fair game and i'd like to start documenting my rambles, as i have a lot of them.


stayed tuned for the almost maniacal way of talking~



♥, pechadur :Red_fox:

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001. High Schoolers

i'm not going to sugar coat this: i dislike high school students who come to my work. i really dislike a vast majority of them as they're rude little brats who wouldn't know what real life was if it hit them in the face.




i hate cheerleaders the most, to be honest. cattiness aside, they're usually the most picky and bitchy customers who don't understand that food takes time to be made. now. this group was different. first, they come into the restaurant muttering about our customer base and are so. rude. when giving me their order.




the entire time they ordered they were making snarky comments under their breath, acting like i'm either stupid or can't hear them, and i couldn't help it. i was snippy and passive aggressive. i basically threw my pen at the girl as she had to sign.


i'm only two years older than them, roughly, and yet there is such a large gap. even though they're in high school they still act like children and like they have no responsibility for themselves. they play into stereotypes and get mad when they find out that their actions have consequences.


i hate it. i wish i could slap them most times. but then i'd lose my job.


and then we have the sushi high school customers, these two kids are obviously from well off families and they act spoiled, though i feel kinda bad, ya know? they have money to buy themselves lunch and stuff but... i don't know. feels bad.


however, that doesn't stop them from being two of my worst customers. they always leave a mess, they also make unsavory comments and stare at me, and THEY LEAVE A MESS. HOW DO YOU GET SUSHI RICE EVERYWHERE? egh.


thankfully, after our menu change, a lot of them stopped coming because we stopped serving french fries. that doesn't stop one couple from coming in, ordering frickin' chicken nuggets, and sitting at a table for four for two hours T^T


we do get some chill people from high school, though it's rare. and often who you wouldn't expect, funnily enough. a majority of them suck enough that i dislike most of them and will, admittedly, dread serving them.

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I know this is late. Obviously. But I read it and I thought it was interesting. Although I will say I agree with the cheerleaders (In my area.. they are snotty, stuck up and make fun of people, which is stupid imo).

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