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Hi all, it's Eui-kon. Haven't been on for forever, but wanted to say I missed everyone and let you guys know what I was doing so you don't hate me. =D I was finishing up school, and got to work on a lot of cool project as part of my final project with my friends and it was an amazing experience. It was a long haul but worth all the effort. I put together a montage of my time in school and a few pictures of the celebrations and wanted to share it with everyone. Now the next part, wish me luck in getting an internship somewhere xD.






The morning of the final expo. my cousin didn't think I looked very excited for it.








The final dinner with all my classmates, sad and happy at the same time but still amazing.



19399980_662894187234612_1720752143601087054_n.jpg?oh=ce8351a8e61018a508f26b0d13c68241&oe=5A60EE6E Congrats dinner with close friends that weekend. We devoured it, LOL





Final peice of my final project, still not the happiest with the fabric but it was good enough.


Then just some stuff from my earlier days so you can see the progress I made, over the years, LOL.


389778_109828495874520_1199887162_n.jpg?oh=e9effb7994c7d50581341ae498ea85fd&oe=5A4E64C4 I took this in my favorite class back when I was first starting to really get into fasion. IT's been so long *-*



Took this right after probably one of the hardest projects of my life. I sat in the studio class room for hours. PRetty sure I was debating quitting then but i'm very glad I didn't. :]





I went to a friend of mines show case for her class and I based a design that I loved off the mask and paintings. :]




This is a long story but I made this one too except for the hate, I stretched the design over athe premade structure so not taking credit for that, :].





First time working with real fur and learning how to work it and I hated every second of it. 8D








PRetty sure I threw these up in here way back when it happened but i'll toss them up too. I made this dressand went out with a bunch of friends, it was a blast but I got into work trouble because of it so didn't end great lol. I was pretty drunk don't judge haha.







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Congratulations on graduating!


Also that piece looks nice, I like the silver and black fabric you used for the cuffs and collar.

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@Preeh Thank you! It turned out looking okay in my opinion, but the fabric I ordered was a huge dissapointment and I had points taken for it. It looked so much richer in the catolgue and when I got it there was no denying it was cheap. A better student would have just gone and gotten more but I honestly figured I could make it work, LOL. :Angry:

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Ehhh. *looks away* The cuffs didn't look good at you. Sorry. ._. Other than that. You look okay in other pictures. Also I'm not judging. Haha.

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